Camping at Nolin River Lake State Park

Over Labor Day weekend we headed to Nolin River Lake State Park for a few days of camping. We loved our first trip to Barren River Lake so much, we were so excited about this trip. We were a little nervous because the weather was predicting lots of rain (due to Hurricane Harvey), and we weren't ready to take on 3 days of rain in a tent. But hallelujah, the rain stopped the day we headed out and held off until after we left!
When we arrived we realized that our campsite was right on the water, which made for a really idyllic time. The sun would set right over the trees across the lake and it was so stinkin' beautiful.
Y'all.... the first night we were there it was 52 degrees! The day we left it was 82 I believe. I mean we were freezing the first night, you could see your breath and then we were swimming the next day. We experienced a lot of temperatures on this trip.
We laid in the hammocks for about 30% of this trip. I just couldn't get enough the scenery. Forest on one side, lake and sunsets on the other.
Hazel also loved the hammocks. We didn't have these on our first camping trip and I would say these were a GAME CHANGER. I would highly recommend hammocks for your next camping trip.
Another thing we didn't have on the last trip.... this Propane powered stove. Another game changer. Cooking over the first is fun and there is definitely a place for it, but making everything meal over a fire is exhausting. We still cooked our hot dogs over the fire, and we will probably make many more meals over the fire in the future. This thing just allowed us more time to relax- which is what camping is all about right?
I made this table cloth to keep with our camping gear. On our first trip we really could've use a table cloth. Also, there aren't many tablecloths out there that are fun/cute and not cheesy, so being the DIYers we are, we went ahead and just made us one with fabric we liked.
The first night there were so many other campers there, but by Monday they were all gone and we were the only campers for a little bit.
We also played a round of Bananagrams, which was pretty fun! We actually tried to play Mexican Train at first, but couldn't figure it out. We played regular dominoes the next day though.
This is a trail that was flooded with water from the Harvey rains. The water rose in the lake so much while we were there. They had to close the beach because it disappeared under water.
This is the area where all the tents were the day before. So deserted!
Our favorites from this trip:

We ended up planning two more camping trips as soon as we got home from this trip because we really do love camping so much! We also may have something exciting in the works involving the subject, so stay tuned. If you'd like to see more posts like this, please pin the image below!

xo, Savannah
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