10 Clever Fall Sayings for Your Letter Board + A Free Fall Printable

We are late to the letter board game but we just picked one up at TJ Maxx (here is one that is similar to ours) and we started brainstorming good Fall sayings to put on it. We immediately came up with #1 + #2, and then started thinking about more.

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After searching on the internet we actually couldn't find that many fall sayings that we liked, and we kept seeing the same ones over and over. Not all of these are originals, but these are our favorites. These would be great if you do chalk lettering, have a lightbox, or you just want to print one out and frame it.

1. 'Tis the Season to be Fall-y

2. Happy Fallidays

3. Fall, Flannels, Football

4. Trick or Treat Yo Self

5. Baby It's Lukewarm Outside

6. Fall is my Second Favorite F Word

7. Fall La La

8. Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

9. Oh My Gourd

10. It's Fall Y'all

It is to be noted that Hazel had to be momentarily tortured while withheld her favorite toy to get her to sit like this. She is fall colored after all, so we thought she'd be great addition to this picture :)

Do you have any favorite fall sayings that you've seen? What is your favorite from this list? And more importantly do you decorate for fall? We haven't really in the past but this year we just got in the spirit. And most importantly, if you liked this post, please pin an image from this post to your personal Pinterest account!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

P.S. Here is a free Fall printable just for you!

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The Only 3 Skincare Essentials You Need for Travel

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.
If you are like us and are trying to pack light when you're traveling, you can't bring all of your skincare products with you. We know you want to look your best but also not lug around 10 different skincare products. We've been there. So today we are talking about the only 3 things that you'll need to keep your skin clean, moisturized, and fresh even when you're traveling.

1. Moisturizer w/SPF / We love Olay Total Effect Whip with SPF 25 because it's is a primer, moisturizer, and has an SPF of 25. This is the perfect product to use at home and when you travel. You have 3 products in 1 and whether you are traveling or your busy at home, this is exactly what you're looking for. What we love about this product besides the fact that it's so multi-purpose is the way it goes on your skin. This moisturizer has the best texture and it instantly absorbs into the skin- which is awesome because you don't have to wait for it to dry before applying your makeup. You definitely need it in your everyday skincare routine and it's the perfect product for travel.

2. Face wipes / So yes you should wash your face with a cleanser and wash cloth every day, but when traveling, face wipes will do the job. If I'm honest, a lot of nights my face just gets the face wipe treatment even when I'm at home. And when I'm traveling, they are definitely all I'm using. These are great to have for lots of reasons when traveling- wiping your hands, cleaning up spills, getting the stain out of your shirt. I'm not saying there is any face wipe out there that claims it can do all of these things. I've just personally used them for all reasons listed above. And when you are tired at the end of the day, you'll be glad all you have to do is wipe your face with 1 (or 2) of these guys.

3. Water / This is inexpensive and readily available and you don't even have to pack it. Hydration is key to healthy skin and you need it even more if you are traveling on a plane. For whatever reason, I don't drink as much water when I'm traveling and my skin + body pay the price. Don't do this! Either pack a reusable water bottle or get one when you arrive and keep it with you 24/7. It'll be easier to stay hydrated if the water is already with you.

So yes you can buy the travel sizes of all your favorite skin care products or you can just bring these 2 essentials and drink a lot of water. Your suitcase will thank me. At the very least, so do yourself a favor and treat yourself by purchasing Olay Total Effect Whip with SPF at Walmart.

What other essentials do you love to travel with?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

Tulum Travel Guide: 13 Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants

Our time in Tulum was full of delicious meals and to be honest, you almost can't go wrong with food there. But since I have celiac disease, we have tried many of the more gluten free friendly restaurants and figured we would share them with you.  Not all of these places have gluten free substitutions (i.e. gluten free pasta or gf bread), but they have food that doesn't contain gluten. But again, keep in mind that if you are eating in Tulum, you're almost always eating well!

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1. Juanita Diavola / This is a part of Coco Tulum which is where we stayed in Tulum in 2017, and it's one the best beach clubs there too. So since you are already there, go grab you some mango chia seed pudding. They have other gluten free options as well like your basics eggs, bacon, fruit, etc. We also ate dinner here one night and I had risotto which was delicious. This is a pizzeria but they have several options beside the risotto- fish + steak.

2. La Malquerida / This was the first place we ate after arriving to Tulum on this last trip, and it was within walking distance of our Airbnb. I had grilled fish with rice and it was the perfect first meal of the trip. You can't beat eating fresh fish when you are staying at the beach!

