DIY Yarn Wall Hanging Dupe

Wall hangings can be really beautiful, but they can also be really pricey. And rightfully so- they are a lot of work! But guess what? This wall hanging dupe is cheap and easy to make!

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You will be surprised to see how easy this project is. The one thing you will need that isn't a traditional craft supply is a rug square sample. Most stores that sell rugs will have these that you can buy in store and take home to see if you like them with your decor. It's like a paint swatch for rugs! We got our at West Elm and they were $2 each.
To make this project, you will need:
- Yarn 
- 1 carpet square
- Thick scrap cardboard
- Book
Step 1. Create your tassels. To do this you will take yarn and wrap it around a book or similar sized item. Wrap your yarn around 5-30 times, depending on how thick it is. Next cut a long piece of yarn (about 24" long) and loop it under the wrapped yarn and pull it under one end. Tie a few knots. Keep this long piece of yarn for the next step. Then on the other end, cut the yarn off the book. You can use a straightener if your yarn isn't already straight enough. Trim the ends so it's all even. Repeat until you have enough tassels to cover the bottom of your rug sample.

Step 2. Thread the long piece of yarn onto a yarn needle and thread it onto the bottom edge of your rug sample. Repeat along the entire edges.

Step 3. Thread a piece of yarn onto the two top edges to create way to hang your piece. Tie the yarn at each corner.

Step 4. Cut a piece of cardboard that's about 3 inches wide and as long as your rug sample. Then hot glue it on the back of the rug sample at the top.

Check out the video we made of this DIY below!

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    DIY Rainbow Letter Board + The Best Dolly Parton Quotes

    Well hello there! Today we are celebrating Dolly Parton who will be turning 73 this Saturday, January 19. Is there a person on the planet who doesn't like Dolly? Is that even possible?!? Not only are we bringing you four of our favorite Dolly Parton quotes, but we are bringing you this adorable rainbow letter board DIY. This is a Savannah genius idea. And as soon as she told me about it, I said yes, we must have this. 

    ***Save this Instagram template to your phone and share on IG! Tag us so we can see!

    What we love about Dolly is she doesn't take herself too seriously, and she is proud of who she is. She doesn't seem to care what people think of her and carries herself with such confidence. She came from nothing and through talent + determination she is a record breaker. She seems kind and down to earth while being uber famous. 

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    Supplies you will need (Click to Shop):
    (These are affiliate links.)

    1. Cover the felt on your letter board in a layer of mod podge. It's feels a little strange when you start painting it on, but once you get the first layer down it'll be easier.

    Add a second layer of mod podge if needed. Hint: you probably will need a second coat.

    2. Cover the frame in painter's tape so you don't get paint on it.

    3. Figure out what colors you want your rainbow to be before actually painting colors on your letter board. I just used a piece of computer paper to try different combinations.

    4. Once you settle on your colors, cut out the top layer of the stencil so that your paper is a rainbow shape. Place the rainbow down on your letter board and make sure it's right in the middle.

    5. Take your background color and start paint the open felt while using one hand to hold the paper in place.

    6. Remove the stencil and your background will be painted.

    7. Cut out the next layer of the rainbow.

    8. Place the stencil back on your letter board, right in the middle. You should have a strip of white felt uncovered.

    9. Use a paintbrush to start filling in the border of the stencil with your next paint color and make sure your other hand is holding the stencil in place.

    10. Once you've completed painting the border you can remove the stencil and then fill in the rest of the white stripe with your paint brush.

    11. Repeat those steps until you have completed all stripes of the rainbow and then fill in the middle section with the same background color.

    Remove your painter's tape and let your felt dry over night. Then it's ready to use!

    You can put any of these lovely Dolly Parton quotes on your letter board! And if you don't have a letter board yet, you can download any of these images below to share on Instagram for Dolly's bday!

