Nashville Travel Guide: The 10 Best Coffee Spots

I'm a heavy coffee drinker, and Savannah hates it. I mean I've made her try every kind of coffee drink there is. It's hopeless. This one thing has nearly ruined our friendship. I'm kiddinggggg. But seriously, I really wish she loved it as much as I do. Having something you love so much and not being able to share that with your super tight homey is rough, man.

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So since I'm such a coffee lover, I have visited 70% of Nashville coffee shops. After much research and trial, I have come up with the ultimate list of Nashville's best coffee shops. What I'm looking for in a coffee shop is: excellent coffee, great decor, good location, and overall positive atmosphere. The ultimate question- is this a good place to have a meeting? Not all of these places have all of those qualities, but I have left all of them wanting to come back.

1. Dose- There are 2 locations but my favorite is the one closet to our house in Inglewood. Also, it is larger than their West Nashville location. Dose has good coffee, a good selection of food offerings (a few gluten free things too), the decor is nice, the service is good, and the location is perfect for me. I'ts only 1/2 mile from our house! If you are wanting to stay, they have table service, so keep that in mind- it probably won't be the place you want to sit all day and work. It's great for meeting people!

2. Barista Parlor- This is the coffee shop that started the coffee scene in Nashville. They've been featured in several articles for being one of the best coffee shops in America. They have 5 locations and I have visited 3 of them. Their coffee really is excellent, and the decor is nice. It's very Instagrammable.  This is a coffee shop that you have to try.

3. Fido- Before there was a Barista Parlor, there was a Fido. Fido is the sister coffee shop to Bongo Jave in East Nashville (which was the original Nashville coffee shop). You can't beat the Fido location because it's in Hillsboro Village which has several cute shops (like our friend's store- Apple + Oak- you must visit there) and restaurants.

4. Frothy Monkey- I can't even keep up with all of their locations but my favorite one is their newest location in West Nashville. It is HUGE with plenty of seating, and I love the decor. They have a good menu and good coffee, and I'd probably go here all the time if it was closer to my house. This coffee shop has everything I'm looking for except proximity to me.

5. Retrograde- This is one of Nashville's newest coffee shops and it's my new favorite one. This is located in an up + coming part of town that's very close to East Nashville. Retrograde has everything I'm looking for in a coffee shop- the decor is outstanding, great service, great coffee, and the space has a good amount of seating. This will be my new place to have meetings.

6. Crema- This is located almost downtown and it's not too far from East Nashville. They have a Cuban latte that is so so good. Also if you are looking to sit outside and sip your coffee, look no further. They have nice outdoor seating which is nice because it's pretty small inside, and it gets filled up pretty quickly. They do have parking which is rare for a place so close to downtown. So to sum it up they have a great latte, good decor, good location, oh and this is a good place to meet someone- but I would pick mid-afternoon when it's not as busy.

7. Steadfast Coffee - This is a small coffee shop in Germantown that roasts their own coffee beans. I always appreciate this because then you know the coffee is supa' fresh. They have a few food offerings and a lot of times they have gluten free options. They also have a nice outdoor seating area.
8. Humprey's Street- This is even newer than Retrograde, and I love it! Humprey's is located in Wedgewood Houston which is really growing and turning into a really cool part of town. The space used to be a church and it has a really good design and feel to it. I had their French toast latte and it was divine. They had comfy chairs + a couch to sit in which is a major plus. The space is a pretty good size with lots of seating, and would be a great place to set up shop and work all day and to meet people. Oh and they have a patio/deck area!

These last 2 are more cafes than coffee shops but you can definitely go to them to just drink coffee + I really like these places :)

9. Cafe Roze- They have a rose latte that is really delicious and it's something different that you can't get anywhere else in Nashville (that I know of). The decor is top notch and it's a great place to meet a friend to have a lovely cup of coffee and have a small bite. Their coconut yogurt bowl is scrumptious!

10. Sky Blue Cafe-  This place has been around since 2010 and has become an East Nashville staple. There's something about this place that is comfortable and it's not trying too hard. They have good coffee and classic American breakfast.

And those are the top 10 places to get some coffee in Nashville! We hope you liked this post and if you'd like to see more posts about Nashville, don't forget to subscribe to our e-mail list!

xo, Casey


  1. Nice list of coffee shops! I can't come to Nashville without going to Frothy Monkey. Hands down my favorite place for breakfast. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will check out a couple of these places this year.

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