How To Clean Your Stock Tank Pool Water

So you've DIYed your stock tank pool and enjoyed using it a couple times, and then all of sudden it starts to get a green tint. Don't fret! This can be fixed! And you don't have to drain your pool....

Our pool water has looked like this at least once a month since it's been warmer outside. But the water in our pool is the same water we filled our pool up with when we made it into a hot tub in the winter. Today we will tell you everything you need to know to keep your water looking fresh, crystal clear, and blue!

First of all, your pool water should never be green, or even have a hint of green. If you see green, something isn't right with your water. At it's best, your pool water should be a pretty pale blue color and it should be crystal clear. But also remember that when you swim in the pool, your body oils and sunscreen get into the pool, so it's going to need some maintenance.

You'll want to keep a few supplies on hand to keep your water in tip top shape.
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A skimming net
Water Test Kit
pH minus and/or pH raiser
Chlorine Tablets
Chlorine Dispenser
New Filters

Step 1. Test the water. Follow the directions on your kit, but it usually involves filling the tubes with water, adding drop, and waiting to see what the color of your water means.

Step 2. Balance the water. If your pH is too high or too low, you will need to use pH minus or pH raiser to fix that. I've only ever had to use pH minus, and I probably only have to do that twice a season. If the pH isn't right, the chlorine cannot be used properly! So make sure to use the chemicals when you need them, and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Step 3. Add chlorine. If your test reads that you need chlorine, you need to add some tablets. If your pool is really green or cloudy, you make want to look into getting some pool shock, or liquid chlorine to add to your pool. I have found that this is necessary

Step 4. Remove all debris. Including over the drain. Take your skimming net and catch everything that is floating in the water and empty it outside of the pool. Also use your hand to grab and remove anything that is stuck in the drain grate.

Step 5. Replace dirty filter. This is pretty self explanatory, just make sure you turn the plunger valves to the lock position before you open the pump and open them before you turn the pump on.

Step 6. Run the pump. If the pool is a normal dirty, I'll just keep the pool running on the 4 hour time cycle. If it need a little more love, I'll turn it up to 6 hours.

Step 7. Sweep. And don't forget about the sides! Sweep every surface that is in the water. If your pool is green, you will see green bits moving around in the water as you sweep. Just make sure you push all of that over towards the drain outlet. If your pool isn't painted on the inside like ours is, the bottom of your pool will get slimy when green. And it will be harder to see on the shiny silver of the stock tank pool. Since our pool is white, I can see the moment algae starts to develop, and it doesn't get slimy.

Step 8. Wait for the pump to do it's job! The pump is a magical thing. And it will clean your water beautifully if you've prepped your water like we've just talked about.

If you follow all of these steps, you will have clean water in one or two pump cycles (depending on how dirty your water was). I've been able to turn around some pretty dirty water in our pool by doing these things. But you always follow the steps above even if you pool isn't green. I could probably remove debris from the pool every other day, but I end up doing it about once a week. The faster you remove the debris out of the pool, the less the filter gets filled up.

We are working on a new stock tank pool FAQs post so I'm curious.... what questions do you have? Leave them in the comments below so we can make sure we answer them.

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Happy swimming!

Transforming Our Home Studio to a Boho Modern Farmhouse

You guys, our studio has looked like a scene a from a disaster movie for months. This room has gone through a lot of transition since we've moved in over 3 years ago. First, it was set up as place to make clothing because at the time we were making hand dye kimonos. So there was a very large work table in the middle of the space.

Then we had a professional organizer come in and sort out all of our mess. This room also houses our washer and dryer which is one of the big reasons this room turns into a disaster. If we don't stay on top of our laundry (like serioulsy keep it tight a.k.a. nothing ever left in the dryer) the rest of the room just falls apart.

If you'd like to see our studio's transformation story from when we first moved in, click this link here. It's definitely worth a gander!

When the organizer came, we were also doing Airbnb upstairs so we had even more of a major laundry crisis. We were changing sheets every single day, which means we had at least one load every day. Our organizer helped us get a system that worked for our clothing business and all its supplies and deal with our major laundry issues. That system worked well until we stopped making clothing and stopped doing Airbnb.

We wanted to turn the studio into a workspace that would work better for our current needs. So Savannah turned our giant work table into a desk. You can see that DIY post here.

