This shirt DIY is super super easy and it doesn't take much time to make! You will need:
- A white t-shirt (or any blank light colored one)
- Painters tape, we used frog tape
- Various spray paint colors
 photo DSC_0521-2_zpscf18c373.jpg
To create the design we did, start by putting strips of tape vertically on the shirt. This part doesn't have to be perfect, none of it does actually.
 photo DSC_0522-3_zps357afbc0.jpg
Put strips of tape diagonally from the vertical lines. The strips of tape don't have to go to the edge of the shirt, it creates a cool effeect if they don't.
 photo b1ee2599-acbf-45b9-8f63-5cab20019832_zpsded164fd.jpg
Once you are done with your design, start spraying the shirt with whatever colors you'd like. I started with neon yellow in random spots.
 photo 8e5549c2-a93a-4d9d-84ec-298d4d2e0f21_zpsf7c5f010.jpg
Then I sprayed more colors to cover the front of the shirt.
 photo 48ffadab-dd6b-4b87-9293-8eba950a6c46_zpsd7718db8.jpg
Let the paint dry. It dries pretty quickly- maybe 2 minutes. Then peel off the tape!
 photo dba880fe-c675-4220-aa2c-2a8193855d0f_zps06af70da.jpg
The end. It's easy!
 photo f1ad77b5-9146-4552-a8c1-fe8c0b442f1a_zps8dbddc4a.jpg


Yay!! Manic Mani Monday is back! Well, for this week. I've tried to do these nails in so many different ways. The only way I was able to both hands was with a Sharpie. It was still challenging but it was the easiest to do. Here's what you do...

1. Paint your nails the color you want the center part to be. Let them dry completely.
2. Outline the nails with a Sharpie in any color you'd like.
3. Clean up the mess you made. My fingers were pretty bad. Let the Sharpie dry.
4. Add a clear top coat!

Pretty simple! Let us know if there are any nail trends or ideas that you would like us to try!


 photo 33a11e91-2337-4318-bd3a-001d428e36f2_zps7d0088fe.jpg
We've been meaning to make totes and produce bags out of t-shirts but it has taken us forever to actually do it. I don't know why... this is sooo easy. Especially since you don't have to sew anything! All you will need is a big XL t-shirt (one you are okay with cutting up), a Sharpie and some scissors.
 photo DSC_0490_zps58e36af4.jpg
We are using a blank t-shirt so we can put our own design on it later. If you only have a shirt that is printed on, that'll totally work.
 photo DSC_0491_zps3f9a59d8.jpg
Draw the shape of the bag on the shirt. We've seen bags made out of t-shirts where the straps go up to the shoulder (and the bag ultimately looks like a tank top) but, we wanted our straps to be more tote-like rather than grocery store plastic bag-like. Make sense? Eh.. doesn't really matter. This is how you make this bag!
 photo d61eef78-910b-48e9-ad4d-81927c91fcbc_zpsd134e338.jpg
Cut out your bag.
 photo DSC_0493_zpsc31ad7b9.jpg
Cut strips upward from the bottom of the bag. Make sure you cut through both layers. There will be a top layer of fringe and a bottom layer right under it.
 photo DSC_0494_zps9d5ceb51.jpg
You will tie each front piece to each back piece. To do this, you may need to stretch the pieces out by pulling them downward. They will roll up- like in the picture.
 photo DSC_0495_zpsd63476a1.jpg
Tie a knot.
 photo DSC_0496_zps3bc7304a.jpg
And tie another knot!
 photo DSC_0497-1_zps77a007a1.jpg
Tighten the knot and repeat on all of the strips.
 photo DSC_0499-2_zpsd380aa7a.jpg
It should look something like this at the bottom. At this point, you could turn your t-shirt inside out to hide the fringe OR you could keep. We kind of like the look to we're keeping it like it is.
 photo DSC_0500-1_zps3c87b3b1.jpg
You could be finished here but we wanted a fun bag! Put something between the layers so your marker doesn't go through to the back.
 photo DSC_0501-1_zps04564fef.jpg
Draw whatever design you'd like with a Sharpie.
 photo DSC_0502-1_zps11fbdc70.jpg
Make sure to let the Sharpie dry on the bag. It will smudge and get on things if it hasn't completely dried. Shouldn't take too long.
 photo 709aff0e-361d-4a9f-ae2d-7ba31ed2c67d_zpsc7e5f57d.jpg
Wear the bag!
 photo a1578052-ebe6-4e70-9492-03b2dbb52e79_zps724eff82.jpg


 photo DSC_0501_zpsfbd89af7.jpg photo DSC_0503_zps3549dcc5.jpg photo DSC_0511_zps179a6c95.jpg photo DSC_0509_zpscd0e9c28.jpg
Savannah's wearing:
Top- H&M
Jeans- Not sure
Jewelry- Forever 21
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Nail- Aerie's Tapping Tips in Lemon Yellow

 photo DSC_0487_zps35697edb.jpg photo DSC_0489_zps606c49f9.jpg photo DSC_0491_zpsf63e98b6.jpg photo DSC_0492_zps25d805ca.jpg
Casey's wearing:
Blazer- Banana Republic
Tee- American Apparel
Jeans- Gap
Shoes- Forever 21
Jewelry- PacSun