And bonus- get a photo in their cute swings.

3. Ki-bok / Forget eating gluten-free for a minute. You need to go there to have the greatest cocktail I've ever had in my life. They have a mint frozen cocktail that is made with gin but I asked them to sub it for vodka (I loathe gin). I ordered two because it was so good. My mom who doesn't drink anything but wine even drank two. We also recreated that recipe here.

I digress- this is a cute coffee shop during the day and up stairs they do have an outdoor after night thing. We ate dinner there one night and had breakfast twice (once this trip + once last trip). They have great coffee and your basic eggs/omelettes/sausage/bacon/fruit/avocado.

4. El Pez / We've eaten here at total of 6 times over 2 trips, so needless to say we love it. I have mostly eaten breakfast here but we did eat dinner here. I usually get either an omelet or scrabbled eggs with avocado and fresh fruit and either sausage or bacon. They also have other seasonal options that are really great. For dinner I usually get fresh fish and it has never disappointed. The service here is next level. I really can't recommend it enough. 

5. DelCielo / We ate breakfast here and it really has a cute atmosphere. I loved the decor! They have a lot of healthy options- fruit, juices, and smoothies. We shared a fruit plate and I had gluten free pancakes. Any place with gluten free pancakes is win in my book! They also have great coffee- so another win. 

6. Tunich / This is another cute spot on the beach side of town. They have lots of juices and smoothie options and great coffee too. I've been there on the last 2 trips. One time I had an omelette and another time an açaí bowl. Their menu does change and was a little different from our last trip. 

7. Raw Love / This is my favorite place to grab a snack in Tulum because they have several gluten free healthy dessert options. If you are vegan/vegetarian, they have options for you too! They serve juices, smoothies, golden milk, and coffee. I've had several different baked goods there over the years and they are always delicious! I have visited this place all 3 times I've been to Tulum. It's right on the beach and they have hammocks. It's a great place to chill. 

8. Hartwood / I've eaten here every time I've been to Tulum (3 trips so far), and it does not disappoint. The servers are helpful in letting you know what's gluten free and what isn't. I always get fish and a variety of side dishes like sweet potato, jicama salad, and yucca. All were delicious :) They also have a corn ice cream that's really good, even though that sounds weird. 

9. El Vegetariano / This restaurant was right across the street from our Airbnb. We ate here twice on our last trip. They have gluten free dessert options and I ate a quesadilla made with corn tortillas. The people who run this place are very nice and accommodating to gluten free needs. 

10. Nomade / We ate breakfast and late lunch here. This made our beach club must visit list and it will not disappoint. The decor was exceptional. They do a breakfast buffet and there were several gluten free options. I wish I would have taken better notes on what I actually ate here but I remember being satisfied and happy with my choices. 

11. The Real Coconut / Their entire menu is gluten/grain/dairy/refined sugar free. They have gluten free pancakes (insert praise hands), chia seed bowls, eggs, yogurt, avocado toast, bread, etc. I mean this is the gluten free motherload. We only ate here for breakfast but after looking at their lunch and dinner menu, I wish we could have fit that in as well. The restaurant is right on the beach so it has an excellent view + the decor is nice as well. It's a part of Sanara Hotel which looks beautiful. 

12. La Estanica Jujena / You have to go here for the decor alone. They also have gluten free pancakes which if you haven't figured out, makes this place a win for me. They offer the usuals too- eggs/omlettes, bacon, etc, coffee, juices, fruit, etc. 

13. Habitas / We had the best meal on our entire trip this year here. We had a smorgasbord of food- moro rice (a curry rice dish), fish tacos, elote, and an arugula salad that were incredible. This also made it on our best beach clubs in Tulum list- go check out the blog post to see more photos and see why. So yeah, you should go here.

Here are a few things you can look for at any restaurant while in Tulum to play it safe:

Eggs/Omelettes / Every place that serves breakfast has some sort of egg option. And I've never had an egg dish that wasn't delicious.

Grilled Fish / You are on the coast so use this chance to eat as much fresh seafood as you can!

Flan / This is a naturally gluten-free dessert and it's so good. If you've ever had creme brule, it's similar to that.

GuacamoleWe have tried guacamole at almost every place we've eaten at in Tulum. TATA Tulum has the best. They make it table side and it's insanely delicious. Just make sure you check about how the chips are made. The good thing is that most places don't have a lot of gluten-y options, so for the most part you won't run into cross contamination problems.