This was the way the room stayed for a while, however we found ourselves not using our desks for work very often. We would end up sitting in our living room on the couch or we would sit at the dining room table. The studio just wasn't completely flowing. We knew we wanted more for this studio space.

Ashley Home Store has a group on Facebook that we are part of and they were doing a contest late last year. They asked people what room they wanted to redo and what ideas they had for that room. I instantly knew that room was the studio for us.

I went on their website and saw so many things that would make our space more of what we needed. So I responded with my ideas and we ended up being one of the people who were selected to participate in their project. We were pumped because this would be the push that could get this room to finally shine! So without further ado here is the finished product. We are very happy with the end result.

We can even host large groups in this space!

If you live in an older house like we do, you probably have experience with weirdly shaped rooms. This room is one of those. The sectional we chose is great because you can move it around into many different lengths. This room is not symmetrical at all, but this sectional somehow balances it all out. If you don't have enough space for this large sectional, they also have a couch version!

We were able to fit so much seating in the room while maintaining the flow of the walkways, AND we still have our desk area!

This cabinet is actually a DIY I did (and am not completely done with yet) and one day I will do a blog post about the process.

You can see our rug from Ashley in this pic, but really Daisy was posing right there every time I went to take a photo, so here is her close up!

Okay, so I bet you are wanting the link for something in our studio, and I'm going to do my best to link all of them for you below!

How To Paint Your Stock Tank Pool

I know, I know. This stock tank pool is stinkin' cute. When Hunter and Cameron Premo told us they wanted a stock tank pool, we knew we had to do something really cool. Almost immediately I remembered our Airbnb in Lisbon, Portugal. It had pink and white striped floors and Casey and I were obsessed.

Now the pink on these floors was very pale, you almost can't even see it in the photos. But ever since this trip, we've tried to find a place to put pink and white stripes.

You can almost see the stripes on the floor here, but you get the point! We proposed the idea to Hunter and she and Cameron were 100% on board. We finally figured out a cool way to incorporate this inspiration in a project!

Hunter chose a beautiful pink (that you can actually see). The color is called Everblooming by Behr.

So the first thing you need to know about painting your stock tank pool is that you should not paint with regular paint or spray paint directly onto the metal. The paint will chip and repairing it is basically impossible. We've talked about this before in a previous post where we coated the inside of our pool. You can read that post here.

What you have to do is coat the metal with a rubber coating first. Once you've done that, you can use regular paint on top of the rubber layer on the outside of the pool. Don't use regular paint on the inside of the pool as it is not designed for water to sit directly on it 24/7. Only paint the outside! Okay... so to recap- you can coat the inside of the pool with a rubber coating like Leak Seal, but do not use regular paint. On the outside you can use regular paint after coating it with Leak Seal. So let's get started on how you do this!

Things you will need:
- Leak Seal
- Outdoor Paint in color of your choosing
- Comfort Grip
- Painter's Tape
- Measuring Tape

Step 1. Spray on the Leak Seal. We suggest getting a comfort grip for your cans as your hands will get worn out from pressing the nozzle on all the cans. The inside of your pool will take about 3 layers of the spray if you want an opaque color. You have to wait 30 minutes+ between each coat, but make sure you read the directions on your can and follow accordingly.

Once you have all the coats you'd like on there, you have to let the coating cure for 24 hours.

Step 2. After the Leak Seal has cured for 24 hours, add your paint color. We coated the outside with white paint before painting on the stripes.

Step 3. Measure out the stripes and tape them off.

We decided that we wanted the stripes to be 10 inches wide each, so I first made a mark around the top of the pool every 10 inches. I then started taping in the back of the pool. There would end up being one smaller stripe and we wanted that to be hidden! Alternate taping two pieces of tape on the insides of the 10 inch markings and then 2 pieces on the outside of the markings. It should look like there are smaller stripes, but these are the ones you don't paint.

Step 4. Paint the stripes! Brushing the paint on will feel a little strange on the rubber layer, but this is right.

And the moment you've been waiting for... revealing those beautiful clean stripes! Make sure you peel the tape off once the paint is dry to the touch, which doesn't take too long. If you leave the tape on for days, the paint can peel off with the tape.

Let the paint cure before moving your pool or cutting the holes for the pool pump. We messed up the paint a little because we didn't wait. Luckily, it's in a place where no one will see!

Once the paint is cured, you are good to fill up the pool! If you need to know how to DIY your own stock tank pool, we have a blog post with all the steps and details. You can read that here!

