camping at Harpeth Pass

This past weekend we tried out Hipcamp for the first time. Have y'all heard of this? It's like Airbnb for camping. We actually became Field Scouts soon after we first heard of Hipcamp. By the way, this is not an ad or sponsored post for them, just so happens to be our last trip! Anyway, we had a fun time. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw our stories about this trip. We didn't end up getting to stay the night because Casey had accidentally left her (Type 1) diabetes stuff at home. But since we were field scouting, we had to make sure we got good photos around the property, so we went home that night and came back before the sunrise! It was silly, but we still got the whole experience and got to spend some time in the woods.
There were beautiful wildflowers everywhere, so of course we had to make a bouquet. Flower arrangements aren't just for indoors!
We were so lucky to have the owners show us around their property in their jeep. At 120+ acres, we would've had to do a whole bunch of intense hiking to cover it all. At the top of their land is an overlook, and when the leaves start falling off the trees, you can see many hills in the background.
Their cabin is so beautiful and they built it themselves with vintage materials. If you ever stay at Harpeth Pass, you will get to check-in here and see how gorgeous the inside is.
We bought this outdoor rug at World Market and it was a game changer for camping in the grass and just for putting in front of the tent. It's nice to have a place to take your shoes off, wipe your feet on, or just hang out on. Plus it's cute.
At this very moment Casey was remembering that she didn't remember how to set up Solitaire. And then I also couldn't remember, haha.
Accidentally caught this bee on the thistle!
The fog in the morning was so worth getting up so early for!
After we packed up, we drove into Franklin and ate breakfast at a cute little restaurant. It was a fun little trip and we hope to make it back out there when the leaves change a little. If you are interested in camping in unusual places, you should definitely check out Hipcamp. So far we've been to three different camp sites and they have all been so different! I will say that it is definitely for the more adventurous travelers :) 

xo, Savannah

Our Endless Summer Party: Girl Bosses Unite!

On the last day of Summer, we had an event to bring together some boss ladies in Nashville. Our friend Sarah, from Sarah Belle Elizabeth, co-hosted it with us, as she is newer to Nashville, and we thought it could be great to help her meet some new ladies here! The idea was to come together and meet new people, start building relationships, and work together instead of competing. If you read our last post about friendship, you know that friendship is very important to us. The same goes for our work. Our work involves working with a lot of creative people who are also running their own businesses, and what better co-workers to have than your friends? Since we all work at home, it can be hard to build relationships, so we wanted to create a place to where women could come and be intentional about that very thing. Building relationships in our industry is really great for the health and success of you and your business. And I'm not just talking monetarily- I'm talking psychologically too. It wasn't until Casey and I started reaching out to people and chatting about business that we started to not feel so alone in this entrepreneur world!
Anyway, of course we wanted to go all out on this event, because we just like to go all out on any event. This was our first big soiree with our new DIY projects from the summer, so we took the Tulum boho vibes up a notch. Or two. Or three. That bamboo fencing DIY we did is very photogenic, if I do say so myself. Also, our theme was 'Endless Summer' because we just don't want to give it up yet!
Since it is the end of summer, our garden beds were looking a little sad. A lot of our flowers had lived their lives and it was their time to go. We bought a few mums (but hesitantly as we didn't want our 'Endless Summer' party to feel too much like Fall) and filled in the spots. I think the color ended up adding a little extra Summer feel. Y'all, I'm really sad about flower season being over soon.
Our friend at Apple and Oak Nashville wasn't able to make it to our event, but she did let us borrow a couple rugs and this lovely Justina Blakeney chair and these side tables. The plants were donated by Hewitt Garden and Design Center and were given away to two ladies at the party! We set this little corner up for photos.
So you can see in this photo that some of the Macarons weren't perfect, but they sure did taste good! We had a blogger party last fall and that was the first time I tried making macarons. It was touch and go and I went through 2 batches before I got them right. They were salted caramel macarons and I still dream about them, but I wanted to make something not associated with fall this time. I went with a classic macaron with buttercream filling.
Two of these cloth napkins are from World Market, but the middle ones were from our Festival Themed Ladies' Brunch last summer. They were turquoise and we dyed them the night before the event.
Our drink sponsor was Bravazzi, a hard italian soda. The grapefruit one is my absolute favorite! You can also spot out favorite scent of Paddyway candle on the left, who also gave candles for the swag bags!
**Pro Tip: Always have a water option out, and if possible, add slices of fruit. A dispenser like this keeps all bugs out and is easier to deal with that a pitcher. The fruit fancies it up a little, the dispenser makes it easy, and you're done!
This macrame chandelier is something we found in Indiana at an antique store. Originally I thought we had no place for it and Casey wanted it so bad. It's a little over 7 feet tall, so I knew we would never find a place for it in the house. We decided to Scotch Guard it and hang it up outside. It's massive size fits perfectly in the trees over our table!
We had swag bags for all of our attendees, and all the gifts were donated by some of our favorite people! We had cards and prints from Love Everywhere, Black Eclipse and Amber candles from Paddywax, Champagne glasses from Apple and Oak Nashville, Succulents from Hewitt Garden Center, Chokers from Mary Kathryn Design, and Golden Milk packets that we especially made for this event!
We are working on a Boho Pergola post so you can see how this area came to life! Hopefully we will get that up in the next few weeks.
Anyway, this party was just so wonderful to us. We got to meet so many new faces and chat about life and all it's crazy. We had good food and drinks and got to break in the new features on the deck! Entertaining is such a joy to us, and I hope we can bring some insight to you and the events you host. We are listing below some of our favorites from this post and some exact links to decor we used or was inspired by. Our next tablescape project is for something we are hosting this weekend and we will be sharing with you shortly after, so stay tuned!

xo, Savannah

Some favorites from this post:

P.S. All photos (except the swag bag gifts one) are by the lovely Chelsea Rochelle Photography.

**This post contains affiliate links.