diy: block stamped kitchen towel

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Today we are trying our hand at block stamping with Fabric Creations™! We've been really interested in possibly using this technique on some of our kimonos, so it was really fun to experiment with this kitchen towel. The Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink is super soft and it is machine washable. You could even use a paint brush to apply it! Anyway, I wanted to create something more neutral, so it would go with everything, so I stuck with printing in all black.
You will need a 22"x22" square piece of fabric (or a blank kitchen towel), Fabric Creations™ soft fabric ink, Fabric Creations™ block stamps, a foam printing mat and a sponge.
Place the foam printing mat under the fabric to get best results. Application is pretty simple, it just takes a little patience. Sponge the paint onto the stamp lightly. Then press the block down onto the fabric.
I repeated sponging and stamping along one side of the napkin, making sure the ends lined up.
When I got to the end I just turned the fabric and lined up the stamp perpendicular to the last print. If the stamp doesn't end exactly where you want it, I have a solution. I will show you a few steps down.
I switched to a different block and followed the same process stamping it underneath the border I just created.
I went back to the first stamp to create another row underneath the second pattern. I could only fit the block in the area I wanted two times, if I had stamped a third time, I would have stamped onto an already stamped section. To fix this problem, I took a scrap piece of fabric and placed the edge right where I wanted the pattern to stop.
Then I sponged and stamped as usual.
When you remove the fabric, there will be a perfect edge!
I took my second block and stamped it in the very middle of the fabric square.
I took one more block and stamped it all around the center and then serged the edges of my fabric. If you don't have a serger, you could just with a blank kitchen towel. We just had the perfect fabric lying around that we had purchased at Goodwill.
This towel looks great in our kitchen!
And it's perfect for styled shoots! And right now I'm too scared to wipe my hands on it.

xo, Savannah

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