Elote / Mexican Street Corn is a delicious side that you have to try at least once while actually in Mexico. My favorite experience was when we bought some on the road to Valladolid.

Chilaquiles / Again, check how the tortillas are made, but you should be safe ordering chilaquiles. And they are everywhere in so many different versions. Savannah ate this at almost every breakfast.

Ice Cream / Ice Cream anywhere in Tulum is an easy dessert that you don't have to worry about. And bonus- this place made it onto our 10 Most Instragrammanble spots in Tulum list.

Fresh Fruit / The fruit in Tulum is as sweet as their desserts, so if you see someone selling it on the side of the road- do yourself a favor and get some. Make sure you get the yellow mangoes. They are truly nature's candy.

Coffee + Matcha + Acai Bowls / There are little places all over Tulum serving acai bowls, but Matcha Mama also serves Matcha. I'm pretty sure no one else in Tulum does this! Neither of us really like Matcha but I did get a great iced coffee here. Plus you can grab yourself a very popular IG photo while you're here!

This list is just the tip of the iceberg for gluten free friendly food in Tulum. Really the types of cuisine you will find in Tulum tend to be pretty gluten-free friendly, and most servers are gluten aware. So basically you can't go wrong eating in Tulum. And don't hesitate to ask for a gluten free menu and/or ask your server what gluten free options there are.

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How I Landed Big Brand Deals Before Having 10K IG Followers

Everybody in the blogging/content creating/influencing world wants to know how to work with brands. Because lets be honest, while we all love what we do, we would like to make some money while creating all of this content. The good news is that you don't need a ton of followers in order to land brand deals. And yes, having a large following certainly helps but it is not necessary.

Before hitting 10,000 followers on Instagram we landed our biggest deals ever with Ashley Furniture + Lowe's Home Improvement. These two were a huge deal for us. Today I'm going to let you know what we did to position ourselves to get these types of deals. Get ready to take some notes!

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1. Design an Instagram account that attracts brands. Lucky for you we have just released a class that will tell you how to get your Instagram brand-ready. In order to get noticed in a sea of Instagrammers with hundreds of thousands of followers, you have to be different. In the class we outline the most crucial steps, to get you noticed.

We discuss:
 - How to analyze your pictures and figure out what is and isn't working
 - How to grow organically and honestly
 - Tips for finding your personal editing style
 - How to attract the attention of brands you love
 - What information needs to be in your profile
 - How to create next level content + increase your engagement
- Additional helpful resources

If any of this interests you, you can buy The Art Of Instagram here!

2. Create amazing content. We discuss this at length in the course, and the general gist is that you should be posting content that is exceptional enough that your favorite brands will want to repost it. If you don't have a huge following, this is the #1 way to stand out from the crowd. You cannot have average content and a small following and land brand deals.

3) Register with influencer platforms. There are a zillion platforms for you to register with that allow brands to find you. This was the first step in Lowe's finding us. First, they found our info on Influence.Co and then they went to our Instagram + blog. The last part of that is crucial. If we would have had a lame IG, then we likely would not have landed this deal. So it's great to be found, but when the brand digs deeper, will they like what they see?

4. Post content to relevant sites. This is very niche dependent. We submitted a house tour on Apartment Therapy which is how we started the relationship with them which led to the Ashley Furniture deal. We also submit our DIY projects to CraftGawker. When you are in this business you have to think outside of the box, so figure out websites + blogs that will let you submit content to them. This is a great way to open doors and get you noticed.

5. Contact Brands. This is not the easiest way to land brand deals, but if there is a brand you've always dreamed of working with- this may be how you can do it.

Some tips:
 - Do your research and try very hard to find out the right contact person. If you can email them directly, then your chances improve greatly.

- Be humble. Remember that brands don't care about you, they care about their brand. It's best to tell brands what you love about them first and then tell them why it would be great for them to work with you.

- Tell them what you can do for them.

- Be reasonable about your expectations. Maybe getting them to send you free product or even getting a discount on a product is the best you can get. If it's a brand you love enough, then this could be worth it to get into the front door.

So I hope from this post you understand that you can absolutely work with brands and make good money before ever hitting 10,000 Instagram followers. I think people think that's a magic number, but really, it's just a number. To find out more on getting your Instagram in brand-worthy shape, check out our class here.

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