2 Hour DIY Copper and Wood Coffee Cart

Casey has been wanting a coffee cart for as long as I can remember. Her coffee stuff has been in various places throughout the kitchen, that is, until now. We finally just broke down and made one!
We hadn't ever had room for this piece, but since we are reworking our studio we have the space now! Our next challenge will be styling the coffee cart just right for the studio. The fun thing about this cart is that it matches our Easy DIY copper and wood desks perfectly.

Things you will need:
- 3 pieces of pine plywood, cut into 12" x 36" pieces
- 24' of 1" x 2" wood, cut into
- 1-2 pieces of 10' x 1/2" copper pipe
- 8 1/2" female adapter copper pieces
- 8 1/2" male adapter copper pieces
- 4 copper elbow pieces
- 4 wheels
- copper pipe cutting tool
- drill
- 1/2" screws
- nail gun

I created a video to easily explain how I made the cart. I feel like a visual is way better than me trying to explain in words.

Here are some tips and important details for your coffee cart:
1. Make sure that before you measure and cut the copper that you put the male and female adapters on the end. You want to make to take their length into consideration.
2. Use a plumbing adhesive to secure all the copper connections.
3. We spray painted our wheels with a copper spray paint to match better. You can use whatever color wheels you'd like, we just wanted them to match the copper. Our wheels were completely metal, so the paint dried nicely and isn't sticky or chipping.

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xo, Savannah
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