Go see how Hunter styled her pool (and her cute dogs who also love the pool) over on her blog here! (**The photo of Hunter is by Cameron Premo.)

And check out our latest video where we take you behind the scenes of us painting and setting up their pool!

The 4 Areas Of Tulum Explained

Traveling to a city where you've never been can be a little overwhelming. One of the hardest things is understanding the layout of the city. And you've got to figure out where to stay, where to eat, and what parts of town are cool. So today we are going to try to help you understand the different areas of Tulum. We have stayed in the 4 major areas. A local may not lay out their city this way and it's likely broken down in much smaller sections than this, but after visiting 4 times I think this system is helpful to understanding the way Tulum is laid out.

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Tulum Town- Tulum doesn't really have a downtown but if it did this is what it would be, and this is where most of the locals live. It's about 10 minutes to the beach and has a totally different feel than the other parts of Tulum. There is one main road that goes through town and the street is lined with vendors who sell everything from hammocks to clothes to jewelry and many other random things. There are also a lot of restaurants that have amazing food but aren't as expensive and fancy as the restaurants in the beach zone. This is a great area to stay in if you want to appreciate the local culture and save some dollars. Staying here is significantly less expensive than staying by the beach. This is the Airbnb we stayed in on two of our trips. We love Tulum town, but if this is your first time in Mexico and you are concerned about safety at all- this might not be the place for you. Watch our video here if you want to know if we think Tulum is safe or not.

The Beach Zone- This area is what made me fall in love with Tulum. You drive down this two lane road and see people riding bikes through this bohemian jungle and through that jungle on one side is the ocean. Truly magical. This road is lined with boutique hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. If you want to wake up and see the ocean, this is where you stay. There are a few reasons you may not want to stay here like you have a large group you are traveling with or you are on a budget. There are a few options that aren't too expensive but you'll have to sacrifice air conditioning. We stayed in Coco Tulum in 2017 and loved it! We had a little bungalow right on the beach and could open our door and see the ocean, and we did have air conditioning. When we stayed there it was the most affordable option for hotels by the beach and had a/c. You can't beat waking up ocean, but with the seaweed problems Tulum you may reconsider staying beach side. We have a video coming soon that talks about the seaweed problem in Tulum.

Aldea Zama- This is where we stayed on our latest trip in May 2019, and we really enjoyed our time here. Aldea Zama is between the beach zone and the town. This isn't an actual gated community but AZ is its own thing. It's like a little village in the middle of Tulum, and it is a newer development. There is still quite a bit of construction going on but that wasn't a problem for us. There are lots of Airbnbs in this part of town and there are a few hotels. Aldea Zama also has it's own restaurants and shops, and this area is very walkable and bikeable.

We loved the Airbnb we stayed in this trip, and it is pictured here in all the photos in this post. The amenities and the decor were next level, and the host was nice and attentive. There was even a small cenote right behind our Airbnb! There was also a pool that was shared with other guests and an outdoor grill and kitchen area. The kitchen was fully stocked with everything we needed to make a meal. We highly recommend checking this place out. Aldea Zama would be great for people who don't want to sacrifice amenities and are more concerned about safety. Our Airbnb had it's own private security and a lot of the places here had their own security as well.
You can see a video tour of our Airbnb and more of our Tulum trip in this video! Just click play to watch right here on the blog post.

Outside of Tulum/Akumal- I wasn't sure if I was going to include this in a post about the areas of Tulum since this is not a part of Tulum. I decided to include it because there are several places that are advertised as being in Tulum but aren't. If you want an all inclusive resort experience, this is where you'll want to go. There are only a few resorts inside of Tulum and they are very expensive. There are also more Airbnbs on the beach in Akumal. In Tulum proper there aren't any Airbnbs right on the beach. All of the Airbnbs in Tulum proper are in town or Aldea Zama. The first time I went to "Tulum" I stayed in this area and was pretty disappointed that we weren't really in Tulum, but we were actually 20-25 mins away. Honestly, Tulum isn't the kind of place where you want to do all-inclusive. There are way too many amazing places to see in Tulum that limiting yourself to a resort is total waste. If you want to do the all inclusive thing, save some money and do one in Cancun.

I know all of the areas in Tulum sound appealing and they each have something special to offer. So naturally you need to visit at least 3 times to try them all! If I was a millionaire, I would chose to stay on the beach BUT I'm not and we really truly enjoyed staying in both Aldea Zama and in town. When you are in Tulum, you can't choose wrong because you are never far from the beach.

