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To make this bracelet, you will need:
-18 Gauge Wire
-Jewelry Tools
-String of any sort, embroidery, yarn, whatevs.
 photo c5580b0c-e55b-43e4-bdff-f841779054d1_zps2cd1bae5.jpg
Shape your wire into a heart.
 photo 58249e8c-688c-43f8-87f3-c2d25d909392_zpsd16bd469.jpg
Twist the ends together and snip off the ends.
 photo c8bfa3d9-ba6f-44a7-8cf3-5d57bac53542_zpsf8e17a0e.jpg
Loop a piece of string (about 20 inches long) around one side of the heart.
 photo 9e81529f-dd01-4039-ab91-fc43c503cfc8_zpsc3c44231.jpg
Take another piece of string (about 2 ft. long) and place it behind both strands.
 photo e7d3bf38-86fd-44b8-8690-90ac11c9dd11_zps1c9ab517.jpg
Make a knot with the string around the two strands.
 photo 35368c43-423a-424e-b9f3-9063eb49bd48_zps8de5b768.jpg
Tighten the knot and push it to the top.
 photo 72e63998-0587-4bf3-a798-440db8d4c635_zpsf1e6ba13.jpg
Make a four shape with the left string.
 photo 4a8fd7bb-11cf-48b0-a943-a305da98a5d4_zps77356f54.jpg
Place the right string over top the left string and under the two strands, then back through the loop on the left side.
 photo c5e4b40a-0e96-4e63-8b9f-d1e19c628a98_zps9d441727.jpg
Tighten the knot. Repeat in the other direction and then over and over again until you have about 2 inches of knots. You may need a longer strand, depending on your wrist size. Repeat on both sides of the heart.
 photo 60a965d6-a82a-4817-8d13-e8cc56280b1f_zps54d9cfc4.jpg
Shape the strands into a bracelet, placing the loose ends side by side. Take a loose string and tie it around the loose strands.
 photo 948ea792-4a2d-48ee-9858-9aa65f3f1dcc_zps1166d63c.jpg
Tie the same knots you did earlier back and forth 5 or 6 times. This allows for an adjustable bracelet.
 photo 7ceac78a-c5f0-471d-847f-cbdc565f0eb1_zpsf2b3fec3.jpg
Tie knots in each set of two strings, then cut off the extra string. 
 photo 2dc3e434-82c2-4dc1-947a-6cfce702e28c_zpse4f26477.jpg
Wear it!


  1. ohh its sooo pretty *i like*


    1. exactly:) it's lovely

  2. LOVE this. I have been wanting to make bracelets with some random charms I have from old necklaces and can't figure how to do this whole knot thing. Thanks for the tutorial though.

  3. That's so cute! Instead of gauge wire, is it possible to use just regular, steel wire?

  4. It should work with anytype of wireee as long as its bendablee! :D
    Hopee i helped <3