Shoe Storage Solution DIY: Urban Wood Shelf Organizer

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Today we are bringing you this shoe storage DIY that turns your shoes into decor. This month we have been focusing on ways to help you become your best self. With that, we've given tips on how to get your mind right and now we are shifting that focus on how to get your physical surroundings under control so you can be your best. So far we have given you 10 ways to become a better you. We've given you a list of 10 books to help you become your best self. And we've given you an overview of the Enneagram. Now that we've talked about the internal things we need to have our best year. Let's talk about getting our surroundings organized.

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I've been needing a place to store my bootie collection for a while. Our house was built in 1945 and while it has a lot of character, it does not have a lot of storage. Our closets are simple and small. Savannah was kind enough to build me this Urban Outfitters inspired shelf to make more space for my shoes. Using your walls is a great way to add storage! You can use your beautiful accessories like scarves, hats, and purses to decorate your room. I also love how this shelf makes it easier for me to see what I have. I actually wore those silver booties to church yesterday because I could see them. I had forgotten about them, but having them visible to me reminded me of another shoe option.

Having a place for everything is How to Stay Organized 101, and we are really trying to implement this in our lives and home. Making a shelf for shoes seems like it couldn't really improve your life, but it's really been helpful for me. Having a cluttered space subconsciously affects me and it probably affects everyone. Cluttered space = cluttered mind. As we have been focusing on cleaning a little everyday and finding places for everything, I have noticed a change in my mind. All of these changes that we have been implementing since the beginning of the year are making a difference in the way I think and feel.

So without further ado. Let's get to how you make this super cool shoe shelf/dream shoe organization.
For this project, you will need:
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- 2"x2" piece of wood (cut to 64" long)
- 2"x12"x8' piece of wood
- 1/2" wood dowel
- wood glue
- miter saw
- jig saw
- drill
- 1/2" spade bit
- 1/16" drill bit
- 4- 2.5" wood screws

Assemble the back piece.
1. Measure 6.75" from the top of the 2"x2" piece of wood and mark an "X" in the center of the wood. Measure 13.5" from the first "X" and repeat the process every 13.5" until you reach the end of the wood.

2. Use a spade bit to drill holes where the "X"s are. Do not drill all the way through the other side of the wood, but drill as much as you can without breaking through.

3. Measure the dowel into 4.5" sections and cut. You will need 5 pieces.

4. Coat the hole and the end of the dowel with wood glue. You can use a paint brush to make sure you coat everything evenly.

5. Let the glue dry for at least 30 minutes before hanging it on the wall.

Assemble the shelves.
6. Measure 19" on the 2"x12" piece of wood and repeat until you have 5 sections. Use a miter saw to cut each section.

7. Find the middle point along the edge of of each shelf piece and mark with a line.

8. Mark the center point on the end of the 2"x2" piece.

9. Place the end of the 2"x2" piece on the shelf piece and line up the center points along the edge.

10. Trace the shape of the 2"x2" piece onto the shelf piece.

11. Cut out the piece you traced with a jigsaw. You can use a 1/4" drill bit to drill into the corners of the shape to make it easier to use the jigsaw.

12. Double check that the 2"x2" piece fits into the cut out section.

13. Using the 1/2" spade bit, drill a hole into the shelf through the cut-out section. Make sure you drill as far down as the spade bit will allow.
Hang the shelf.
14. Use a small drill bit to drill holes between each dowel. This is where you will put screws to attach the piece to the wall.

15. Find a stud in your wall and screw the back piece into the wall and stud. Use a level to make sure it's straight and then screw it in via the other holes.

16. Slide the shelf pieces onto the dowels and use a rubber mallet or a hammer and a towel to force the shelves up against the wall. There should be no space between the wood for the most security. If the shelves won't go all the way on, you may have to cut off a little bit of the the dowel.

We made a video of the process, so be sure to check it out- it makes a little more sense when you can see what's happening!
Thank you for stopping by today, and we hope you have enjoyed this DIY. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop on what we're up to. We have several more organization tips coming your way, so stay tuned!

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Everything You Need To Know About The Enneagram

**Disclaimer** We are not mental health professionals and we are not certified in any way in regards to the Enneagram. Everything posted here today is coming from our understanding of the Enneagram which we have obtained through a lot of research and personal experience.

