diy: pouf zippy pouch

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When I figured out how to make this pouch, I was pretty excited. I had been trying to recreate a pouch that Casey had and it took a few tries but I got it! It's so simple, it blows my mind. If this is your first time sewing something, it may not be as exciting for you but, I will try to explain it as best I can!
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First off, you will need:
- Felt (Just a standard 9"x12" piece that you can purchase at a craft store)
- A piece of fabric cut to the same size
- 14" Zipper
- Bias tape
- Thread
- Pins
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine
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Lay your fabric down face up. Lay the zipper face down on the top edge (the 9" smaller side). Lay the felt face down on top of the zipper. Pin the edges together.
 photo DSC_1443_zpsdefcb0bc.jpg
Sew it all together along the edge.
 photo DSC_1444_zpsb8410c4a.jpg
Fold the fabrics down and iron the edge down exposing the zipper.
 photo DSC_1445_zpse2c14240.jpg
Sew along the edge to keep the edges from getting stuck in the zipper.
 photo DSC_1446_zps876e8f0a.jpg
Fold the fabric on top of it self and line the opposite edge up with the other side of the zipper. Do the same with the felt on the back side.
 photo DSC_1447_zps9862a246.jpg
Sew along the edge.
 photo DSC_1449_zpsfe7fb9f6.jpg
Unzip the zipper so you can iron the edges again around the zipper. Sew the edges down.
 photo DSC_1452_zps0197c83c.jpg
Zip up the zipper and turn everything inside out.
 photo DSC_1456_zpsefe4bb4a.jpg
Now you will fold the sides into itself. Take the folded edges and fold the inward toward the zipper.
 photo DSC_1453_zps2b01f60b.jpg
From the side it should look like this. Pin it down on both sides.
 photo DSC_1461_zps854705a5.jpg
Cut a 2 inch piece of bias tape and fold it in half.
 photo DSC_1462_zps50ad611e.jpg
Slide it on top of the zipper and into the folded mess. It should be parallel to the zipper and directly on top of it. The raw edges of bias tape should line up with the other edges.
 photo DSC_1464_zpsf12084fe.jpg
Sew the edges all together. Make sure you unzip the zipper a little so you don't sew it up on the outside of the pouch. Trim the edges so they are all even.
 photo 7f19cdb0-db22-47d1-9193-2093141de689_zpse8c87df7.jpg
Sew bias tape around the edges to make them look finished.
 photo DSC_1466_zpsa974a469.jpg
Turn the pouch inside out.
 photo DSC_1467_zps553f17c0.jpg
And it should look something like this.
 photo DSC_1469_zps1243f74d.jpg
The shape may not look like this right when you turn it inside out. You'll need to adjust it a little on the inside. The bias taped edges should sit straight on the inside. If you look inside the pouch in the picture, you may be able to see what I mean.
 photo DSC_1474_zps9f60b009.jpg photo DSC_1476_zps98445193.jpg
These would be perfect to make for a last minute gift! You can also purchase these pouches and larger versions in our Etsy shop!

xo, Savannah


  1. This to me is awesome, and completely not even feasible for me! I don't even know how to turn the sewing machine on! Oh gosh! BUT this looks great!

    Andrea Fer

  2. How creative! This is so cute. :)

    ♡ Ysabel
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  3. This is great! I've been looking for a zippered pouch tutorial that's easy to follow. Thanks!

  4. I love it!! I've linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip:

  5. This is such an awesome tutorial! Not just the actual pouch but how the photos are so straight forward and easy to follow. Great photos! I am really excited to try this out soon! I'm relatively new to using sewing machines and have been trying all sorts of tutorials and this is definitely a must do! Thank you for the post :)

  6. My daughter decided to make some of these and oh my... they are adorable! Thanks! I posted her first 2 on my blog.