diy: bleach stamp pad

I had a moment of genius-ness yesterday morning. We had wanted to use bleach to make flowers on an article of clothing, but it sort of seemed like a daunting task to actually successfully accomplish that. I remembered that we had this stamp that would create a really great pattern on a shirt, if only I could figure out how to get bleach in that shape. And then I thought, what I need is a stamp pad that is made out of bleach. And so I made exactly that.
You will need:
- Shirt or fabric to print on.

If you are using a shirt, you will need some cardboard to put in between the shirts layers to prevent bleeding from front to back.
Stack your felt pieces together.
Fold them in half.
Secure them with rubber bands. It's that simple.
Put the stamp pad in the container and pour bleach over it, soaking it completely.
Use your stamp pad just like you would ink! Don't overload it, touch the pad with the stamp just enough to coat the stamp with the bleach.
Then stamp away! (Make sure you have something behind your fabric.) I stamped about 4 flowers before having to re-apply the bleach. 
I stamped the whole front of the shirt and once the bleach had dried, I turned it over and stamped the other side. Rinse the shirt and toss it in the dryer.
When it is dry it is ready to wear!
What's great is that you can use this stamp pad with any stamp, the possibilities are literally endless. If I had more blank shirts, I would've already experimented with all of our other stamps. I mean, this is a game changer for sure.

xo, Savannah

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  1. This is awesome! Who knew - just use the stamps you already have. Genius!

  2. Just tryed this and it worked wonderfully! Thank you so much!

  3. You're brilliant!I wonder about the potato/wood for carving your own crude stamps for more my style sloppy-feed-sack look? I'll have to try this.

  4. How do you clean your stamp after ? Does the bleach affect the stamp itself ....Eat away at the rubber ?

    1. I would definitely wash your stamps and coat them in glycerin glycerin afterwards so the bleach doesn't ruin the rubber.

  5. I would definitely wash your stamps and coat them in glycerin glycerin afterwards so the bleach doesn't ruin the rubber.

  6. I dig the creativity. I just wonder how long the piece lasted without neautralizing the bleach. Soaking the fabric in 10 parts water/1 part hydrogen peroxide will help the fibers from becoming completely destroyed over time.