the diy: glitter bow pine cone garland

Well since it is now November, it's time to start decorating for the holidays. Today we are using  Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage to make this cute garland. You can actually use the decoupage on anything, it's even dishwasher safe! You can pick some up at your local Michael's or in Plaid's online store. Anyway, I wanted this garland to be able to stay up all the way through Christmas but I wanted to use it now, so I needed it to be not-so-Christmasy yet still festive. You know what I mean? I've been dying to do something with these pine cones for about a month. Casey and I found them on the side of the road in our neighborhood! So to make this garland, you will need:
Pinking Shears
Martha Stewart Decoupage
Fine Glitter
Paint Brush
Pine Cones
Hot Glue Gun
 photo DSC_0749_zps4a6e46fe.jpg
First, cut strips of your fabric with the pinking shears. You could actually just use scissors, I just like the edge created by pinking shears. And it's not going to fray as much although, fraying wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing here!
 photo DSC_0756_zps730df6a8.jpg
Mix some fine glitter with the decoupage.
 photo DSC_0758_zpsa2ccb3ad.jpg
Brush the glittered decoupage onto the fabric. I only did it on one side but you could do both if you'd like.
 photo DSC_0760_zpsfa407246.jpg
Let your strips dry. I used clothespins to clip mine to a plant so they'd dry quickly.
 photo DSC_0763_zps83b43d46.jpg
And now you have a shimmery fabric!
 photo DSC_0766_zpsfdf6a92e.jpg
Tie each strip into a knot onto the yarn.
 photo DSC_0772_zpseea973d9.jpg
Hot glue each bow onto a pine cone.
 photo DSC_0795_zps6bee9dca.jpg
Then hang that baby up!
 photo DSC_0791_zps3de514b9.jpg photo DSC_0800_zpsc8fb9c09.jpg
This project is super super simple but it's so precious! Now, we need to work on the top of our fireplace. It's not really giving a holiday vibe.

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xo, Savannah

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  1. So super cute ladies!! Glitter + pinecones are awesome :) Pinning- xo


  2. So cute I wonder if you could use it on the pine cones and glitter then too!

  3. How cute! I love pinecones, so fresh and wintery. This garland is beautiful!