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We looooove our label maker. We label EVERYTHING. Casey even labeled her cell phone. We really love the look of the punched lettering. So why wouldn't we make a bracelet with our label maker? That's right, there's no good reason why we shouldn't. Here's what you need- A label, a thick piece of cardstock or in our case, a business card. scissors, a hammer and a nail, 4 jump rings, a lobster claw closure and a piece of chain. Here's what you do...
 photo DSC_0527-4_zps81fff8af.jpg
Make your label.
 photo DSC_0531-3_zpsf4c51f3d.jpg
Peel the back off and stick the label on your cardstock.
 photo DSC_0532-3_zps62be2312.jpg
Cut the label out of the cardstock, making the label much thicker.
 photo DSC_0536-1_zps9856622f.jpg
Put one hole on either side of the word using the hammer and nail.
 photo DSC_0539-1_zpsc787e3e4.jpg
Attach one end of the chain to one of the holes using a jump ring.
 photo DSC_0540-2_zpsab02cfa8.jpg
Repeat on the other side. The chain should be as long as you need to fit around your wrist comfortably.
 photo DSC_0543-1_zps02683805.jpg
Cut the middle of the chain to add a closure.
 photo DSC_0545-1_zpsd582704c.jpg
Add a lobster claw to one side using a jump ring.
 photo DSC_0547-1_zpsede72055.jpg
Add a jump ring by itself to the other side.
 photo DSC_0551-1_zpsae9a4b00.jpg
Nice! Play around with the numbers and symbols on your label maker to change it up. We used a "$" in place of an "S" on the first bracelet.


 photo DSC_0533withwords_zps47a8ce54.jpg
We've probably had the supplies to make this tray for like 10 months. That may be an exaggeration but I finally made it. It's super super easy!
 photo DSC_0520withwords_zps5fb58014.jpg
All you need are 3 plates in 3 different sizes (we got ours from Goodwill), 2 candlesticks and E-6000 glue.
 photo DSC_0521-5_zps62d1592c.jpg
Put glue around the edge of the bottom of one candlestick.
 photo DSC_0523-4_zps583910d4.jpg
Place the bottom of the candlestick on the middle of the biggest plate.
 photo DSC_0524-5_zpsca17917a.jpg
Put glue all over the top of the candlestick.
 photo DSC_0525-4_zpsb6383721.jpg
Place the center bottom of the middle-sized plate on top of the candlestick.
 photo DSC_0528-4_zps7a611f58.jpg
Repeat that process again with the top plate.
 photo DSC_0530-5_zpsacc224d9.jpg
Let it dry and you are done! So easy and You can pile up your jewelry in a cute way.


 photo a92f5bb4-a81c-40c8-b775-532aad5642c6_zps06f84123.jpg
To make this bracelet, you will need:
-18 Gauge Wire
-Jewelry Tools
-String of any sort, embroidery, yarn, whatevs.
 photo c5580b0c-e55b-43e4-bdff-f841779054d1_zps2cd1bae5.jpg
Shape your wire into a heart.
 photo 58249e8c-688c-43f8-87f3-c2d25d909392_zpsd16bd469.jpg
Twist the ends together and snip off the ends.
 photo c8bfa3d9-ba6f-44a7-8cf3-5d57bac53542_zpsf8e17a0e.jpg
Loop a piece of string (about 20 inches long) around one side of the heart.
 photo 9e81529f-dd01-4039-ab91-fc43c503cfc8_zpsc3c44231.jpg
Take another piece of string (about 2 ft. long) and place it behind both strands.
 photo e7d3bf38-86fd-44b8-8690-90ac11c9dd11_zps1c9ab517.jpg
Make a knot with the string around the two strands.
 photo 35368c43-423a-424e-b9f3-9063eb49bd48_zps8de5b768.jpg
Tighten the knot and push it to the top.
 photo 72e63998-0587-4bf3-a798-440db8d4c635_zpsf1e6ba13.jpg
Make a four shape with the left string.
 photo 4a8fd7bb-11cf-48b0-a943-a305da98a5d4_zps77356f54.jpg
Place the right string over top the left string and under the two strands, then back through the loop on the left side.
 photo c5e4b40a-0e96-4e63-8b9f-d1e19c628a98_zps9d441727.jpg
Tighten the knot. Repeat in the other direction and then over and over again until you have about 2 inches of knots. You may need a longer strand, depending on your wrist size. Repeat on both sides of the heart.
 photo 60a965d6-a82a-4817-8d13-e8cc56280b1f_zps54d9cfc4.jpg
Shape the strands into a bracelet, placing the loose ends side by side. Take a loose string and tie it around the loose strands.
 photo 948ea792-4a2d-48ee-9858-9aa65f3f1dcc_zps1166d63c.jpg
Tie the same knots you did earlier back and forth 5 or 6 times. This allows for an adjustable bracelet.
 photo 7ceac78a-c5f0-471d-847f-cbdc565f0eb1_zpsf2b3fec3.jpg
Tie knots in each set of two strings, then cut off the extra string. 
 photo 2dc3e434-82c2-4dc1-947a-6cfce702e28c_zpse4f26477.jpg
Wear it!