SmileLove Aligner Treatment: Before + After

The Smilelove aligners were provided for me, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Y'all! I finished my Smilelove treatment. We were on the last few days of our month-long California trip when I completed my last aligners! And to be honest, it was super weird when I went from wearing aligners all day every day to not wearing them anymore. Well, except for my retainer at night.

If you'd like to read more about the beginning of my journey and all the things that happen before your teeth are actually being straightened, visit my first blog post on this subject!

Anyway, I'm REALLY excited to share my journey with y'all for a couple reasons... 1- I know you may be someone like me who had braces as a teen and hasn't kept up with their retainer. And as a result, your teeth have moved. 2- You can get $400 of a Smilelove Treatment bundle (includes FREE whitening treatment for a year) with my code "SavannahM".

I've had a lot of questions from y'all about my experience, so I figured I'd take the time now to answer them all! Well, everything I can remember. If you think of something I haven't answered here, leave a comment and I'll add anything I've missed to the blog post.

1. How Long Does Treatment Take? My treatment took a total of 7 months. I actually was done with my bottom teeth 2 weeks before the top teeth. However, everyone's treatment will be different.

2. Does It Hurt? Yes. But it's bearable. The first day you put new aligners in, those babies are TIGHT. Sometimes you can't even get your teeth all the way in. But Smilelove provides you with squishy things to bite down on that help push the aligners onto your teeth. Sometimes it'll take a couple days for them to fit perfectly, but Smilelove assures that it's okay when that happens, you just keep biting down on the squishies.

I did also notice that I developed a sensitivity to water when my aligners were off my teeth. It's like the aligners were protecting my teeth from liquids with extreme temperatures, and then when I went to drink without them on, my teeth were a little sensitive. However, as soon as I was done with my full treatment, that sensitivity went away in a couple days.

3. How Much Does It Cost? Right now, with my discount code "SavannahM" you can get the whole treatment bundle for $1395. Smilelove also offers a payment plan

4. Did they give you a lisp? Yes, but only for a short time. It probably took me 2 weeks to really get used to talking with the aligners in my mouth. I think it's different for everyone. I had read some people saying it only took a couple days for them, but it took a long time for me. But once I got used to them, I sounded normal again. And even now, after I have stopped wearing them all day, I still don't have a lisp when i put them back on at night.

5. Can you see what your teeth are going to look like at the end? Yes, but only after you've purchased your kit and sent in your teeth impressions. This was really fun for me! When Smilelove sent me my treatment plan, I got to see what my teeth should look like in the end. They sent before and after images from every side and angle. This was really helpful!

6. Can people tell you are wearing clear aligners? Yes and no. Some people will never notice.  From afar, you really can't tell at all. But if you are close enough to someone, they can probably tell. It almost looks like your teeth are airbrushed. I've had people who have worn clear aligners ask me if I'm wearing them. But I've also had people say they really can't tell. All I know is that you don't have metal in your mouth and you don't look like you have braces, so that's a win for me!

And here is the whole reason I started this journey. My teeth had moved so much that one of my teeth was sticking out. There are a lot of photos of my smiling where this is very visible.

And a little closer up from another angle. Needless to say, I'm very happy that I no longer have this smile.
Things I loved about using with SmileLove:
1. They sent me perfectly timed emails over the course of my treatment. They were little check-ins with tips and answered questions. It seems like I'd come up with a question and then the next day I'd have an email that answered it.

2. Doing my molds on my own at home was very convenient. I was able to make my molds when I had them time. I was afraid I was going to mess them up, but there are plenty of instructions and putty to practice on. I was pretty busy when my package first came in so it was nice to have it on hand when I had enough time to take care of, and bonus- I didn't have to go anywhere!

3. You can text message Smilelove with any questions you may have. I utilized this when I was making my impression molds as I wanted to make sure I was doing it correct.

4. It works! My teeth are straight again, and I have Smilelove to thank for that!

I had such a positive experience with Smilelove and straightening my teeth. If you have straight teeth already, yay for you! And for everyone else, I hope you consider straightening your teeth with Smilelove! It's easy and affordable and it works.

Don't forget that you can get $400 of a Smilelove Treatment bundle (includes FREE whitening treatment for a year) with my code "SavannahM".

