Hiking at Long Hunter State Park

Casey and I have been hiking a little more lately because it is a form of physical activity that we enjoy. Also, we probably won't be camping anymore this year because of the colder weather. This is the same vibe as camping, but only takes a couple hours! Anyway, last weekend we went to Long Hunter State Park to do the 4 mile Day Loop hike.
I would say we did this hike in the prime time of the leaves changing. Thank goodness they actually changed this year!
This was our first hike in our new hiking boots. Usually we just hike in whatever tennis shoes we have, but we decided it was time to get the real deal. We both got the same boots (these), classic us, and so far we love them! I just felt like my feet and ankles were more supported (because they were) and I'll never hike in a tennis shoe ever again.
My favorite part of this hike was this lookout you can go down to see over the lake. You are as high as the tree tops, so it's a pretty cool little section.
We are thinking about doing a bigger hike in the Azores when we are there for my 30th birthday trip next year. It would be a trip where we would hike up and camp overnight, but we are still working out all the details on that! Over time we are going to do more mileage on our hikes, but for now we are just hiking around Nashville and getting comfortable.

Favorites from this hike:

xo, Savannah

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