The Easiest DIY Desk Tutorial

This year we decided it was time to rearrange our studio in order to better suit our needs. Since we aren't making clothing anymore, we needed less cutting space and more desk and planning space. Now if you have ever spent any time looking for desks, you know that there aren't too many modern ones out there that don't cost a fortune. So we just decided to make our own. Especially since we needed 2 of them!

Thank goodness The Hairpin Leg Co. exists! They have a great selection of hairpin legs in different colors and heights. We used the 28" copper ones for our desks.

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We made two L shaped desks (one for each of us). This tutorial works best if you need 2 L desks because you will utilize the materials better. Or you could just buy one of those 2' x 4' pieces of Plywood at Home Depot and not have to make any cuts. Either way, you will need:
- 1 sheet of good Plywood (we used 4' x 8' pine)
- Hairpin Legs (We needed 10 but if you don't do an L shape you'll just need 4)
- Table Saw or Circular Saw (Obviously you won't need this if you aren't making cuts)
- Drill
- Tape Measure

Step 1. You will need to trace out two "L" shapes on your plywood. Our L shapes are 5' long on one side and 4' (AKA the width of the plywood) on the other. The desks are 2' in depth. You could adjust the 5' side up to 6' or down to 4'. You'll have to do this part carefully. Measure twice, cut once! Anyway, we used a piece of wood we already had from our giant table in the studio.
Step 2. Cut out your L shapes with either a circular saw or table saw. I used both.
Step 3. Attach your legs. They come with screws to attach. So you literally just need to measure exactly where you want them and attach them with screws.
I only put the legs in the 5 corners and didn't put one on the inside nook. We wanted to be able to move around from side to side without a leg in the way.
I couldn't actually find a photo of this side wall before because we never really used it for anything. But this is our massive table that we used for cutting fabric.

And here are our desks completed! We ended up attaching our desks to each other so they don't move around. This tutorial took us forever to start and not long at all to execute. If you decide to make one of these desks with the 2' x 4' plywood, it's really only a matter of gathering the supplies and assembling them. If you liked this post and want to see more like it, please Pin the image below or share with your friends and family!

xo, Savannah
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  1. Awesome tutorial! But why don't you make it in video format? My son is studying in the art college and would really love to catch these ideas online!