tunes-day tuesday: sweater weather

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I was browsing through the Sheinside website the other day and I realized that all I want to wear right now is a cozy sweater. They have sooo many. A sweater for fall is such an effortless look. Put on some boots and jeans and you're done! I figured I'd do a little collage post of my favorite ones, especially since tunes-day tuesday this week is a song called "Sweater Weather".

I love with this song and it was the first to make it on my fall playlist. It's just so fun! What are you listening to this fall?

xo, Savannah

savannah's fall wishlist

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Casey and I had a conversation the other day about how fun it is to realize little things about yourself. This one particular conversation was sparked by the fact that I am in love with this pen Casey gave me. Well, she thinks she didn't "give" it to me but, I love it nevertheless. I remember in high school and even in college, I would want a million different pens in a million different colors. I wanted so much variety in my life. I have noticed that in this season of my life, I've been craving things that are constant.  There has been a desire for simplicity and quality, whether that be within my relationships or the clothing I'm wearing. There is something so satisfying about knowing what is going to happen when I start writing with that pen. It's always going to work (unless it's out of ink) and it's always going to write how I want it to. Anyways, it's a very interesting part of life when you start really noticing things about yourself and how you've grown. Do you notice things like this about yourself?

xo, Savannah

recipe: herbed chicken and dumplings

 photo DSC_0743_zps6dba551b.jpg
Our friend made some chicken and dumplings the other day that were sooo delicious. It was so cold outside, it was perfect timing. She even made a gluten-free version for Casey, so sweet! I had the urge today to make some of my own but, I also wanted to make something with lots of herbs in it. So this is what I came up with and it was sooo delicious! It doesn't get more comforting than this. I just wanted to curl up in a blanket in the rocking chair and never stop eating this. But, I didn't. Don't worry. I promise I didn't eat the whole pot by myself.
 photo DSC_0723_zps4149f2ed.jpg
Herbed Chicken and Dumplings
2 Tbs.  Olive Oil
1.5 lb. Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (Breasts would work too)
1 Large Carrot, diced
2 Celery Stalks, diced
1 Large Onion, diced
6 cups Chicken Broth (or 6 cups water and 6 bouillon cubes)
3 Tbs. Fresh Parsley, chopped
2 Tbs. Fresh Lemon Thyme, chopped
2 Tbs. Fresh Rosemary, chopped
2 cups Bisquick Mix
1.5 Cup Milk (You can use half and half if you prefer)
Salt and Pepper

1. Salt and Pepper both sides of the chicken.
2. Add 1 Tbs. of olive oil to a pot over medium-high heat.
3. Brown the chicken on both sides (5-7 minutes on each side). Remove chicken from pot and onto a plate.
4. Add 1 Tbs. of olive oil to the pot then add the diced vegetables and half of the chopped herbs.
5. Cook the vegetables for about 5 minutes over medium heat.
6. Add the chicken broth and chicken to the pot.
7. Cover the pot and simmer for 20 minutes to finish cooking the chicken.
8. While the pot is simmering, make your dumplings. Mix 2 cups Bisquick with 1 cup milk, the rest of the herbs and 1/4 tsp. salt. If you want your dumplings to be on the less-moist side, use less milk, maybe 3/4 cup.
9. After the chicken has cooked, pull it out and shred it with two forks.
10. Put it back in the pot and add the rest of the milk, 1/2 cup. Salt the pot to taste.
11. Bring the pot to a boil and drop tablespoonfuls of the dumpling mixture into the pot.
11. After you've dropped all of your dumplings, reduce the pot to simmer and cook for 10 minutes.
12. Then cover the pot and cook for 10 minutes more.

Serves: 6
 photo DSC_0729_zps0269183f.jpg
This is what the dumpling mixture should look like.
 photo DSC_0738_zps9245082e.jpg photo DSC_0740_zps765dfd19.jpg
Now, since Casey is in Cancun, I went ahead and made this version that is not gluten-free. Sometimes I do that because it's much easier to know how it's going to turn out. Gluten-free experiments can turn out... very disappointing. But I promised her a gluten-free version when she returns so maybe we can put a different twist on our next chicken and dumplings recipe. What do you think?

xo, Savannah

last minute costumes and a halloween party

My friend Grace and I went to a Halloween Party last night and it was so much fun! We had known about the party for a really long time but neither of us decided what we were going to dress up as until a couple days before, or in my case, the day before. Of course, it was a costume party and I'm not going to lie, I don't really like dressing up. But the party was great and it was all worth it!
Grace had asked me if I could do Day of the Dead makeup for her and I happily accepted the challenge. She showed me these two pictures below and we went for it. You can see what she liked from each photo. We used waterproof black eyeliner for all the black lines, it worked like a charm! The color around Grace's eyes is many different shades of eye shadow.
My makeup was easy. Lots of eyeliner, fake eye lashes, fake freckles, circular blush and stitches coming out of my mouth. Oh and bright red lipstick of course!
My "creepy doll" costume was the easiest thing I could come up with. All you need is a dress and pigtails really. I wore polka dot tights (that you can't see here because my dress is too long) and over the knee socks with boots. And I tied little ribbons in my hair. The rest is in the makeup.
And now for some instagram photos. @ohsoprettygram by the way!
So Grace and I both wore fake eye lashes, duh. It's Halloween. That's what you do. But we had this long conversation about how you hate yourself the day after wearing them. As soon as you take the lashes off, your real eye lashes immediately seem insignificant. And for a while, you just want to wear fake eye lashes every day! So every time I wear fake eye lashes it's a bittersweet moment, because I feel like my eyes look fabulous but, I always know what lies ahead... Anyone else feel the same?

