diy: spike bracelet

It’s great to be back on Oh So Pretty for my second contributor post. At this time of year DIY gift tutorials come in really handy so I wanted to create something you guys could make and give to someone you love, easily and within a budget. I’ve taken the wrap bracelets that were super popular this summer and given them a winter twist using sew on studs.

I hope you enjoy this post, and if you need a little more help getting your gifts together Oh So Pretty have this excellent shopping guide and you can also check out more of my holiday gift DIY posts here.

1. Measure a length of rope around your wrist a couple of times, then take off about an inch.

2. Choose three out of your four embroidery threads and cut off around two meters of each. Tie these onto your rope.

3. Begin to wrap one of the threads around both the rope and the other embroidery threads. There’s no rule here to how long you should make the color block, but I think it’s nice to keep the sections random.

4. Once you want to change color take another embroidery thread and just like before wrap around the rope and other two threads. Continue to do this until you’ve covered the length of rope and tie all the threads to the end.
5. Using strong glue, secure the rope ends into your bell cap ends and attach a clasp and extension chain onto either side.

6. Take your last piece of embroidery thread and tie it onto one end. begin to wrap around the cord bracelet leaving some distance between each wrap. after three or four times around thread on a stud keeping the tension tight. Repeat this step until you reach the end.

7. Tie the thread onto the other end of the bracelet securely. Use a dab of glue to add extra strength and once dry cut off any excess.

Perfect! So easy once you’ve done one for your bezzie you can make another for yourself! Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and I’ll be back with more tutorials in the New Year. Fran x

Contributor Post by: Fran


  1. I loved! It was very cute!

  2. The tutorial is wonderful and easy to implement I must say. Though, I often wear my beaded bracelet which I purchased from, I also have an addiction of making DIY bracelets. I love to do experiments with colorful beads and threads.