We recently watched Oz the Great & Powerful and have done a tutorial that is inspired by the movie, Glinda specifically. This movie has so many great costumes and accessories, our first thoughts were to create something that we would wear while exploring the land of Oz.
We loved Glinda's crown so we decided to make an earring version of it. To make these earrings you will need:
- Carboard
- Scissors
- A Writing Utensil
- French Ear Wire Fixings (a.k.a. the earring things)
- Gold and Silver Spray Paint
- Quick Dry Tacky Glue
- A Push Pin

First, gather some cardboard, we just cut off some from a small box we had.

Peel off the top layer of paper on the cardboard. Be gentle so you don't bend the bottom.

Your cardboard should look like this.

Draw shapes on the back of the cardboard. Glinda's crown had a lot of elongated pentagons so, that was the main shape we were using. We also cut out a diamond shape. Just eyeball this part. Make sure that the shapes are drawn parallel to the corrugated-ness on the back. I messed this up the first time.

Cut out the shapes.

Spray paint the shapes sliver first and then add a little touch of gold on the bottoms. You're creating an ombre effect.
Put tacky glue on the backs of the diamond shapes, on the bottom half.
Glue them down over the pentagons.
Use a push pin to poke holes at the top of the earrings.
Attach the French ear wire fixing.
And you are done! Now I want to try to make other projects with cardboard. These earrings are so big yet so light. And if you didn't know they were made from cardboard, you might even think they were fancy enough to be worn by Glinda herself.
And if you haven't already seen Oz the Great & Powerful, you can buy the Blu-Ray Combo Pack here!

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