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Everything You Need To Make A Stock Tank Pool

Hello everyone! It's stock tank pool season and we can't be more excited! It's always such a fun time when you can go out into your own backyard and dip in the cool water on a hot day. Maybe even invite some friends over and sip some cocktails.

We've had a lot of questions recently about a certain pool part that is currently unavailable. We have found a solution until the part becomes available again. We are looking into a third option as well as we definitely want to make sure that we can all keep DIYing our own stock tank pools!

So first, we want to talk about everything you need to set up your pool.

1. Stock Tank / Our stock tank is 8 ft. wide. You can get a metal one at your local co-op or
get a poly one on Amazon.
2. Above Ground Pool Pump
3. Weatherproof Silicone Sealant
4. Hole Saw with Arbor
5. 2 Plunger Valves
6. Second Pool Outlet This is the outlet that is out of stock. These two pieces will work in it's place: Inlet Connector (You'll have to close off the hole with waterproof tape, as that part is out of stock) + Strainer Grid OR you can purchase THIS SET and use only the parts you need from it. It includes a strainer nut, so if you go the set route, make sure you don't double up!
7. 3 Rubber Washers
8. Strainer Nut
9. Chlorine Tablets
10. Floating Pool Dispenser
11. Water Testing Kit

On another note, we started a whole other website just for everything stock tank pool! Check it out here: Stock Tank Pool Authority. If you are thinking about making a stock tank pool, you'll want to head over there and read everything there is to know about the project over on that website or on our blog here.

Stay tuned for more information about stock tank pools from tips to our favorite accessories. And if you post about your stock tank pool on social media, don't forget to tag us @heywanderer or @stocktankpool and with the hashtag #stocktankpool. Happy DIYing!

5 Steps For Healthy Hair

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of null. The opinions and text are all mine.

Some people are blessed with healthier hair than others. Savannah is one of those people. She can abuse her hair and you'd never know it. She has this thick and indestructible hair. Let's all take a minute to hate on her. I'm kidding. For those of us who aren't genetically blessed in the healthy hair department, there are steps we can take to have healthy hair! Today we are partnering with Pantene to bring you 5 steps to take towards healthier hair. It just takes a little more attention!

1. Trim consistently // There is a lot we can do to prevent split ends and damaged hair, but nothing will make the hair look healthier than a good trim. Getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks keeps your ends looking neat and prevents your hairstylist from having to take even more hair off if you wait too long.
2. Repair + Prevent// Ok so you've already damaged your hair. We get it. We don't always follow our own advice. Well I have so good news for your. Pantene has a new product called Intense Rescue Shots, imported from Brazil. This new formula contains Pantene's famous Pro-Vitamin B5, natural glycerin, and strengthening lipids which gives your hair flexibility to handle all the wear and tear you put on your hair. So it helps prevent damage and helps repair your hair when it is damaged. What I really liked about this product is that it washed cleanly and didn't leave my hair feeling weighed down.

Pantene's Intense Rescue Shots are easy to use. Just shampoo like normal and once a week use one shot in place of your conditioner. Apply generously from root to tip targeting areas that see the most damage, leave in for 30 seconds, and then rinse for 30 seconds. Don't over-rinse!
3. Wash less// I know some people swear that they have to wash their hair everyday. Trust me. I promise you don't. Start by washing your hair every other day, and it may be greasy at first. Stay strong. Your hair will adjust. Use dry shampoo to get you through these days. Savannah and I both only wash our hair once a week. You can do it! When you wash your hair everyday, you are stripping your hair of the natural oils it produces to keep your hair from drying out. So washing it everyday, you never get the benefit of those oils. The more you wash, the more oil your hair produces. I know it sounds crazy, but it's the truth.

4. Use less heat// Less heat = less damage. Let your hair air dry every once in a while. Sleep in braids to get a wave. There are a zillion no-heat hair curling options out there, so maybe commit to one day of no-heat styling. Anything you can do to limit the heat you put on your hair, the better.

5. Protect// If you do have to blow dry your hair or use a curling iron or straightening iron, your hair is getting damaged from the heat. Use a protectant spray to put a barrier between your hair and your hot tool.
So even if you are like us and you have excessively styled your hair over the years, you can still experience a great hair day! Just pick up some Pantene Intense Rescue Shots and start taking a little more care of your hair.