Make This $180 Anthropologie Tree Skirt For Only $20

The other day I was scrolling through Anthropologie's website and happened upon this beautiful tree skirt. Then I saw the price of $180 and gasped. I knew instantly we had to make one ourselves and pass on how to do so to you guys. We managed to make this $180 tree skirt for $20, so basically I'm saving you $160 right now 😂😂😂

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Make sure to watch the video below for the step-by-step instructions on how to make this Anthropologie inspired tree skirt.

What's also great about this a DIY that is easy enough for people who aren't heavy DIYers. You don't need fancy tools or any skills. You only need a small amount of patience making the tassels.

We made 12 tassels for our tree skirt and you could do more or less. And they are the perfect thing to make while you are watching your 20th cheesy Christmas movie.

Lastly, this is so customizable. We used a sherpa fleece for the material and you could do felt which you can get in a wide variety of colors. Of course yarn comes in every color of the rainbow, so your options are limitless really. To make this DIY as easy as possible, I would make sure to choose a fabric that doesn't need to be hemmed because hemming a circle is one of the more terrible things you could do.

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DIY Clay Sweater Ornament

I was inspired to make these clay sweater ornaments by a video I saw on Instagram. They were making coasters that had nothing to do with Christmas, but I knew immediately I wanted to try to create a kitschy vintage-like ornament. I think these turned out almost exactly like I had first imagined them!

If you don't want something as colorful as our ornaments, you can definitely use less colors. Once you understand what you need to do, you can customize however you'd like!

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My favorite thing about working with Polymer clay is that you can do so many different things with it. You can make some pretty fancy looking crafts. And when you think about how cheap clay is, it's pretty impressive what you can create. Plus, it's easy to work with!

We think it's easier to show you what we are doing through video, so you'll find the instructions in this Vlogmas episode!

For this project, you will need:

You could make these ornaments in many different styles. I think it would be really cute to use all one color or even one color with one different colored stripe down the middle. The colors and shapes options are endless!

If you make these ornaments, share a photo on Instagram and tag us so we can see!

xo, Savannah

Christmas Gifts for Everyone from Target for under $50

In today's Vlogmas Day 9 video we are taking you shopping with us through Target. We are showing all of our favorite things we saw and our favorite gift ideas. Every item is under $50 and there a lot of great stocking stuffers in this list. We hope you enjoy!

Full disclosure: We have a Christmas mug problem. We actually have an regular coffee mug problem. Savannah doesn't even drink coffee or even tea but we have enough coffee mugs for the entire city of Nashville. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. I just love them! So when we saw these reindeer mugs, I couldn't resist even though we absolutely did not need them.

Enough about our Christmas mug problems. Let's talk Target. It seems to be most of America's favorite place to spend money. There's just something about Target that makes it such a delightful place to shop. We actually don't enjoy shopping all that much, but Target is a different story.

Click the words below to shop everything you see in the video:
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Zak! Insulated Camp Mug $10
Let It Snow mug + Travel Mug Set $10
Lady Reindeer Mug $5
Dude Reindeer Mug $5
Red + White Opalhouse Mug $5
I Woke Up Like This Coffee Mug Set $10

New Moon Pearlized Candle $10
Rose + Cedar Candle $11
Coconut Water  $11
Mint Leaf + Sandalwood $11

Fair Isle Mittens $13
Fair Isle Beanie $15
Green Blanket Scarf $17

Gillian O'Malley Red Plaid Pajamas $30
Gillian O'Malley Grey + White Thermal Pajamas $12
Gillian O'Malley Red + White Thermal Pajamas $12
Xhiliration Boxed PJ Set $20

Santa Baby Sweatshirt $20
Fuzzy Hiking Boots $40

Christmas Decor
gold + white polka dot with reindeer placemat
Red Fair Isle Print Table Runner $18
Christmas City Print Table Runner $18
threshold thick fuzzy blanket $37
Bruce Springsteen Record $20
Red + white slippers $15
Gingerbread House Kit $10
Gold Falala Stocking Holder $20
Fuzzy White Sherpa Stocking $13
Opal House Bell Tree Skirt $25
Color Dot Lumbar Pillow $25
Fa la la  pillow $20
Threshold Christmas Throw $25
Oh What Fun Pillow $20
Sweater Stocking 1/2/ $13/$34
Fa la la  pillow $20

Home Decor
Basic letterboard $15
Star Letterboard $15
Picture Frame Letterboard
Gold Letter Board Letters $4

Gold Watering Can $15
Fireplace Gold Log Holder $50

Refinery Coffee Pour Over $23
Rose Incense $6
Thick socks black and white $5
Kristen Ess gift set $14
Sonia Kashuk make up sponges $7

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