We went to do some crafts with some middle school girls so we decided to make these T-shirt Bracelets. We figured it'd be easy and affordable craft to do with multiple people. The girls's bracelets turned out really cute- we were impressed! (Better than mine turned out...) I almost feel crazy telling you step by step instructions but here's what you do:
1. Cut the bottom seam off of an old (mostly blank) t-shirt.
2. Cut many strips in many different colors. They don't have to be a specific size. The thicker they are, the thicker the bracelet will be.
3. Gather the strings you want and tie a knot at the top, then tape it down to the table.
4. Braid! Most of the girls started by braiding three strands. Then we moved onto the fishtail braid.
Anyways, we had a good time with these girls and are excited to share their bracelets with you!
Fishtail Braid with 6 different strands.
From left to right- Braid, Twist, Fishtail Braid.

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