diy: affordable custom clothing labels

I don't think we've officially announced this on the blog, but Casey and I have decided to start doing festivals. This decision was not made lightly as it is a pretty big decision. I've been so crazy busy making kimonos because, well, we need 100 for the festival. And 100 kimonos is a lot... However, I am so excited for the festival. Excited and nervous. Needless to say, we need everything to look professional and we want to make sure that our brand is present and obvious. We also need to not break the bank since this business has been started from almost nothing. So the first thing we had to do was get some tags for the kimonos. We ordered some sample labels and looked up prices online forever and everything was just way out of our price range. So the cheapest way to do it whilst still having beautiful labels? Spoonflower, which is the website where you design your own fabric. All you do is upload your logo and choose how big you want it printed on your fabric, which depends on how big you want your labels. I added 1/2 inch to the height and width of my logo to allow for ironing and sewing. You should do this too. In photoshop, I also added lines to the edges of my logo image so that I'd be able to easily cut the labels. Do it, it's super helpful. Also, order the Kona Cotton. I will end up having about 600 labels from this 1 yard of fabric, and it cost $20. Basically it is a super deal.
Okay... once you have your fabric, here's what ya do... First of all, get excited all over again that your logo is printed on fabric. It's pretty legit, just sayin'.
Cut the strips in rows like this. Don't cut out each individual label. You'll die in the process. Guaranteed.
Fold over and iron approximately a quarter inch to the back on the top and bottom of the labels. This is probably the most tedious part. 
Now you will stitch down both folds. Try to stay as close to the edge as possible. It's also easier to sew from this angle rather than sewing with the logo facing up. 
This is what the labels will look like after you've stitched at the top and bottom. 
Now, just cut each label along the lines. 
You're getting so close. Ok, so fold and iron approximately 1/4 inch down on both sides.
Pin the label where you want it on your garment. 
Last but not least.... stitch down on both sides. 
Tada! We like to make a bunch of these at a time and leave them where they are all individual labels. Then, when we are finished making a kimono we just slap one of these bad boys on and we're done. I think these labels are fun even if you only make clothes for yourself. They just add a special touch :)

-Casey & Savannah

be bold

We found this delightful building while driving around in the middle of nowhere. We pulled in and sat in the front of the building for several minutes contemplating what to do. The building was adjacent to someone's home, but they weren't on the same property. We wanted to take pictures in front of the building so badly, but we thought it was presumptuous or rude or something to do it without asking. So we thought about asking for permission. Well, we took the bull by the horns and just went for it. What did we have to lose, right? We took pictures there for a good 30 minutes. A little boy came out and was playing in a stream that ran behind the building and the house next door. He said "hi" and that was it. The bogeyman didn't get us. No one yelled, and no one asked us to leave. Obviously, you can't always take this advice, but be bold. Take the picture in front of some random building. What's the worst that could happen?
Savannah's wearing: Dress- boutique in Florida/ Boots- Minnetonka/ Necklace- Hey Wanderer/ Bracelets- Urban Outfitters and misc.
Casey's wearing: dress- some little boutique in Destin, Fl//boots- Steve//necklace- DIY'ed

recipe: cheesy corn dip

Stop what you're doing and make this, ok?! It's so good- hot or cold. We wrote about wanting to make this dip recently, and by golly we made it! 
Go here for the full recipe and directions. The dip consists of corn, mayo, cheddar cheese, jalapeƱos, sour cream, cumin, and cayenne pepper. You can either warm the dip up or eat it cold which makes me love this even more because sometimes reheating dip is the worst when you just want to eat it right. now. You can also just eat the dip and not even use chips. It's like that, guys :) 


finding humility

I struggle with pride/lack of humility. There. I said it. And not to call you out, but you probably struggle with pride too. The thing about pride is that it's at the root of all sin. Every time we sin, we are telling God that we know better than him. How preposterous, right?! But we all do it. We may not have that conscious thought, but it's there somewhere.

