9 Best Friend Poses For Your Instagram

Over the past few months, Casey and I have been trying to perfect our best friend poses. We are definitely getting more comfortable with it, but we figured you may need some inspiration as well. And I really mean inspiration. If you try to take this exact picture and it ends up being something a little different, just go with that! This may be weird but I am going to quote my college senior self here... "Art is about starting with something intentional, and letting it take you to unintentional places." Now just sub in 'BFF photos', or anything really, and you get my sentiment. We all know how to get together and take a cheerleader pose. But we are going to get a little more creative, so let's talk poses!
1. The double peace pose. This pose has become a staple, yet you don't see it toooooo often. Sometimes there's a peace sign, sometimes just an open palm. I don't really know what this pose is. It's weird actually, but it works and it looks good so we do it!
2. The side by side and forward pose. This one may seem obvious, but I think we forget that we can take photos side by side without being cheesy. We can! This particular picture was just a given because there were a bunch of swings next to each other. However, you could do the same thing in a diner booth or on a curb. You can get creative with where you sit, but just take a couple photos laughing and you'll be good!
3. The sitting with your backs to the camera pose. This is basically the same pose as number 2 just facing away from the camera. This is a great pose if there is a really cool background you want a photo of or you're having a really great hair day and want to get your hair in the photo. Having people in your landscape photos is always a good way to add interest, so why not you and your bestie? This is also a great pose if you just don't want to take another one of your face, i.e. you don't have any makeup on.
The pose also works for groups!
4. The sharing a blanket pose. You know you've seen it on IG and thought it looked cool. Do it standing or sitting in a cozy space or a beautiful place.
5. The piggy back pose. This is great if you have two or four people! It looks fun and it's pretty easy if you have a photographer or tripod. 
6. The props in your face pose. Another great way to cover your make-up-less face or to show something cute you found or are eating. Donuts, flowers, ice cream cones, coffee mugs, you name it.
7. The cheersing pose. Sometimes you want your BFF pose to actually looked posed, yet cool. This is a good one for that.
8. The holding hands pose. This may the one that was the most uncomfortable for Casey and I because neither of us are very affectionate. We were doing a photoshoot with Jayda Iye and she had this idea for us to hold hands. We just laughed when she told us. But it turned out really cute even if we were uncomfortable the whole time!
9. The back to back pose. You have to be really careful with this one as it can get cheesy real quick! Unless you are going for cheesy... We found the serious faces worked best with this one for it seem more natural, but it's all up to you and what you want!

Well there you have it! If you liked this post, share it with your best friend by pinning the image below and sharing on your Facebook! And as always, we are so grateful you are here on our blog taking time out of your busy day to read our posts! Have a look around and stay awhile. :)

xo, Savannah