    I just love how this project turned out, and we hope you do too! Make sure to take some of these templates and share them on Instagram or Facebook! They are even the perfect size for you to use them as iPhone wallpapers. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list so you can stay in the know. And if you want to keep up with our day to day life check our Instagram feed. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Shoe Storage Solution DIY: Urban Wood Shelf Organizer

    Hey guys! Happy Monday! Today we are bringing you this shoe storage DIY that turns your shoes into decor. This month we have been focusing on ways to help you become your best self. With that, we've given tips on how to get your mind right and now we are shifting that focus on how to get your physical surroundings under control so you can be your best. So far we have given you 10 ways to become a better you. We've given you a list of 10 books to help you become your best self. And we've given you an overview of the Enneagram. Now that we've talked about the internal things we need to have our best year. Let's talk about getting our surroundings organized.

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    I've been needing a place to store my bootie collection for a while. Our house was built in 1945 and while it has a lot of character, it does not have a lot of storage. Our closets are simple and small. Savannah was kind enough to build me this Urban Outfitters inspired shelf to make more space for my shoes. Using your walls is a great way to add storage! You can use your beautiful accessories like scarves, hats, and purses to decorate your room. I also love how this shelf makes it easier for me to see what I have. I actually wore those silver booties to church yesterday because I could see them. I had forgotten about them, but having them visible to me reminded me of another shoe option.

    Having a place for everything is How to Stay Organized 101, and we are really trying to implement this in our lives and home. Making a shelf for shoes seems like it couldn't really improve your life, but it's really been helpful for me. Having a cluttered space subconsciously affects me and it probably affects everyone. Cluttered space = cluttered mind. As we have been focusing on cleaning a little everyday and finding places for everything, I have noticed a change in my mind. All of these changes that we have been implementing since the beginning of the year are making a difference in the way I think and feel.

    So without further ado. Let's get to how you make this super cool shoe shelf/dream shoe organization.
    For this project, you will need:
    (These are affiliate links. Click to shop!)

    - 2"x2" piece of wood (cut to 64" long)
    - 2"x12"x8' piece of wood
    - 1/2" wood dowel
    - wood glue
    - miter saw
    - jig saw
    - drill
    - 1/2" spade bit
    - 1/16" drill bit
    - 4- 2.5" wood screws

    Assemble the back piece.
    1. Measure 6.75" from the top of the 2"x2" piece of wood and mark an "X" in the center of the wood. Measure 13.5" from the first "X" and repeat the process every 13.5" until you reach the end of the wood.

    2. Use a spade bit to drill holes where the "X"s are. Do not drill all the way through the other side of the wood, but drill as much as you can without breaking through.

    3. Measure the dowel into 4.5" sections and cut. You will need 5 pieces.

    4. Coat the hole and the end of the dowel with wood glue. You can use a paint brush to make sure you coat everything evenly.

    5. Let the glue dry for at least 30 minutes before hanging it on the wall.

    Assemble the shelves.
    6. Measure 19" on the 2"x12" piece of wood and repeat until you have 5 sections. Use a miter saw to cut each section.

    7. Find the middle point along the edge of of each shelf piece and mark with a line.

    8. Mark the center point on the end of the 2"x2" piece.

    9. Place the end of the 2"x2" piece on the shelf piece and line up the center points along the edge.

    10. Trace the shape of the 2"x2" piece onto the shelf piece.

    11. Cut out the piece you traced with a jigsaw. You can use a 1/4" drill bit to drill into the corners of the shape to make it easier to use the jigsaw.

    12. Double check that the 2"x2" piece fits into the cut out section.

    13. Using the 1/2" spade bit, drill a hole into the shelf through the cut-out section. Make sure you drill as far down as the spade bit will allow.
    Hang the shelf.
    14. Use a small drill bit to drill holes between each dowel. This is where you will put screws to attach the piece to the wall.

    15. Find a stud in your wall and screw the back piece into the wall and stud. Use a level to make sure it's straight and then screw it in via the other holes.

    16. Slide the shelf pieces onto the dowels and use a rubber mallet or a hammer and a towel to force the shelves up against the wall. There should be no space between the wood for the most security. If the shelves won't go all the way on, you may have to cut off a little bit of the the dowel.

    We made a video of the process, so be sure to check it out- it makes a little more sense when you can see what's happening!
    Thank you for stopping by today, and we hope you have enjoyed this DIY. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop on what we're up to. We have several more organization tips coming your way, so stay tuned!

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