diy: pouf zippy pouch

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When I figured out how to make this pouch, I was pretty excited. I had been trying to recreate a pouch that Casey had and it took a few tries but I got it! It's so simple, it blows my mind. If this is your first time sewing something, it may not be as exciting for you but, I will try to explain it as best I can!
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First off, you will need:
- Felt (Just a standard 9"x12" piece that you can purchase at a craft store)
- A piece of fabric cut to the same size
- 14" Zipper
- Bias tape
- Thread
- Pins
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine
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Lay your fabric down face up. Lay the zipper face down on the top edge (the 9" smaller side). Lay the felt face down on top of the zipper. Pin the edges together.
 photo DSC_1443_zpsdefcb0bc.jpg
Sew it all together along the edge.
 photo DSC_1444_zpsb8410c4a.jpg
Fold the fabrics down and iron the edge down exposing the zipper.
 photo DSC_1445_zpse2c14240.jpg
Sew along the edge to keep the edges from getting stuck in the zipper.
 photo DSC_1446_zps876e8f0a.jpg
Fold the fabric on top of it self and line the opposite edge up with the other side of the zipper. Do the same with the felt on the back side.
 photo DSC_1447_zps9862a246.jpg
Sew along the edge.
 photo DSC_1449_zpsfe7fb9f6.jpg
Unzip the zipper so you can iron the edges again around the zipper. Sew the edges down.
 photo DSC_1452_zps0197c83c.jpg
Zip up the zipper and turn everything inside out.
 photo DSC_1456_zpsefe4bb4a.jpg
Now you will fold the sides into itself. Take the folded edges and fold the inward toward the zipper.
 photo DSC_1453_zps2b01f60b.jpg
From the side it should look like this. Pin it down on both sides.
 photo DSC_1461_zps854705a5.jpg
Cut a 2 inch piece of bias tape and fold it in half.
 photo DSC_1462_zps50ad611e.jpg
Slide it on top of the zipper and into the folded mess. It should be parallel to the zipper and directly on top of it. The raw edges of bias tape should line up with the other edges.
 photo DSC_1464_zpsf12084fe.jpg
Sew the edges all together. Make sure you unzip the zipper a little so you don't sew it up on the outside of the pouch. Trim the edges so they are all even.
 photo 7f19cdb0-db22-47d1-9193-2093141de689_zpse8c87df7.jpg
Sew bias tape around the edges to make them look finished.
 photo DSC_1466_zpsa974a469.jpg
Turn the pouch inside out.
 photo DSC_1467_zps553f17c0.jpg
And it should look something like this.
 photo DSC_1469_zps1243f74d.jpg
The shape may not look like this right when you turn it inside out. You'll need to adjust it a little on the inside. The bias taped edges should sit straight on the inside. If you look inside the pouch in the picture, you may be able to see what I mean.
 photo DSC_1474_zps9f60b009.jpg photo DSC_1476_zps98445193.jpg
These would be perfect to make for a last minute gift! You can also purchase these pouches and larger versions in our Etsy shop!

xo, Savannah

diy: spike bracelet

It’s great to be back on Oh So Pretty for my second contributor post. At this time of year DIY gift tutorials come in really handy so I wanted to create something you guys could make and give to someone you love, easily and within a budget. I’ve taken the wrap bracelets that were super popular this summer and given them a winter twist using sew on studs.

I hope you enjoy this post, and if you need a little more help getting your gifts together Oh So Pretty have this excellent shopping guide and you can also check out more of my holiday gift DIY posts here.

1. Measure a length of rope around your wrist a couple of times, then take off about an inch.

2. Choose three out of your four embroidery threads and cut off around two meters of each. Tie these onto your rope.

3. Begin to wrap one of the threads around both the rope and the other embroidery threads. There’s no rule here to how long you should make the color block, but I think it’s nice to keep the sections random.

4. Once you want to change color take another embroidery thread and just like before wrap around the rope and other two threads. Continue to do this until you’ve covered the length of rope and tie all the threads to the end.
5. Using strong glue, secure the rope ends into your bell cap ends and attach a clasp and extension chain onto either side.

6. Take your last piece of embroidery thread and tie it onto one end. begin to wrap around the cord bracelet leaving some distance between each wrap. after three or four times around thread on a stud keeping the tension tight. Repeat this step until you reach the end.

7. Tie the thread onto the other end of the bracelet securely. Use a dab of glue to add extra strength and once dry cut off any excess.

Perfect! So easy once you’ve done one for your bezzie you can make another for yourself! Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and I’ll be back with more tutorials in the New Year. Fran x

Contributor Post by: Fran

diy: crayon lipstick

Get ready for your mind to be BLOWN. Ours definitely are. We saw this tutorial and knew we had to try this immediately. Too good to be true? Nope. It's real (and safe. read our disclaimer at the end of the post)! Who knew that you could make lipstick out of 2 ingredients? Ahhh! Need. to. make. these. in. every. color. And we would've if we had had more containers.
So you will need coconut oil, CRAYOLA crayons, some containers, a pot and a small jar. Must be Crayola. For our containers we just used these guys, they once held a variety of powders but, have all been used up. So we cleaned 'em up real nice and are re-using them! So here's what you do.
Choose the color/colors you would like to use. Remove the wrappers from the crayons. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to cut all the way down the side of the crayon with a knife. It's probably also the most dangerous way to peel a wrapper off a crayon so if you're on the clumsy side or just don't trust yourself with a knife, do us all a favor and take the time to do it by hand. :)
Once you've cut, the wrapper should just come off like this- so easy!
Cut (or break) the crayons into 4 even-ish pieces.
Put your jar in the center of a pot and add water to the pot. Make sure you don't get any water in the jar. Add about a teaspoon of coconut oil to the jar and put the pot on the stove. Warm it up slowly, low-medium heat.
Once the coconut oil has melted all the way, add your crayon. Add a piece of crayon per teaspoon. You can mix colors too, we played around with a bunch of different mixes. If you add too much crayon the lipstick will be a little dry. If you don't have enough crayon, the lipstick will be too sheer and glossier. So it all depends on what you are looking for.
And that is that! Get to makin' you some lipstick!

** Some people wonder if this is safe. Most lipsticks are made with petroleum which comes from oil, so think about that for a second. Nasty. Crayons are made for children and are non-toxic. So we think it's safe!  

xo, Savannah

tunes-day tuesday: the truth is a cave

So we heard The Oh Hello's on Hart of Dixie a couple weeks ago. And... I L-O-V-E them. All of their stuff is great and you should definitely go check out more of their songs. This isn't the song that was on the show but it's probably my favorite. It's fun and I love the lyrics. So much. I definitely want this record. And these guys are on my list of bands I want to see live. But, since Casey and I already have 3 concerts planned in the first two months of 2014,  it may be a while. Anyways, enjoy!

xo, Savannah