Live Floral Table Runner + Holiday Tablescape

I know Thanksgiving has passed and we are well on our way to Christmas, but we wanted to share this tablescape with you. Every now and then we will have an idea beforehand what we want to do on  our table for a party. But for this Thanksgiving we totally didn't know what to do. We had our new Hearth & Hand plates and knew we wanted to use those. When Casey went to buy flowers, all she could find were bright and colorful flowers. We were trying to get something with a neutral fall color vibe, but it wasn't working out that way.
Casey decided to get the colorful flowers. My first thought was something Rifle paper-esque. Then Casey said something about using a black table runner and it all clicked. We decided to completely cover the table with some black butcher paper that we already had. We couldn't decide if we wanted to cut the stems off of the flowers and make a pattern out of them or create a sort of table runner, but in the end we did the table runner. We really wanted to be able to put the flowers in a vase afterward and not just throw them away. Laying the flowers out was a process, but the result was magical!
We used these two World Market jars to create very short bouquets to put in the center of the table. We wanted to have a little height, but for all the flowers to flow together. Since we didn't have a big arrangement like usual, we used 5 candle sticks to create some upward interest. Plus lighting the candles gave the greatest ambiance.
We had a few Halloween pumpkins left over so we added them into the flower space to make it seasonally appropriate. You could definitely just leave these out for any other occasion.
Items in the tablescape:
I think this same arrangement would be great with some live pine greenery for a Christmas tablescape. Or you could only do flowers for basically anything.

Thank you so much for reading!

xo, Savannah

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