Let me start by saying that the title of this blog post is a little misleading. There is an endless amount of information about the Enneagram, and we could not possibly cover it all here. However, we have tried our very best to break it down in an easy to understand way and in a way that is not overwhelming. Because there is so much information about it, understanding the Enneagram can be challenging. So today, we are here to help you understand the basics, why it's important, how you can figure out what your number is, and provide you with plenty of Enneagram resources so you can do your own research.

I first heard about the Enneagram about 4 years ago from our dog sitter. I remember she was really into it and asked me if I had ever heard of it. I hadn't and she told me to download an app. I downloaded it and I remember being so confused and I moved on. I never really looked into after that until recently. People seem to be talking about the Enneagram all over the place and at the end of 2018, Savannah and I really started digging into it. We are hooked now, and I now love trying to figure out other people's Enneagram number.

Now let me stop right here and say that you cannot actually figure out what someone else's number is, that is 100% up to them and their own motivations. Most people don’t even know what their motivations are until they’ve spent lots of time on personal reflection. Chances are you don’t know that much about most people, so don’t run around telling people what you think they are and are not.

What I love about the enneagram so much is it helps you to be more self-aware and to understand why you do and do not do things. It has been very eye-opening for me so it excites me to help other people to figure these things out for themselves too!

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What Is The Enneagram?
The full name is actually “The Enneagram Of Personality”. It is the belief that there are 9 interconnected personality types, and each represented by a number from 1-9. We aren’t going to go over each personality in this post- there are so many resources out there that already do this in depth. To read about each one, click on the number: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

What The Enneagram Is Not
The Enneagram is not just a personality test. There are many more levels to it than that. And it is not limiting in that it doesn't put you in a box and leave you there. When I've talked to people about the Enneagram who were unfamiliar with it, they all said the same thing about it. They didn't want to be put in a box, and that's fair. No one does. 

What you have to remember about the Enneagram is that at it's base it tells you what motivates and what is the biggest fear for each number. It doesn't say that this is all you can be or all that you are. The different wings and health levels further diversify us. More about this later. My brother and I are both sixes but if you just met us you would never in a million years think we have anything similar to our personalities.

The Enneagram is also not the gospel. I feel the need to point that out after reading this article which criticizes the The Enneagram and the book Road Back to You. What the author of the article says in a nutshell is that he would be fine with The Enneagram if it wasn't so closely tied to spirituality. There are a lot of people who connect the two and Catholics have used the Enneagram for years. I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing. I just caution anyone to not confuse the Gospel Truth with a manmade personality test. Don't go to the Enneagram for spiritual guidance. And ultimately only God through the Holy Spirit can truly reveal to you who He made you to be. So the Enneagram is a great resource to help you understand yourself but it should be used with caution in regards to your spiritual life. 

Why Does The Enneagram Matter And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?
If you're on social media for any time, you've likely heard about The Enneagram. I imagine it has gotten more popular because of social media, and let's face it, people love to talk about themselves. People love to feel understood. So it's easy to understand why this concept has seemingly gone viral.

The Enneagram is important because understanding who you are and what motivates you and what makes you afraid is important. You cannot be your best self if you don't understand who you are. This is what I love about the Enneagram over other personality tests. It allows you to see how healthy you are operating which helps you to see what you need to aim towards. Other personality tests seem to just say ok you are a ___, good luck. With the Enneagram you can go into the depths of your personality and understand what makes you tick. Once you understand who you are and what motivates you, then you can understand how to function better in the spaces you are in. Knowing your number can also help you achieve your goals. So ultimately, knowing your Enneagram number can help you be your best self. 

Knowing your Enneagram number and also the numbers of the other people in your life, can help you improve and strength relationships. Savannah is an 8 and I'm a 6, so what motivates us is very different. We approach problems differently, and this can oftentimes cause disagreements. We are in the beginning stages of learning how to interact with each other based on our personality types. However, discovering what each of our numbers are was eye opening and helped us to understand each other better. Hopefully we all strive to have better relationships, and understanding your Enneagram type and other people's enneagram types can help you achieve that.

How Do I Figure Out My Enneagram Number?
There are a variety of tests that you can take online to help you figure out your Enneagram number, and there are free and paid ones (Check the resources listed below for links to tests). We have only ever taken the free tests, and they are great resources. But they are just a starting point. Most of the tests will give you several different numbers you could be and then it is up to you to do your research to figure out your number. Ultimately no one else and no test can tell you what your number is. 

