we LOVE: 31 BITS

If you haven't already heard of this company, allow us to introduce you to 31 Bits. 31 Bits sells jewelry and all of the pieces are made out of 100% recycled paper, by some amazing ladies in Northern Uganda. They were so kind and sent us some pieces which you can check out below. I'm wearing Canopy/$38 and Casey's arm is wearing Rosebury/$24. Head over to their website and check out all the great pieces in their new "House of Rhythm" line for Winter. If you feel like buying something, you can use the code "SOPRETTY20" to get 20% off! The code is good from Oct. 1- Oct. 7.


No no joke. This is a secret garden. Well, okay they don't keep it a "secret". But, it is a garden behind a few houses that are just in the middle of an urban-ish area. I mean you would drive by the house and have NO idea that this mini farm is back there. A freakin horse lives on the farm. It seems so bazaar to us but it's also amazing.  Part of this area is behind a house that is owned by our friends so we got to check it out the other day. Why don't we have one of these?! Anyways, we grabbed some things from the garden while we were out there but, we mostly wanted to share this amazing Fall experience with all of you! In one of the pictures you can see the houses in the distance so maybe you will be able to understand how crazy the whole situation is to us.


Well it's crazy to say but, October will soon be upon us! What happened to September? In the spirit of Fall, we've decided to give you a discount code for your October ad! Well... actually, you can buy as many months of ads in October as you want and you'll be able to use the discount code for all of it! So if you have a business or blog and are looking for some promotion, you have come to the right place! We also have introduced a new ad space called "Sponsor our posts!" Your ad will appear at the bottom of every post (scroll down to see the current one). Ads run for 30 days and in some cases, your ad will start on the day you purchase it. If you are interested in our stats, here ya go...

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Casey's wearing:
Top- Forever 21
Jeans- Gap
Shoes- Rocket Dog
Earrings- Forever 21

Savannah's wearing:
Top- TJ Maxx
Necklace- Forever 21
Flats- Macy's


So I just found these guys on YouTube and they. are. amazing. I just want to post all of their songs on here. Create a "Monsters Calling Home" playlist. Anyways, check out both of the videos below and definitely check out their website to hear all of their other awesome songs! They're great!


If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you may know that I (Savannah) won a mural contest almost 5 months ago. Casey and I (and many many other people) have been working on the mural since then and even more so this last week. It was a super chaotic week but we finally finished the mural! I could not be more excited. There are many things we could've done on the mural but there comes a time when you just have to be satisfied with what you've done and move on. Basically, we could keep working on the mural for another year and still feel like we could do more- THAT WALL IS HUGE! And it's also a brick wall which is much harder to paint on. Anyway, we recorded almost every second of the painting process and put it all in a time lapse video. Check it out and if you come to Nashville- go check it out!

Mural Location:
Corner of Riverside Dr. and McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37216


Mod Podge was kind enough to send us a box of goodies, and with Halloween around the corner we decided to use their products to make this Book of Spells. We love how the book turned out, and were glad to create something non-traditional for Halloween. The surrounding decor was added for effect. Read on for the tutorial for how to make the Book of Spells.

You will need: An old book, some craft paper, the Mod Podge Foam Applicator and the Mod Podge of your choosing.

Having trouble picking the perfect Mod Podge finish? This picture shows you the finish of 8 different kinds of Mod Podge on paper. (1.Antique Matte 2.Matte 3.Outdoor 4.Sparkle 5.Glow in the Dark 6.For Kids-Gloss 7.Super Gloss 8.Crackle )

If your book has a paper cover, take it off.

Crinkle up your craft paper a good amount.

Place your book on the craft paper...

And cut/tear a piece of the paper that is a little larger than the book.

Pour your favorite Mod Podge (we used Antique Matter for a more vintage look) into the sponge roller squeeze bottle.

Roll Mod Podge onto the book cover.

Press the paper down onto the cover.

Open the book and put Mod Podge on the edges of the craft paper. You will need to tear the top and bottom pieces by the spine so they will fold over without bringing the rest of the paper with it.

Fold each side over one by one onto the inside of the book.

Finish Mod Podging the rest of the book.

You can use the Professional Decoupage Tools by Mod Podge to help the paper adhere better, and with less air bubbles.

Once you've finished the whole book you will have little pieces of paper hanging off of the spine of the book.

Just tear them off!

Then you will need to add a layer of Mod Podge to the rest of the book.

Now to add the writing on the cover of the book you will need to print out your word on the computer- in the font of your choosing.

Tape the sheet of paper down right in the middle of the book.

Trace the outline of the letters with a very pointy pen or pencil and press down hard.

Your outlining should make an indention in your book cover. This is barely noticeable in this picture but there is a "B" there.

Trace over all your indentions.

Then fill in your outline with a permanent marker and your book is finally done! Use this book to add to your Halloween display to add a special touch!

Have we ever mentioned how much we love Mod Podge? We use it all day everyday and twice on Sunday (ok not really) but it is one of our most favorite craft supplies ever. There is nothing more versatile.
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