This shirt DIY is super super easy and it doesn't take much time to make! You will need:
- A white t-shirt (or any blank light colored one)
- Painters tape, we used frog tape
- Various spray paint colors
 photo DSC_0521-2_zpscf18c373.jpg
To create the design we did, start by putting strips of tape vertically on the shirt. This part doesn't have to be perfect, none of it does actually.
 photo DSC_0522-3_zps357afbc0.jpg
Put strips of tape diagonally from the vertical lines. The strips of tape don't have to go to the edge of the shirt, it creates a cool effeect if they don't.
 photo b1ee2599-acbf-45b9-8f63-5cab20019832_zpsded164fd.jpg
Once you are done with your design, start spraying the shirt with whatever colors you'd like. I started with neon yellow in random spots.
 photo 8e5549c2-a93a-4d9d-84ec-298d4d2e0f21_zpsf7c5f010.jpg
Then I sprayed more colors to cover the front of the shirt.
 photo 48ffadab-dd6b-4b87-9293-8eba950a6c46_zpsd7718db8.jpg
Let the paint dry. It dries pretty quickly- maybe 2 minutes. Then peel off the tape!
 photo dba880fe-c675-4220-aa2c-2a8193855d0f_zps06af70da.jpg
The end. It's easy!
 photo f1ad77b5-9146-4552-a8c1-fe8c0b442f1a_zps8dbddc4a.jpg


  1. Looks great, I love your crisp and clean the lines turned out! Will have to try, maybe in a more neutral shade.

  2. It looks great! Is it stiff or stinky? How many washes does it last (the smell/stiffness/color)?

    1. The colors are permanent and it doesn't smell. You just wash it like you would any t-shirt. And it's not stiff at all although, if you put too many layers on the shirt, it could begin to get stiff.

    2. I made a stencil on one of my T-shirts with spray paint (grey color), and with every washing the color faded, now it looks just like a washed-out design, but still wearable.
      Sooo... How do you do it, that the colors last?? :D

  3. Ooo, I love it!

  4. Oh goodness this is awesome! It'd make great work out shirt. Def need to try it! :)

  5. It's so colorful! I love it.

  6. what brand of spray paint did you use?!

  7. do you think that you could use a black shirt with metallic paints? If so that would be gorgeous!! Thanks for your blog brilliant!

  8. What do you do with the back of the shirt?

  9. Did you use fabric spray paint or regular spray paint?