Pour Your Own Custom Candle at The Paddywax Candle Bar

GUYS. If you haven't heard of the Paddywax Candle Bar, you need to know about it, and you need to go there. We were lucky enough to go to a party celebrating their opening in 2018 and we were in awe of what a great idea Paddywax had come up with. You get to go pour your own custom candles with Paddywax's popular scents and beautiful candles vessels and have an amazing experience while doing it.

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We are so grateful that The Candle Bar invited us and our friends to come enjoy a candle pouring session. And we are even more excited to share a little more with you about what to expect when you arrive at The Candle Bar!

When you arrive, you will see that there are cute little trays set up with a bunch of science equipment. Don't be intimidated! This is stuff you will soon learn what to do with. Everyone chooses their seat and you get started.

Grab an apron to protect your outfit!

The first course of business is to choose your vessel and scent. They give you 15 minutes to choose these things, and you'd think that would be plenty, but there was plenty of indecisiveness at the end of that 15 minutes. If you are familiar with Paddywax candles, you know how beautiful their candle vessels are.

The fun thing about pouring candles is that you can choose a vessel that you love, but put a scent in it that Paddywax doesn't usually have in that specific vessel. It's literally your own custom Paddywax candle.

Listen to the instructions and assemble your candle!

You will be instructed on how to attach your wicks, exactly how many ounces of scent and wax to mix together....

And then you pour your candle!

You have to leave your candle overnight and then come back and pick it up so the wax has time to cool off and set. My favorite thing about this whole process is that you get to exercise some of your creativity while hanging out with your friends, AND you get a beautiful candle out of it!

Paddywax has these candles bars all over America now, so make sure to see if there is one near you! It's TOTALLY worth it.

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