Pour Your Own Custom Candle at The Paddywax Candle Bar

GUYS. If you haven't heard of the Paddywax Candle Bar, you need to know about it, and you need to go there. We were lucky enough to go to a party celebrating their opening in 2018 and we were in awe of what a great idea Paddywax had come up with. You get to go pour your own custom candles with Paddywax's popular scents and beautiful candles vessels and have an amazing experience while doing it.

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We are so grateful that The Candle Bar invited us and our friends to come enjoy a candle pouring session. And we are even more excited to share a little more with you about what to expect when you arrive at The Candle Bar!

When you arrive, you will see that there are cute little trays set up with a bunch of science equipment. Don't be intimidated! This is stuff you will soon learn what to do with. Everyone chooses their seat and you get started.

Grab an apron to protect your outfit!

The first course of business is to choose your vessel and scent. They give you 15 minutes to choose these things, and you'd think that would be plenty, but there was plenty of indecisiveness at the end of that 15 minutes. If you are familiar with Paddywax candles, you know how beautiful their candle vessels are.

The fun thing about pouring candles is that you can choose a vessel that you love, but put a scent in it that Paddywax doesn't usually have in that specific vessel. It's literally your own custom Paddywax candle.

Listen to the instructions and assemble your candle!

You will be instructed on how to attach your wicks, exactly how many ounces of scent and wax to mix together....

And then you pour your candle!

You have to leave your candle overnight and then come back and pick it up so the wax has time to cool off and set. My favorite thing about this whole process is that you get to exercise some of your creativity while hanging out with your friends, AND you get a beautiful candle out of it!

Paddywax has these candles bars all over America now, so make sure to see if there is one near you! It's TOTALLY worth it.

Distracted Driving is NEVER Cool

This post is sponsored by AT&T. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

A couple years ago we were sitting in the car in a middle turn lane on a busy street, waiting to turn left. Out of nowhere we were hit from behind by a 3500 truck going full speed. The driver was distracted with her cell phone. We are so grateful that we both only suffered whiplash and massive shock, but the car was completely totaled. The worst of all this? Some people aren't as lucky as we were.

This is why we are excited to be working with AT&T to bring awareness to their It Can Wait campaign! Today we are going to give some tips and tricks on how to not be a distracted driver yourself and why you should speak up if you see someone driving distracted.

1. Take the pledge. We both took the pledge at and you should too! According to AT&T, over 38 million people have made the pledge to not drive distracted. To celebrate, AT&T's annual It Can Wait Pledge Day will be on September 19! 83% of drivers admit that they drive distracted and 96% of them are aware of the dangers of smartphone use while driving. Taking the pledge is your first step in helping change this.

75% of drivers who have pledged are keeping their commitment to not use their smartphones behind the wheel. This doesn't mean you won't have to do any work after pledging, it's just a step to actually doing something about it!

2. Turn on drive mode. You can either use the Do Not Disturb that is built into your phone or download the AT&T DriveMode app available on Android devices. Either way, there are options to make sure you don't receive texts or calls while driving. This takes away any temptation you may have to answer a text or phone call while operating a vehicle- which is great! You can even set up a message to send automatically when some does try to contact you.

3. Speak Up. If you see someone using their phone while driving, do NOT be afraid to say something. It could save your life and other people's lives around you. 51% of people are more likely to stop driving distracted if a friend or passenger pressures them to. It may feel awkward, but that's a temporary feeling. We need to start making it cool to be undistracted drivers! Sometimes it won't go over well, but explain why what you are saying is coming from a caring place.

One thing I offer to do in someone else's car is answer a text for them, if they feel like it's a pressing matter. Otherwise, it can wait! It's always better to play it safe and talk your friends into silencing their phones while driving. (And obviously doing the same for yourself.)

In 2019, minutes on mobile phones are expected to exceed minutes spent watching TV! Doesn't that blow your mind? I mean it makes sense, you can get everything you need or want right on your phone. It's our job to make sure that time isn't overlapping when we are driving.

The bottom line? Distracted driving is NOT cool. Speak up. It Can Wait.

To learn more, visit and follow @ItCanWait on Twitter.