A Weekend in Lexington, KY Travel Guide

We visited Lexington, KY in early March and the weather was not cooperative unfortunately. Nonetheless we made the most of it. Lexington is a cool city to visit and I would definitely recommend visiting when the weather is warmer. Every time I have visited has been in the winter and so I haven't really gotten the chance to experience Lexington at it's best. All that say, below is all places we went during our weekend in Lexington. We even recorded a vlog while we were there, so don't forget to watch it below to see a video tour of the castle!
The Kentucky Castle- You guys, you can stay in a castle! You can also stay in a castle that the Queen of England stayed in. That's right. The Queen stayed at The Kentucky Castle one time when she came to Lexington for the Kentucky Derby. This castle has a really cool story. It was built in the sixties when a husband wanted to impress his wife by building her a castle. Well unfortunately for them they got a divorce and for 3 decades the castle sat unoccupied. Someone wanted to buy the castle and it took him years to track down the owner and finally convince him to sell it. When the new owner was almost finished remodeling the castle to turn it in to a hotel, it burnt down! Can you believe that?! So it was rebuilt again and was finally opened as a hotel.
The service was incredible and we loved our rooms. I would love to come back when it's warmer so I can appreciate their outdoor space more. They are adding some additional spaces like yurts and a barn, so that will be really cool.
I cannot forget to mention that their food is incredible. If I were going to recommend eating one meal there it would be dinner. Their breakfast was good but if you were only able to eat one meal there, I would definitely recommend dinner. We had a charcuterie board that was seriously the best one I've ever had. Savannah and I had their filet mignon and my mom had their tuna. We were all very pleased. All of their food is farm to table and the menu changes often. Even if you can't stay in the hotel, you should definitely eat dinner here. But also, you should stay in the hotel.
The Kentucky Horse Park- Savannah and I visited here a few years ago on another trip to Lexington and we love it. I do wish we could have come when it was warmer because there aren't as many horses to see in the winter time. We got to see a 19 hand Clydesdale horse- that is huge in case you don't know horse terminology. We also were able to see a few past Kentucky Derby Winners. When the weather is warmer you can see horse shows. 

The Summit at Fritz Farms- If you are wanting to do some shopping this is a cool an outdoor shopping area that is worth a visit. They also have several restaurants and we ate at Honeywood Restaurant. 

Honeywood Restaurant- We all loved our dinner here and I always appreciate a menu that clearly marks whether or not something is gluten free or not. The use the term wheat free instead of gluten free because of the cross contamination issue. However, I was assured they did what they could to prevent this. I was even able to eat hoecakes which are similar to cornbread! We loved the decor as well. 

County Club- We didn't eat here this visit but we did on our last time here and we loved it. When you don't visit a place often, it's hard to go back to the same place twice. Especially when new restaurants are popping up all the time. With that said, Savannah was really bummed to not have been able to go back and eat here again. 

The Amsden- They have a super cute coffee shop in this building that also has a bourbon bar and a mercantile. 

Daily Offerings- Our refuge in the storm. When the rain was blowing side ways and we didn't know what we were doing or where we wanted to go, we headed here. When in doubt, a cup of coffee is always the answer. 

Heritage Antiques- We just randomly ended up walking in here. I love antique shops- more than my mom and Savannah but they are kind enough to indulge me. They both think I spend too much time looking at every little thing, but there are so many treasures hiding in antique shops. The stained glass windows upstairs are worth the visit alone.

I would love to be able to go back to Lexington and check out Keeneland or the big event, The Kentucky Derby. It's only a 3 hour drive from Nashville so it's a great place for a weekend trip!

Don't forget to check out our vlog below!