How To Create A Boho Christmas Scene

Okay, guys. We are so excited to share our Christmas fireplace with y'all! We spent a good amount of time finding the perfect pieces to go together and to find the vibe we were going for. My brother and grandma were also in town while we were doing this, so props to them for their help and patience. We may or may not have gone to 6 different stores through it all. It all started with the idea that we wanted a lot of lights and garlands draped. The next inspiration came from two stockings we saw at World Market. One of them we bought and one of them we decided to recreate with things we already had at home. (That tutorial will be coming soon.) If you are a crafter, you will understand this.
Our fireplace works, but we don't usually use it for real fires. We decided to wrap the wood with copper lights so we still get the fire effect, without all the mess. Side note-I LOVE fires in the fireplace, they are just a lot of work and get messy fast. 

This scene is a little different from our usual decor as you can buy most of these things in store today. Usually we have more thrifted and DIYed pieces. I will say that when you buy new stuff, the process is a lot faster, but WAY more expensive. We did add two of our own projects. One you can see here and one we will be doing soon.

So here are the thing you will need to recreate this fireplace scene. I'm just going to link everything that we used below! Some things we had from last year, so I'll be linking to things very similar.

6. Colorful Pom Pom Stocking (DIY to come)
14. Mini Fur Stockings (The tiny ones came from the Target $1 section.)
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xo, Savannah


  1. Copper lights around the logs in the fireplace is a great idea!! Your Christmas fireplace is very lovely!