We received some very cute velvet elastic from the Sunshine Shoppe and were so excited to do a tutorial with it. The elastic is super cute! It just seems a little more special than regular elastic. The Sunshine Shoppe has sooo many things in their shop- tons of supplies and tons of fold-over elastic in many many different colors. Anyways, their shop is great so go check it out!

To create this headband, here is what you need to do:
1. Gather your supplies- Velvet elastic (22 inches), Embroidery String and Baker's Twine.
2. Cut your elastic to at least 22 inches. Cut your string and twine you about 5 feet. This may seem long but you will need a lot of string. Tie a knot in the two strings and tape it to the back of the elastic. Wrap the tape all the way around the elastic.
3. Tape the group down to your table, velvet facing upward and strings underneath.
4. Cross the string over-top the elastic.
5. Cross the strings underneath the elastic.
6. Cross the strings back on top of the elastic and cross them again. After you do that twice, cross the string underneath the elastic again. Repeat steps 4-6 over and over until you reach the end of the elastic.
7. Tie a knot in the two strings at the end.
8. Take the tape off the first end of the elastic and tie the two ends off elastic together. We kept some of the elastic hanging out of the knot. Trim the elastic to be the same length and trim off any string that is hanging out of the knot.
 photo ede6f1b6-d922-488f-9385-28c7aee7cd5c_zps36408620.jpg
Side view.
 photo e91b782a-821a-489f-8cdd-a97ac0ad207c_zpsedf810d8.jpg
Front view.
 photo 1923a648-afcf-4927-85cb-ebbaf54be82b_zps8887607f.jpg
Here is a picture of a few of the colors the Sunshine Shoppe has in the velvet elastic. (They have more though!)


We went to do some crafts with some middle school girls so we decided to make these T-shirt Bracelets. We figured it'd be easy and affordable craft to do with multiple people. The girls's bracelets turned out really cute- we were impressed! (Better than mine turned out...) I almost feel crazy telling you step by step instructions but here's what you do:
1. Cut the bottom seam off of an old (mostly blank) t-shirt.
2. Cut many strips in many different colors. They don't have to be a specific size. The thicker they are, the thicker the bracelet will be.
3. Gather the strings you want and tie a knot at the top, then tape it down to the table.
4. Braid! Most of the girls started by braiding three strands. Then we moved onto the fishtail braid.
Anyways, we had a good time with these girls and are excited to share their bracelets with you!
Fishtail Braid with 6 different strands.
From left to right- Braid, Twist, Fishtail Braid.


We love a good bun. They are so easy to do and you usually look so pulled together with one in your hair. One hair style over and over again can get boring so, here are 7 different ways to accessorize your bun!
1. Tie a scarf around your head.
2. Put a big bow behind your bun.
3. Wear a bandana.
4. Put a little bow on the front or your bun, a little to the side. (This also works with a flower clip.)
5. Tie a thick headband at the top of your head.
6. Tie a ribbon around you bun and form the ends into a bow.
7. Wear a stretchy headband.
Basically, the possibilities are endless. And if you are wondering how Casey got her perfect bun, check out the tutorial here!

Learn How To Fishtail Braid

 photo Photoon2012-10-17at12582.jpg
We started this "Back to Basics" series a while back on our YouTube channel but, we've only shared the french braid with you. Here we have the fishtail braid video tutorial. This is a bigger fishtail braid but if you want the braid to look more detailed, you can just use smaller pieces. Or you could just use the Brilliant Braid tutorial for a quicker style.


Everyone has a bun tutorial but we've had some requests, so this is how we do it. Also, I don't think people emphasize the importance of teasing. That's what makes or breaks the bun. The more you tease, the bigger and better the bun. It's actually a pretty quick & easy hairstyle. 
1. Start off with your hair in a high pony tail.
2. Tease the pony, a lot.
A lot a lot.
3. Gather all of the teased hair and swirl it around the base of your pony tail and pin into place.
4. Smash the bun and pin where needed to perfect the shape.
5. Smooth the bun with a smoothing serum. We used this one.
6. Spray the bun with hair spray.