5 Boho Christmas Decorations You Need Year After Year

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We ALL love decorating for Christmas, that's a given. But we don't all love the time it takes to search for the perfect pieces. Luckily, that's something we love doing for you! This year we have gone through Amazon and found plenty of lovely pieces that would be great for someone with boho/eclectic/traditional style. You can find all of the items over on our Amazon store, or keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite things to decorate with year after year, and where you can find them. Even if your style changes over the years, these things will continue to work for you!

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1. Garland Lights. And I'm not talking pre-lit greenery. I'm talking these snowflake or star lights. Even just some copper lights make a big impact in making your decor sparkle and twinkle.

2. Natural Greenery. We always want to use greenery (even if it's fake) that looks more natural. This can be kind of hard and sometimes we just go for the real deal. But if you can find something that looks almost real- it will look 100 times better than cheap garland.

3. Wood bead garland. You can get this in colors, or just the natural wood. If you think you may change your decor every year, go with something more natural. You can even find some cute garland of the same size that is felt and looks just as cute.

4. A "Merry Christmas" Sign. We got ours in Gold a few years back, but it goes with EVERYTHING. The past two years we've put it over our greenery garland over an arch walkway, but maybe we will change that this year....

5. Bottleneck Christmas trees. If you want to keep it simple, go with some that are green or white. But they also come is crazy fun colors if you want to get really creative! All of ours are green, and they look great in a colorful scheme, and even in our all white decor.
And to fill in the spaces between, we have found many other beautiful Christmas-y pieces:

1. Spruce Wreath
2. Gold Garland
3. Tartan Plaid Throw
4. Sweater Stockings
5. Realistic Christmas Tree
6. Boho Christmas Table Runner
7. Furry Christmas Tree Skirt
8. Furry Stockings
9. Red Buffalo Plaid Napkins
10. Copper Lights

We hope these selections make your decorating process a little easier this year. Look around the blog a little while for some more Christmas inspiration, and follow us on Pinterest!

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