Casey and I have been wanting to make this headband for so long. It's so easy- it's kind of ridiculous that we waited this long! Casey got all of this free "ribbon", as we are calling it, and this was the perfect way to use it. Technically this stuff isn't ribbon but actual ribbon would work just as well. This stuff is a little more fabricy- anyone know what it is called? Anyways, this picture seems pretty self explanatory but let me put the tutorial in words for all of you literal people out there.

You will need:
Ribbon (17 inches long is what I used- I sort of have a big head)
A stretched out hair tie (You could use elastic if you wanted to be fancier)
Needle and Thread
& Scissors

Step 1. Fold the end of the ribbon over and sew the edge down, leaving a small opening or "loop".
Step 2. Cut your hair tie.
Step 3. Loop the hair tie through the ribbon hole and tie a knot in the hair tie. Do this on both ends.
FINISHED! Wear your fancy new headband proudly!


We got this red, blue and sliver glitter nail polish in our Julep box the other day and decided it would be perfect for a "Fourth of July" manicure. I wanted to keep it simple but obvious so here is what I did...
Paint your nails white. Coat all nails with glitter nail polish except for your ring finger.

Place a dot of navy nail polish in the center of the blank nail.

Using a nail (or pointed object of your choosing) drag the polish out into five points.

Fill in the star shape and coat with a clear top coat and it's as simple as that! I don't know if you can tell in the picture above but the Julep nail polish has little silver stars among the glitter. It's kind of fun!