DIY: The Crazy Complicated Friendship Bracelet

As I'm writing this, I think about how I could just cry about trying to explain this bracelet to you. We had a reader request that we try to recreate a friendship bracelet that she had found and while we usually don't take requests, I was intrigued by this particular bracelet. I had to have one of my own, that I created on my own. I spent two days trying to figure it out and let me just say, this bracelet is NOT for amateurs. If you are looking for something easier, check out our new DIY friendship bracelet that takes about 15 minutes here.

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If you can't make a chevron friendship bracelet with your eyes closed, you probably should not attempt this tutorial. It may end in utter confusion and tears may be involved. Anyhow, if you dare to proceed reading this post, make sure you know what forwards and backwards knots are. It will be super helpful. Also, I start explaining from the middle of the bracelet because the bracelet looks crazy in the beginning. When you start, I recommend not tying a knot but wrapping some tape around the group of string. That way you will be able to finish both ends of the bracelet the same way, allowing it to lay flat on your wrist.
So you will need 4 colors of string. Also, I used yarn. It's way faster than friendship thread and it's harder to mess this bracelet up.

 photo DSC_0819_zps864573d3.jpg photo DSC_0820_zps455e3854.jpg photo DSC_0821_zpsaefd5542.jpg
The first picture shows the order your strings should be in. Start tying forward knots with the string furthest left. Move inward for 4 strings. The 5th knot you tie will be a backward knot on the (in this case) light blue string.
 photo DSC_0822_zps41405258.jpg photo DSC_0823_zps455b0e48.jpg photo DSC_0824_zpsc4e8b3fb.jpg
You should now have 5 knots, a nice little row of peach. Now you will repeat on the opposite side with opposite knots. Start with the furthermost string on the right and tie backwards knots inward for 4 strings.
 photo DSC_0826_zps2b09ed1a.jpg photo DSC_0827_zps9adf8048.jpg photo DSC_0828_zps267e7b81.jpg
Tie a fifth knot on the next string, but make sure it's a forward knot.
 photo DSC_0829_zpsf29b2ea1.jpg photo DSC_0830_zps45e33aa5.jpg photo DSC_0831_zps8cb8ebd0.jpg
Repeat the same thing on both sides but don't worry about the 5th knot this time. Only tie 4 knots and stop. Take the middle string (dark blue) and tie a backward knot to the left on two strings.
 photo DSC_0832_zps7233576c.jpg photo DSC_0833_zps901ac44f.jpg photo DSC_0834_zpsc1a1ede2.jpg
With the other middle string, tie two forward knots to the right. Take the new middle string on the left (light blue) and tie a forward knot on the other light blue string. With the light blue string on the right, tie a backward knot on the pink string to the left. It feels a little weird but it works.
 photo DSC_0835_zps911dd3b1.jpg photo DSC_0836_zpsf52f2735.jpg photo DSC_0838_zps0405e439.jpg
With the light blue string on the left, tie a forward knot on the peach string. Again, weird but ya... you'll be doing this a lot on this bracelet.
 photo DSC_0839_zps9379fc9d.jpg
Then with the light blue string on the left, tie a forward knot on the other light blue string. Taking the string that is second from the left, tie a forward knot on the outside string.
Then finish the row like a regular chevron bracelet. Forward knots all the way to the middle. Repeat this process on the right. Take the string that is second from the right and tie a backward knot on the outside piece of string.
Then finish with backward knots all the way to the middle and onto the other dark blue string. Repeat, repeat, repeat and you're almost done! I split the left over string into two sections and braided each section, finished with a knot.
I did the same at the beginning of my bracelet and then tied the braids together so there is a little opening for the end braids to fit into.
 photo DSC_0854_zps09f08137.jpg photo DSC_0855_zpsde89d841.jpg
Phew... glad I made it through that one. I think I'll take a break from friendship bracelets for a while now. And if I can find jewelry findings big enough for this bracelet, I'll make it more removable, fa sho. If you like this post and would like to see more like it, please pin the image below!
xo, Savannah

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  1. cute bracelts!!!. come check out my latest post :)

  2. There is an easier way to deal with those weird knots. When you ask for a forward knot that feels weird, start with a backwards knot (which feels more natural) then finish off with the forward knot. The knot will look more like a normal friendship bracelet knot. Trust me it works! :D

  3. This was really easy to follow. I picked up the pattern very quickly. Thanks for your great instructions!

  4. I really like frienship bracelet. I was making them almost all summer. :) And I want to recomend yo great link

  5. I'll be glad if you visit my blog:
    :) Thanks

  6. I'm crazy about these stuff. too bad I run out of store here on where I can buy strings for those crafts :( loving this one! amazing!


  7. I would love to make this after I finish the bracelet I'm on now! What yarn do you use? Regular knitting yarn? If so is it a certain weight? A picture would be helpful

    1. I used embroidery thread too, works just as well. 😁

  8. I guess I don't understand the order of the strings. I tried to use the picture as a guide...but then don't end up with 5 knots of my first color. Thanks!

  9. hey! i made this pattern a while back and liked it a lot. i am about to make it again, so i decided to transcribe in using a bracelet pattern program. just in case you want to see it, i posted it on mu tumblr (and credited you ofc):

  10. I would love to see this pattern done up on Also, you seem to be using only left knots and right knots, but no reverse knots. Was there a reason for that? I'm trying to puzzle it out.

  11. Amazing design! However, I don't think much prior knowledge about friendship bracelets are required. I used regular friendship bracelet thread which worked just as fine, and the knots were easier since I double knotted them. The so-called "weird" knots became fairly simple... But thanks for sharing this!

  12. Is there a pattern for this bracelet that I can follow? Or what is the name of this bracelet?

  13. Nice job on the bracelet! Gonna have to try this. And use lots of patience.