the diy: beaded friendship bracelets

I was inspired yesterday to make a bunch of bracelets but I only successfully made these guys. But, I really like how they turned out! They are super simple and quick and they could be customized in many ways. And you can give them away to your friends without feeling like your giving your soul and hours of hard work away with it. You know, those regular friendship bracelets are so cute but geez, can I get my day back? Anyway, here's what you do...
 photo DSC_0492_zpsb2627756.jpg photo DSC_0494_zps40fc5673.jpg
All you will need is braiding cord and a few smaller beads. You basically need a bead that is big enough to easily slide on the cord but, still small. Cut a piece of thread about a foot long. Tie a knot close to the middle of the strand.
 photo DSC_0495_zps3a90ca1f.jpg photo DSC_0498_zps99ffa49e.jpg
Slide the beads on in whatever order you would like. I used 8 beads. Tie a knot on the other end of the beads. Overlap the ends of the strands around each other.
 photo DSC_0499_zpsc08163ef.jpg photo DSC_0500_zps8e3fc61e.jpg
Cut another strand of cord and wrap it around the overlapped strands. Tie a forward knot to start.
 photo DSC_0501_zps2eb581e7.jpg photo DSC_0502_zps5737b902.jpg
Then tie a backward knot.
 photo DSC_0503_zps6aea0113.jpg photo DSC_0506_zps4c15c94b.jpg
Alternate back and forth about 8 times. Snip the ends off and burn them with a lighter.
 photo DSC_0509_zpsec120f14.jpg photo DSC_0510_zps1afecd4b.jpg
Slide a bead onto both of the ends and tie a knot. Then snip off the excess. And you are done!


  1. how cute, plus love your new blog design

  2. Love the new layout! Very cute :)

  3. This is great! I've always wondered how they did those types of 'closures' on bracelets! (Have never searched though... go figure! xD)

  4. What kind of cord is this? Is it satin?

  5. Thanks for this tutorial! How long is the second cord?