Keep in mind that figuring out your Enneagram number can be a process and can take months to figure out. Savannah honed in on her number pretty quickly, which is very 8 of her. Where as it took me several months. I thought I was an 8 briefly and then for a longer time I thought I was a 1. I was pretty settled on being a 1 until I randomly read something online about a 6. After further reading about a 6, I knew without question that is what I was.

When you are trying to figure out your number, don't just read the generic descriptions of each type. You have to do a lot of research about each because the general descriptions can be misleading, and if you have done a lot of self-reflection you may not even recognize certain attributes in yourself. What threw me off about a 6 is that at first glance it seemed to be very fear + anxiety driven which I do not consider myself to be. However, what I didn't realize at the time is that even though I was completely unaware that's what was driving me- it was there. I only figured that out after doing a lot of reading and researching. So give it a chance, take your time, and take a look at the resources we have listed below. We've heard a lot of people say they only figured out their number after reading books like The Sacred EnneagramPersonality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self Discovery, and The Wisdom of the Enneagram.

How Do I Understand What My Enneagram Number Means?
When you figure out what your number is, you may be a little confused. I know I was. You look at people who are the same number as you and the generic words used for that number, and you are part of that. But how can Savannah be the same number as Donald Trump?! (He's an 8.) In this section we are going to talk about health levels and wings and hopefully it will help you understand why each number manifests so differently depending on the person. 

Health Levels
This is the part where people's eyes start glossing over when I try to explain the Enneagram, so bear with me. It is not as complicated as it seems. The health levels are my favorite part about the Enneagram. They help you see where you can improve as a person.

Your health levels range from 1-9, with 1 being the best you can be and 9 being the worst you can be. The average person will probably not ever be a 9. Level 9 is someone with severe mental health issues like schizophrenia and narcissism and can be sociopaths and suicidal. The average levels are from 4-6 which is probably where the average person lives (I have zero stats to back that up, but that is my understanding). The health levels are another layer to the Enneagram which allows for each person to be unique.

So once you figure out what your number is, you can figure out what level of health you are operating at. And then you can read about your number and how to improve and start operating at a higher level of health. You may even need to read about the health levels of different numbers to see if you see yourself in them. Your health level could change from day to day although you are probably likely only to stay in close range. 

What the heck are wings?! You may see someone say they are a 6w7 or an 8w9, and this probably seems confusing. The second number is your “wing”. My first example would mean that this person is an Enneagram 6 with a 7 wing. The second example would be an Enneagram 8 with a 9 wing. When you've figured out your Enneagram number, then you could move onto figuring out your wing type.

Your wing can only be one of the numbers that are next to your Enneagram number. So an 8 could only have a wing 7 or 9. An Enneagram 1 could only have a wing 2 or 9. To further complicate things you can vacillate between wings. You will likely mostly be a certain wing number but certain periods of your life and/or certain situations can bring out the other wing in you. Wings are simply another layer of your personality. Most people aren't purely one Enneagram number and they will have tendencies that pull from other numbers, so this is where wings come in.

And because we just had to, here is a map of Nashville with a lot of the neighborhoods as Enneagram types. Feel free to share this on IG!

So I know the Enneagram can be a lot to take in, but I believe it's worth the time. When you do figure out what your number is, we would love to hear about it! Leave a comment below and find us on Instagram to join the conversation over there. Also, save the images below to share on your Instagram stories and tag us! Keep scrolling to see some great Enneagram resources for your Enneagram journey.

Casey is a 6!

Savannah is an 8!

Enneagram Resources


Instagram Accounts

9 Types (free) 
RHETI (paid)
IVQ (paid)

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    10 Books to Read In 2019 To Become Your Best Self

    Hey guys! Happy Monday! I would like to start this post with a disclaimer. No book, person, idea, etc can make you become a better person. That responsibility lies completely with you. You have to open your mind to the world around you and first acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. You must also believe that you are worth improving and that you are capable of becoming a better person. The books listed below are tools to help open your mind and show you another way of thinking.

    The post contains affiliate links. 

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    1. The Bible - I would say this is true whether you are a Christian or not. The Bible is packed full of wisdom and life lessons. No other book has sold more copies or been as highly revered. No book has stood the test of time like the Bible has. If for nothing else, see what all the hype is about. Savannah + I both read the entire Bible in 2018 (Savannah is just a little behind but will finish soon), and I can say with full confidence that I am a better person for doing so. Of all the books I will list on here there is not another book that will rival the Bible in helping you become your best self. There are a lot or resources and Bible reading plans. We used the You Version Bible app and The Bible Project reading plan to read through the Bible in a year. This reading plan has you read from Genesis to Revelation and it has videos that accompany the reading which help explain each book of the Bible. I read the ESV version and I love how beautiful this Bible is.

