the diy: magnetic message board

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We love quotes and sayings and smart remarks. And we love for them to be displayed in our house! The thing is, there are too many great things to fit into one house. This board solves that problem. You can change the words every day to fit with your mood. Or, you can just keep it the same and use the rest of the magnets on your fridge. Whatever suits you. To make this board, you will need a magnetic dry erase board (any size will do), some magnetic letters (like for the refrigerator), some fabric, a staple gun and staples, spray paint- white primer and gold.
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These are the letters we are using. They came from Walmart for $1 a pack so we got 4.
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Lay your magnets out, we put ours on a foam board so we didn't get paint everywhere.
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Spray all the magnets with white primer. Let it dry.
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Now spray with gold, or whatever color you would like.
 photo DSC_0858_zpsf4904b9b.jpg
For the board, you will need a dry erase board that is magnetic. We got ours at Walmart for $2.
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Take everything off the board and cut a piece of fabric that is about an inch larger on each side. photo DSC_0861_zpsab40e214.jpg
Put the fabric face down and then place the dry erase board face down on the fabric.
 photo DSC_0864_zps3c858895.jpg
Pull the edges of the fabric around to the back of the board and staple the edges down. Make sure you pull the fabric pretty tight to keep a smooth front side.
 photo DSC_0867_zpsae32b5d9.jpg
It should look something like this.
jgce9E on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Now you are ready to put your magnets on the board, say anything! We are going to hang our board on the wall but you could put yours anywhere. Keep the magnets close by so you and your friends can change it up!
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xo, Savannah + Casey


  1. That is so cool and so cute!

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    Sammy xxx

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