Often when people think of someone being prideful, they think of someone who is self-promoting and thinks their poo don't stank. But pride carries itself in many different forms. For example: not being able to admit when you are wrong, not accepting help or not asking for help, not forgiving, not being teachable, not accepting constructive criticism, feeling entitled, having the attitude of "my way or the highway", being indifferent, etc.
I could go on, but you get the point. I personally struggle with admitting I'm wrong. You can ask Savannah about that one. Recently, I've had two incidences where I blew it big time and my pride got me in big trouble. The first incident involved a friend. Basically, I flew off the handle about something. I said things I wish I could take back. I could lay out the whole story for you and you'd probably say that you understand why I got so mad. However, God reminded me almost instantly that nothing anyone says or does gives me justification to act like a jerk. Nothing. I must turn the other cheek. So, I apologized for my behavior. The second time my pride reared its ugly head was last night. I'm not gonna bore you with the details but I lost my cool. We were having dinner with a party of 30 people at a restaurant, and we had the worst service I've ever had in my life. Again, see what I said above. There is never ever and excuse for being rude. Be encouraged that if you've also blown it, you have a great opportunity to practice humility. The more quickly you apologize the better.
So where do we go from here? Well, you know I'm going to tell you to pray about it. We have to ask God for a heart of humility, and ask Him to show you when you are being prideful. I have to be honest, this is painful but I think being humble becomes easier over time. Also, Jesus gives us plenty examples of humility in the Bible.  We must continually seek humility because this world will tell us we deserve anything we could want. God will give you plenty of opportunities to exercise humility, so don't beat yourself up. Do better next time.
-Casey <3

cloud love

If you follow us on instagram, you will occasionally see a sky or cloud shot that we love. But the thing is, I actually take way more sky pictures than you might see on instagram. I just am constantly amazed by the beauty of the sky. I feel like everyone has some things that make you feel closer to God, this is one of those things for me. So I take photos of I mean these pictures are ALL of the same exact sky, yet it's beauty shows in a different way every single day. Just like us, the sky's beauty is ever-changing. I just love that.
I hope you can find or identify the things that make you feel closer to God.

xo, Savannah

diy: bleach tie dye technique

There is something about tie dye that I really like, if you haven't already figured that out. It doesn't have to be cheesy tie dye all the time, although there is a place for cheesy tie dye, sometimes. I think my favorite way to tie dye is using bleach on already colored materials. You never really know what you are going to get, but it always turns out great!

To bleach tie dye, you will need a shirt or some fabric that is already colored and mostly cotton. Other natural fabrics, like rayon, will work too. You will also need some rubber bands, bleach and a bucket that your shirt will fit in.

This is my go-to folding technique. You just accordion fold the shirt and then randomly tie rubber bands around the shirt. I also fold the shirt in half at the end and add rubber bands around both sides because it's hard to get rubber bands around the center of the shirt otherwise.

The first thing you need to do it get your shirt wet. Just dowse it in water and put it in your bucket. If you skip this step, you might risk the bleach eating through your fabric.

Next pour bleach all over it. My shirt immediately changed colors. It was green. There are no specific measurements for this. I set the bucket out in the sun for the bleach to work more quickly. I left the bleach on for about 10 minutes. Next, you remove all the rubber bands and rinse your shirt out really well.

At this point you could wash your shirt in the washer if you wanted. Just make sure that all of the bleach is completely washed out or you risk it bleaching even more, and possibly causing holes. I didn't wash mine and instead put it in the dryer to dry completely and then I cut the sleeves off!

I love the pattern that this shirt now has. It's really interesting since the shirt has no trace of it's original color. I guess that is why I like this technique, unpredictableness. That's not a word... but you namsayin'.

xo, Savannah

right on track

So we've mentioned before how we like to just go for a drive with no destination in mind. The other day we took along two of our friends to look for places to take pictures. We made a day of it and the day was delightful. They also helped us snag a few pictures of the two of us together. The only downfall is that I already have a hard enough time taking pictures with Savannah there, so the addition of two friends made posing for pictures more challenging. Also, can we talk about the awesomeness of this railroad track set up. I know posing for pictures by railroad tracks is super cliche and senior portrait-like, but we're into it, ok? We've been keeping our eyes out for the longest to find a good set of railroad tracks. We happened upon these and there was a place to park by them, so we knew it was destiny. 
Casey's wearing: kimono-Hey Wanderer// top-Bar III (Macy's)//shorts- Urban Outfitters// boots- Target//necklace-DIY (aztec bird charm from Red Dog Beads)
Savannah's wearing: dress-DIY//boots- Urban Outfitters