DIY Yarn Wall Hanging Dupe

Wall hangings can be really beautiful, but they can also be really pricey. And rightfully so- they are a lot of work! But guess what? This wall hanging dupe is cheap and easy to make!

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You will be surprised to see how easy this project is. The one thing you will need that isn't a traditional craft supply is a rug square sample. Most stores that sell rugs will have these that you can buy in store and take home to see if you like them with your decor. It's like a paint swatch for rugs! We got our at West Elm and they were $2 each.
To make this project, you will need:
- Yarn 
- 1 carpet square
- Thick scrap cardboard
- Book
Step 1. Create your tassels. To do this you will take yarn and wrap it around a book or similar sized item. Wrap your yarn around 5-30 times, depending on how thick it is. Next cut a long piece of yarn (about 24" long) and loop it under the wrapped yarn and pull it under one end. Tie a few knots. Keep this long piece of yarn for the next step. Then on the other end, cut the yarn off the book. You can use a straightener if your yarn isn't already straight enough. Trim the ends so it's all even. Repeat until you have enough tassels to cover the bottom of your rug sample.

Step 2. Thread the long piece of yarn onto a yarn needle and thread it onto the bottom edge of your rug sample. Repeat along the entire edges.

Step 3. Thread a piece of yarn onto the two top edges to create way to hang your piece. Tie the yarn at each corner.

Step 4. Cut a piece of cardboard that's about 3 inches wide and as long as your rug sample. Then hot glue it on the back of the rug sample at the top.

Check out the video we made of this DIY below!

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