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    2. The 5 Minute Journal - While this isn't a book per se, it certainly has the power to help you become your best self. Each day gets a page and at the top is an inspirational quote. You write in your journal first thing when you wake up and then before you go to bed. There are spaces to write what you are grateful for, what would make today great, and affirmations for the day. Then the night portion has you write 3 amazing things that happened today and how you could have made today better. I love this set up as it helps you to focus on what is good about the day but also asks you to self reflect on how you could do better. I think this is such a good balance to encourage you and also push you.

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    3. Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis - I am half way through this book and without finishing it I can tell you that it is worth the read. Each chapter is about different lies that women often tell themselves like: I'll start tomorrow. I'm not good enough. I'm better than you. This book is very relatable and helps you reframe your thinking. After reading Chapter 6 called No Is The Final Answer, I was ready to conquer the world. As a person prone to quitting this chapter really changed my thinking. Overall this is a great read and one that has come highly recommended from so many people.

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    4. Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton - This book will probably make you a little uncomfortable because it opens your eyes to things that seem so good and shows you their dark side. No one wants to think that giving toys to children in Africa is wrong, but it often times is. This book will really help you evaluate charities you give your money to and donate your time to. Honestly, if I could pick one book other than the Bible to have people read, it would be this one. So many well-meaning people give money and donate their time to organizations that are really just making bigger problems. Spending time and money on those less fortunate is a crucial part of being the best version of ourselves, but making sure we aren't doing more harm than good is even more important. Another read that touches on the same topic and that I also highly recommend is When Helping Hurts.

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    5. Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi - I chose this book because it is one of my favorite books I've ever read. Very few books have impacted me the way Homegoing did. As someone who is really trying to grapple with race relations in America and the world, no fiction book was more eye opening for me. I think this book can help you become a better person because it allows you to see how the problems that people have don't just root from one thing. The book follows the lineage of two sisters who had very different life paths and you see how the decisions they made and the decisions of others have lasting effects on generations for decades. Any book that can open you eyes to ______ is a book that makes you a better person.

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    6. Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson - Again, I have chosen a book that isn't directly about improving yourself. But honestly, I don't think we can truly be our best self if we can't love others well and if we can't see past ourselves and see into the lives of others- even those who are often forgotten by the world. While this book does show you the reality of our legal system and tells you compelling stories of the wrongfully convicted, it does leave you with hope. From Michelle Alexander who wrote the New Jim Crow, "The stories told within these pages hold the potential to transform what we think we mean when we talk about justice."

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    7. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg - This book changed my life last year and helped me figure out what I needed to do to take action to reach my goals. There are also plenty of intriguing stories about real businesses (i.e. Target) who have used habits to create ground breaking technology. Sort of creepy technology, but ground breaking. If you can't figure out how to create and mantain new habits in your life, this will break down what you really need to be working on.

    8. Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend - Everyone needs boundaries and I think we could all acknowledge that. But we often don't put boundaries into practice. Maybe you need to give boundaries to someone else or maybe you need to give boundaries to yourself. They discuss issues like setting boundaries with people you love and dealing with hurt feelings, setting boundaries for your digital life, and why setting boundaries isn't selfish. Setting boundaries can be the single thing that gets your life under control. And when you don't feel like your life is out of control, you have room to be your best self.

    9. Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole + Elyse Resch - I think this book is great for anyone. It basically breaks down the way most of us think about food and reframes your mind to stop thinking about foods as "good" and "bad". We could all benefit from a healthy relationship with food.

    10. How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie - This book is a classic. When I was in sales, every sales company I worked for wanted you to read this book. Because in sales you want people to like you of course. But really this book extends to people in all walks of life with all kinds of careers and in every life stage. It was written in 1936 and has sold over 15 million copies, and it is still as relevant today as it was in the 30s. Read the comments on the book on Amazon and you'll be ordering it right away. This book is all about your frame of mind and it really helps you with self awareness. Outside of having faith in God, nothing is more important than self-awareness. You simply cannot be the best version of yourself if you are not self-aware. I could go on and on about this book, but you get the drift. It's important, y'all.

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