xo, Savannah

the diy: geometric straw mobile

 photo 9900175d-f974-4cf7-9363-2dec62edb8a0_zps82e671f2.jpg
I love this DIY because it requires washi tape and that is something that we have an endless supply of, or so it seems. You could make a bunch of these and hang them together to make a bigger mobile. I might try this in the future with a cube shape and some spray paint, hmm... maybe today?
 photo DSC_0050_zps71403c1b.jpg
You will need some straws, something like a skinny paintbrush that fits in a straw, a variety of washi tape and some string.
 photo DSC_0053_zpsdb27610e.jpg
If you have bendy straws like us, cut off the bendy-ness. If you want a smaller shape, cut the straws shorter.
 photo DSC_0054_zps6b4bbb90.jpg
Cover each straw with washi tape. Cut the washi tape to the length of the straw and wrap it parallel to the length of the straw.
 photo DSC_0056_zpsec0d7f1b.jpg
What colorful straws! How toxic would it be if I drank from these...
 photo DSC_0057_zps2b175b4e.jpg
Lay your straws out like the picture above. This will create the diamond-like shape on the bottom.
 photo DSC_0059_zps76031499.jpg
Tape a long piece of string to the paintbrush and guide the string through the straws. After I had three attached, I tied a knot to secure it. You will have to go through some straws more than once.
 photo DSC_0063_zpsf31b2ad9.jpg
The bottom should look something like this when you are done.
 photo DSC_0066_zps789b7717.jpg
For the top, cut smaller straw pieces and create a pentagon. It will be wobbly but once everything is put together, it will stand/hang right.
 photo DSC_0068_zpsb4b2875e.jpg
Attach a straw to every corner of the pentagon to a corner of the bottom piece. There are 5 corners on each piece.
 photo 76fcefa8-4baa-48a9-a224-429df96e7c82_zps0d69012e.jpg
And it'll look something like this! To hang this, just attach 5 pieces of string to the top corners and tie them all to one string in the middle. This will allow for it to hang evenly. If you don't care about it hanging evenly, just tie a string anywhere!

xo, Savannah

contributors of oh so pretty

After much deliberation, we are happy to announce our first ever contributors! We loved going through everyone's blogs and we are so excited to be working with this group of girls. You can read about everyone below and head over to each of their blogs to say hello! Our first contributor post will go live in 2 weeks so keep a lookout for it!

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from our closets

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Savannah's wearing:
Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Old Navy
Shoes- CL by Chinese Laundry
Purse- Target
 photo IMG_3884_zpsc10c212e.jpg photo IMG_3896_zps0963755b.jpg photo IMG_3896_zps0963755b.jpg photo IMG_3893_zps1b26f1f3.jpg
Casey's wearing:
Jacket- American Eagle
Dress- Macy's
Shoes- Target
Watch- Nixon

tunes-day tuesday: the head and the heart

Savannah and I have had the pleasure of seeing The Head and the Heart live (Savannah has twice). We got free tickets and we didn't really even know their music. Anyway, 'twas a delightful show. Then, I saw on iTunes that they had a new album out and heard this song and fell. in. love. I can already tell this is going to be the song that I identify with the Fall of 2013. I totally associate songs with time periods. I even categorize my playlists according to seasons and year. I love to look back and see what I was listening to at a certain time in my life. Do any of you guys do that? 


the diy: monsters university sweatshirt

 photo 23d19ad1-38ef-457c-9562-e11d85fdd7c2_zpsa516733f.jpg
To celebrate the upcoming release of Monsters University, we thought we'd share this easy DIY inspired by the movie. And since Halloween is just around the corner, you could easily add some funky make-up and hair color to this sweatshirt and become a "monster" yourself. Here's what you do!
 photo DSC_0679_zps4f4a73bb.jpg
Gather supplies. You will need:
- A Plain Blue Sweatshirt (a t-shirt or sweater would work as well)
- Felt, Dark Blue and White
- MU Stencil (which you can download here)
- A Sheet of Paper
- Scissors
-Sewing Pins
- Fabric Glue
 photo DSC_0687_zpsaa14b02c.jpg
Cut out your stencil and pin it onto the blue felt. Then cut around the stencil into the felt. Don't forget to cut a blue circle for the center of the eye (this isn't pictured here.)
 photo DSC_0689_zps1eca2ecb.jpg
Pin your blue letters onto the white felt.
 photo DSC_0691_zpsec258921.jpg
Cut around the blue felt leaving a small border of white around the edges.
 photo DSC_0692_zpsf79ec14c.jpg
Glue the felt pieces together, blue on top of white, and then glue them down to the center of your sweatshirt. Make sure to put a piece of paper between the layers of the sweatshirt so the glue doesn't seep through to the back layer.
 photo DSC_0697_zpsc7c58712.jpg
And there you have it, your very own Monsters University sweatshirt. This would also be super cute in child size! Monsters University will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack on October 29th. You can pre-order the movie here.

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