diy: heart friendship bracelets

So you know the drill, Get you some friendship thread and let's make a bracelet, or two, or three.
Things you will need:
Scissors <-- These are some of favorites

And if you are interested in making your bracelets removable as we did in this post, you will also need:

 photo DSC_0672_zps0df28afa.jpg photo DSC_0673_zps98bfa8c1.jpg
Cut 4 strands of each color. Each strand should be about 2 ft. long. Play it safe. Tie them all together and tuck them under a clipboard or tape it down.
 photo DSC_0674_zps2a691bc6.jpg photo DSC_0675_zps257d52fb.jpg
The first two rows you do will just be a traditional chevron. Start on the left and make a "4" with the outer string. Pull the end of the string through the space of the 4 and tie a knot. Twice. Always tie 2 knots on everything, always. Never just one. Repeat that knot on the string to the right and keep going until you reach the middle.
 photo DSC_0677_zpsc383ff5b.jpg photo DSC_0679_zps4c9d5098.jpg
After you reach the middle, start the same process on the right side. This time you will tie a backward knot. Make a backwards 4 shape or a "P" with the strand on the right and pull the end through the opening. Tie two of these knots on every strand, working toward the middle. When you reach the middle, tie another knot (group of two) over the string from the left side.
 photo DSC_0680_zps677ad853.jpg photo DSC_0681_zpsf31f7b55.jpg
Your chevron is complete. At first, this looks a little crazy but it will get better. Repeat the whole process again with the next color.
 photo DSC_0683_zps4e6b72cf.jpg photo DSC_0684_zps9f373487.jpg
Now, this part it the different part. With the second string from the left, tie a backward knot on the string furthest to the left.
 photo DSC_0685_zpsf2b204a4.jpg photo DSC_0687_zpsc7ef22c3.jpg
Repeat on the right side except you will tie a forward knot with the string that is second from the right onto the string furthest to the right. I found it easiest to leave the outside string out to the sides because you will not need them until you start the next row. With the string that is now second to the right, tie a forward knot on all strands towards the middle.
 photo DSC_0688_zps0b398528.jpg photo DSC_0689_zps1e07116c.jpg
Do the same on the right side with backward knots.
 photo DSC_0690_zpsccd3dc09.jpg photo DSC_0691_zps58ed5649.jpg
Continue knotting onto the last string from the left side. You basically just did a mini-chevron without the two strings on the edges.
 photo DSC_0692_zps50aa7f61.jpg photo DSC_0693_zps6edd0f21.jpg
Now, repeat that same exact row again. When you've finished that row, tie two rows of chevron and you have a heart!
 photo DSC_0694_zps13c2405b.jpg photo DSC_0792_zps32a92422.jpg
Now repeat all that over and over again until it's long enough. You tie two chevron rows, and then two of the other rows, then two chevron, then... you get it.
 photo DSC_0804_zps86b288a8.jpg
 photo DSC_0798_zps48590b5c.jpg
Yay! I think we only have a few more friendship bracelet posts for y'all. I promise we'll stop soon! :)

xo, Savannah + Casey


  1. So cute! As someone who has never (sad, isn't it) made a friendship bracelet, I have to ask, how long does it take you on average to complete one?

    Cathey with an E

  2. These look adorable! I really need to do some to my nieces, they'll love them! xxx

  3. Wow. I wish i had the patience for this! I've tried countless amounts of times and can't get passed the first chevron.

    They look great!!! :)

  4. I love this so much! Awesome color combos.

  5. I'm trying this right now ^^ but I have a question: after the 6th set of photos, it says: With the string that is now second to the right, tie a forward knot on all strands towards the middle. (This is the first mini chevron). Shouldn't the 'second to the right' be 'second to the left'? Many thanks! xx

  6. Great directions! Read them once and got it immediatly! Super easy! I started cheveron two dys ago an got the hang of it super fast. Tried this and found it super easy!

  7. Really love what you did there ! This is really nice ! I put this bracelet in my last DIY selection ! I hope you don't mind ;)