diy: wire ear cuffs

I saw these awesome clip-on earrings on High on DIY and I immediately wanted to make them. The wire that I have is a little too thick to make hearts like Rinchen did but I did want to try to make an ear cuff. So I made an ear cuff and some triangle ones too. I have my ears pierced so I was worried they may look a little strange with my holes showing but the triangles covered them up pretty nicely. You just need some wire and some jewelry tools. Or if your wire is thin enough, your fingers will do! Anyways, here is what you do for both.
1. Bend your wire in two places to create a squared edge.
2. Repeat about a half inch down the wire to create a rectangle.
3. Twist the end pieces together.
4. Wrap the rectangle around a small round object, I used a paint brush.
 photo c7b86d8c-a537-465f-ad27-3a6dd7249a6f_zpsb7bd16d6.jpg
You may need to clamp the cuff a little on your ear when you first wear it but then you should be able to slide it on and off very easily.
 photo 1373e2ae-4809-44e5-b6ac-3399407efee5_zps0a5062f9.jpg
And here is what you do for the triangle ones!
1. Make a triangle with the wire.
2. Twist the wires together at the bottom of the triangle.
3. Create another triangle on the other side of the twist.
4. Twist the end pieces together and trim the ends.
5. Fold the end into the triangle.
6. Fold the whole piece in half where the twist is.
7. Then make another for your other ear!
 photo 3f971503-73d2-462b-bf93-ec4db674994d_zps5fe9dfe1.jpg
I'm ready to buy some thinner wire and make some more in different shapes now!
xo, Savannah


  1. Im so happy you liked my DIY clip-on earrings, I love your version girls xx

  2. Love these ideas - what size wire do you think works best?