before and after // casey's room

My room was pretty bleh before the renovation, but it was actually worse than it looks here. The walls are made of plaster and they had this terrible to texture to them. Also the color is so upsetting. In order to deal with the textured walls, we had someone install sheetrock over the plaster walls. I'm sure that is frowned upon in the renovation world, but taking my room down to the studs was not in the time or money budget. I'm very pleased with the end result because I have smooth walls. 
The tiny door on the right was the closet, which is crazy. I do not have a picture of my closet now. Honestly, I'm not happy with the way it looks at the moment. My closet doors are those bifold doors and they are cream colored and it just doesn't look right. I plan to address them one day. The gist though is that my stepdad built a closet right over that door. The door was taken off so there is this secret closet in my closet. You have to separate my clothes and behind them is this little shelving unit. It's weird. 
I think my room used to be another sitting area because there was a door to the outside. I also think that the tiny closet that was in this room was originally in the bathroom (if that makes any sense??). Nonetheless, I didn't want an entrance to the porch in my room + I wanted the wall space, so when the sheetrock was installed- the door was a goner. 
I had to put SEVEN coats, SEVEN COATS, of paint on my walls to get them to look like this. First, these walls were brand new sheetrock, so even though they were primed twice, they just soaked up paint. Plus, the color is so dark. I could have avoided 1 or 2 layers probably but I made a huge mistake. We had been using Benjamin Moore paint, but I ran out. Well, the store where you can buy BM paint is pretty far but there is a Sherwin Williams store close by. Yes, any paint store can match paint but SW matte paint and BM matte paint are not the same. The finish was so different that we had to go and buy Benjamin Moore paint and use 2 more coats to fix it. Bless us. 

This color choice was bold, I know. Most people thought I was insane, especially my mother. Then when I decided to paint the ceiling AND the trim all the same color... that was nuts. I hated the idea of having the massive contrast of the dark walls with a white ceiling and trim. I couldn't think of any other color to paint them, so I decided they should all be the same. Almost a year later, I haven't gotten tired of the color. My room is pretty dark and moody, and I love it. I don't really want a high energy bedroom. My bedroom is for chillin'. 
I spent approximately 209 years trying to find this bedding, and I actually had this bedding before we moved here. The dark teal was the inspiration for my wall color. 
My stepdad built this platform bed for me before we moved in. It's pretty jazzy, and I have dreams of one day actually sanding it down and sealing it. That's one of those projects that seems so time consuming and laborious, but I know I will be glad when/if I ever do it. 
Everything in this corner was thrifted. People always ask Savannah and I how we decorate and where we get our stuff from. We always keep our eyes open for good deals and treasures like these. When we go out of town, we try to stop at flea markets, thrift stores, and antique stores. You just have to always be looking. Certainly never go into one store and buy everything at once. 
All After photos taken by Amber Ulmer

Paint- Benjamin Moore Bavarian Forest
Bedding- Bar III (discontinued)
Tapestry- Urban Outfitters
Curtains- Urban Outfitters 

before and after // dining room table and chairs

Well guys, it's pretty amazing what some sanding, recovering and polyurethane can do. For our dining room we really wanted to find a big table. We've always had tables that only fit about 6 folks and we wanted to be able to fit up to 10. As you can imagine, those tables cost a whole lot of money. After looking forever I actually started to think we might have to give up our big table dreams. But one day at a thrift store, we came across this gem. 
The shape of everything was perfect! It was in ROUGH condition so we weren't sure how well we could recover it, but when we found out it was $150 (for 6 chairs, a leaf, and the table!) we knew this was our table. 
It sat for a while like this until we got around to it. It was soooooo bad. I actually forgot how bad it was until I looked at these pictures again.
The chairs weren't actually in that bad of shape. I mean the fabric was definitely going, but the wood wasn't that bad. In fact, we just wiped these down and didn't refinish the wood, although we probably will in the future.
When we ripped all the fabric off, we revealed even more fabric. 
We did lots of light fine sanding to get rid of all the scratches. The top is wood veneer so we had to be soooo careful in this step. Saw dust was everywhere.
But after that step everything looked so even!
We then covered the top in about 5 coats of polyurethane. We actually weren't planning on doing that many but that's what ended up happening to get rid of brushstrokes. We were really careful, but it was hard to make it perfect!
But it turned out so amazing! When we were first decorating this room we really wanted to have a banana leaf print wallpaper, but there weren't any affordable options. AT ALL. Now, almost a year later, this kind of wallpaper is everywhere, and it's affordable! Anyway, since we couldn't get the wallpaper we decided to cover the chairs in the print. And we are so glad it turned out the way it did!
As always, more DIYS and before and afters coming your way soon!

