If you are or are going to need a last minute gift, this is a great idea! This sugar scrub is quick and you probably already have everything you already need to make it. Use it on your hands, elbows, or any rough spot where you need a little exfoliation. It's also edible...? That's not necessarily good or bad but let's just say I used this stuff on my lips and... it's was real nice.

All you need it some white sugar, olive oil and lemon extract. Here are the measurements we used:
-3 Cups White Sugar
-1 Cup Olive Oil
-1 Tbs. Lemon Extract (add more if the scent is too subtle)

Mix it all up in a bowl. Of course, you can make these measurements smaller or larger depending on how much you want to make. This recipe filled up 6 of our little jars.
We cut card stock circles to fit in the jar lids and just hand wrote on top. You could print out the words if you would like.
This probably took about 20 minutes from start to finish. Literally. So easy and it makes your hands feel so soft!