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So Casey and I are moving. You may have already heard that. But... because of that we are trying to get rid of stuff and I have all kinds of clothes that I don't want/ don't fit anymore. For a while, I will be listing all of these things on my eBay account so check it out! I have only posted coats and jackets for now but there will be more to come so check back often! Here are some of the coats I have for sale and you can click on the pictures to be taken to the eBay page.


So let me start off by saying SORRY! We have been slacking on posting lately but hopefully we can get that under control in the next few days. We have decided to move so we've been focusing on that a lot lately. When we do finally get moved, I'm sure we will have tons of decorating DIYs so get excited about that! Our move means a bigger house which means more entertaining!! Therefore, we started collecting cloth napkins because we love the idea of using cloth napkins instead of paper towels (well, for some things.) Plus, they are waaaaay cuter than paper towels. Anyways, we decided to paint on some plain white napkins so we could add some neon to our collection. We used the potato stamping technique. 
 photo DSC_0537-1_zpse227c40d.jpg
Here's what you will need:
- Potato cut in half (in either direction)
-Acryclic paint
- Sponge brushes
- Permanent marker
- Exacto knife
-Blank cloth napkins
 photo DSC_0538-1_zpsbe356518.jpg
Sketch your design on the potato with the permanent marker. It will show up just enough.
 photo DSC_0539-1_zps5d7e24db.jpg
Cut away the negative space around the design.
 photo DSC_0541-1_zps3f743b91.jpg
Use the sponge brush to apply paint to the potato.
 photo DSC_0542-1_zps8d6b7398.jpg
Stamp the design onto the napkin.
 photo DSC_0547-1_zps27245e2f.jpg
Repeat all around on the napkin.
 photo DSC_0546-1_zps566ee1e1.jpg
Let it dry!
 photo DSC_0550-1_zps4dc73e3b.jpg
On the other side of the potato we carved out some triangles and painted each one a different color. We only stamped this one around the edges of the napkin.
 photo DSC_0549_zps8bdc32e1.jpg photo DSC_0553-1_zpsd4bdfc31.jpg
Unfortunately, these stamps will not see another day of stamping but they were so cute! Now I just want to potato stamp everything.

tunes-DAY: RUN

So this song is older than dirt, but I just fell in love with it. Savannah has been loving it for a minute. We dedicate this song to our friend Allison because she doesn't like George Strait. Go to her blog and leave her nasty comments about not liking him. How can you not love George Strait? He's a cowboy like in rodeos and stuff. Dang. 


 photo DSC_0555-2_zpsb4198004.jpg
We looooove our label maker. We label EVERYTHING. Casey even labeled her cell phone. We really love the look of the punched lettering. So why wouldn't we make a bracelet with our label maker? That's right, there's no good reason why we shouldn't. Here's what you need- A label, a thick piece of cardstock or in our case, a business card. scissors, a hammer and a nail, 4 jump rings, a lobster claw closure and a piece of chain. Here's what you do...
 photo DSC_0527-4_zps81fff8af.jpg
Make your label.
 photo DSC_0531-3_zpsf4c51f3d.jpg
Peel the back off and stick the label on your cardstock.
 photo DSC_0532-3_zps62be2312.jpg
Cut the label out of the cardstock, making the label much thicker.
 photo DSC_0536-1_zps9856622f.jpg
Put one hole on either side of the word using the hammer and nail.
 photo DSC_0539-1_zpsc787e3e4.jpg
Attach one end of the chain to one of the holes using a jump ring.
 photo DSC_0540-2_zpsab02cfa8.jpg
Repeat on the other side. The chain should be as long as you need to fit around your wrist comfortably.
 photo DSC_0543-1_zps02683805.jpg
Cut the middle of the chain to add a closure.
 photo DSC_0545-1_zpsd582704c.jpg
Add a lobster claw to one side using a jump ring.
 photo DSC_0547-1_zpsede72055.jpg
Add a jump ring by itself to the other side.
 photo DSC_0551-1_zpsae9a4b00.jpg
Nice! Play around with the numbers and symbols on your label maker to change it up. We used a "$" in place of an "S" on the first bracelet.


We like to put words on things. It's a bit ridiculous but it's fun and that's all that matters when decorating. To do this to your chair you will need some stencils, paint, tape and a sponge brush. We used Handmade Charlotte stencils.
 photo DSC_0503-5_zps8a67ba74.jpg
This is our canvas- a plain wooden chair that chills in our living room.
 photo DSC_0507-6_zps701418e9.jpg
Pick out the letter and/or shapes you would like to stencil on your chair.
 photo DSC_0508-6_zpsaff4e6a3.jpg
We decided to write "SIT HERE" with some triangles on the side.
 photo DSC_0510-5_zpsefda2338.jpg
Tape the stencils on the chair where you want them to go. Maybe I had to alter an 'F' to be an 'E'.
 photo DSC_0511-5_zps316d5887.jpg
Sponge your brush in the paint and sponge off any excess paint.
 photo DSC_0512-5_zps02244491.jpg
Sponge in the letters with the colors you want to use. We used 4 different colors.
 photo DSC_0513-5_zps108e99cd.jpg photo DSC_0515-3_zps5c172e2d.jpg
Peel off the stencils very carefully, while it's still wet. This way you can fix any mistakes.
 photo 3e2522e2-aa0a-417e-b1c6-edf70d9355d1_zps50ad00e3.jpg
There's our chair where it goes in our living room. Presh.


 photo DSC_0533withwords_zps47a8ce54.jpg
We've probably had the supplies to make this tray for like 10 months. That may be an exaggeration but I finally made it. It's super super easy!
 photo DSC_0520withwords_zps5fb58014.jpg
All you need are 3 plates in 3 different sizes (we got ours from Goodwill), 2 candlesticks and E-6000 glue.
 photo DSC_0521-5_zps62d1592c.jpg
Put glue around the edge of the bottom of one candlestick.
 photo DSC_0523-4_zps583910d4.jpg
Place the bottom of the candlestick on the middle of the biggest plate.
 photo DSC_0524-5_zpsca17917a.jpg
Put glue all over the top of the candlestick.
 photo DSC_0525-4_zpsb6383721.jpg
Place the center bottom of the middle-sized plate on top of the candlestick.
 photo DSC_0528-4_zps7a611f58.jpg
Repeat that process again with the top plate.
 photo DSC_0530-5_zpsacc224d9.jpg
Let it dry and you are done! So easy and You can pile up your jewelry in a cute way.