xo, Savannah

After photos by Amber Ulmer

Hammock Lounging in the cloud set

So recently we got into a really great music festival called Bumbershoot in Seattle, and we were debating whether or not we could pull it together in time to participate. We decided today that we just couldn't make it happen, which was a really hard decision for us. Bumbershoot is one of the oldest music festivals ever and we really would love to take Hey Wanderer to the Seattle area. Music festivals are a huge deal and when we participated in our first one this summer, we really got to experience how much goes into these things. So now instead of heading to Seattle, we are doing a mini road trip in the Las Vegas/LA area! We are going to try to set up a pop-up shop, but for now that is just up in the air.
Okay enough serious talk. These are some photos of Emma McBride in our Jane Tank and Ali shorts, both in clouds. This set is so fun! And these photos by Catherine Truman are just great.
We have had such a fun time working with Emma this year! She is headed off to college so we won't be shooting with her as much anymore. We are so sad to see her go but excited to see what is next! And who knows? Maybe we can sneak in some shoots whenever our paths cross again. Hope y'all enjoy these photos as much as we do! More to come...

xo, Savannah

diy: painted lounge chairs

So we have been working on our backyard for what seems like forever now. We figure one thing out and then realize we don't like something we had done before. And then we redo it. I think the problem is that our vision started our kind of foggy. The backyard was just this huge slab of asphalt, so it was really hard to imagine what was going to happen back there. We've kind of just been working as we go.
We searched every inch of the universe for lounge chairs that we liked and that didn't cost 2.8 million dollars. We never found any. We settled on these chairs which were $80/each from Old Time Pottery. We weren't crazy about them. so we had this crazy idea to paint them. Well, painting these chairs made a huge difference in the pool area. We really weren't feeling the vibe that was happening back there and we realized the plant organization and the chairs were the culprits. We decided to see what would happen if you spray painted the chairs. After using about 3 cans for one side (and it still looking pretty gross) we explored other options. We bought some really cute cushions that arrived in the wrong size and then we decided to explore the painting again. Not sure why we didn't try it at first, but we ended up just roller painting the seats with outdoor paint.

You will need:
- Outdoor Paint
1. Paint the seat white with a roller and let dry completely. (We don't have a pic of this step.) We used regular outdoor paint in regular white. Paint a second coat and let it dry completely. Make sure you paint the backs of the chairs too because it'll look pretty crazy when the back is a different color.

2. Tape up the seat/ everything that is white. We used contractor paper and frog tape to cover everything we didn't want to be gold. You will have to do some touch ups on the seat with a paint brush, so get too worried if something is sprayed gold that shouldn't be.
3. Spray all the metal gold, everywhere. We used a Rustoleum Metallic Gold.
4. Remove the tape and paper and use a brush for any touch ups.
We realized after doing all of the chairs that the best order to do this in would probably be to spray paint the metal parts gold and then to paint the seat white. You could get away with not taping at all that way. We just weren't sure in the beginning if we could cover up the gold with the white, but as it turns out, you super can. We ended up adding one more white coat at the end just to really even it out. We probably could've gotten away with two, but just to be safe, we did three! 

We have so many more backyard areas to show you, and if you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen some peeks already. We will be sharing a post about our stock tank pool along with a regular before and after of the whole space soon!

xo, Savannah