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We've been meaning to make totes and produce bags out of t-shirts but it has taken us forever to actually do it. I don't know why... this is sooo easy. Especially since you don't have to sew anything! All you will need is a big XL t-shirt (one you are okay with cutting up), a Sharpie and some scissors.
 photo DSC_0490_zps58e36af4.jpg
We are using a blank t-shirt so we can put our own design on it later. If you only have a shirt that is printed on, that'll totally work.
 photo DSC_0491_zps3f9a59d8.jpg
Draw the shape of the bag on the shirt. We've seen bags made out of t-shirts where the straps go up to the shoulder (and the bag ultimately looks like a tank top) but, we wanted our straps to be more tote-like rather than grocery store plastic bag-like. Make sense? Eh.. doesn't really matter. This is how you make this bag!
 photo d61eef78-910b-48e9-ad4d-81927c91fcbc_zpsd134e338.jpg
Cut out your bag.
 photo DSC_0493_zpsc31ad7b9.jpg
Cut strips upward from the bottom of the bag. Make sure you cut through both layers. There will be a top layer of fringe and a bottom layer right under it.
 photo DSC_0494_zps9d5ceb51.jpg
You will tie each front piece to each back piece. To do this, you may need to stretch the pieces out by pulling them downward. They will roll up- like in the picture.
 photo DSC_0495_zpsd63476a1.jpg
Tie a knot.
 photo DSC_0496_zps3bc7304a.jpg
And tie another knot!
 photo DSC_0497-1_zps77a007a1.jpg
Tighten the knot and repeat on all of the strips.
 photo DSC_0499-2_zpsd380aa7a.jpg
It should look something like this at the bottom. At this point, you could turn your t-shirt inside out to hide the fringe OR you could keep. We kind of like the look to we're keeping it like it is.
 photo DSC_0500-1_zps3c87b3b1.jpg
You could be finished here but we wanted a fun bag! Put something between the layers so your marker doesn't go through to the back.
 photo DSC_0501-1_zps04564fef.jpg
Draw whatever design you'd like with a Sharpie.
 photo DSC_0502-1_zps11fbdc70.jpg
Make sure to let the Sharpie dry on the bag. It will smudge and get on things if it hasn't completely dried. Shouldn't take too long.
 photo 709aff0e-361d-4a9f-ae2d-7ba31ed2c67d_zpsc7e5f57d.jpg
Wear the bag!
 photo a1578052-ebe6-4e70-9492-03b2dbb52e79_zps724eff82.jpg


  1. Very nice idea, and awsome sharpie drawings!!! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day

  2. This is such a great idea! It could even work with old shirts that have awesome designs/patterns on them! That way you wouldn't have to get rid of that favorite t-shirt just because it has a hole in the armpit! I really like that the straps are "more tote-like" instead of very thin. I think that the thinner the straps are the more it will dig into your shoulder and start to hurt. I have got to try this! Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. I have to try this! I love when I can make something without sewing. Needles never get along with my fingers. They want a pokey relationship.

  4. LOVE the idea! I will have to try this, is there a way of making the strap slightly longer? I am quite tall and would like the bag to come down a little further and have the mouth of the bag rest about two inches above my hip bones. Love the design you drew!

  5. I did it and it is awesome.I am making another for my little sisters 21 birthday.

  6. btw I am not old. I am only 23

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