the diy: leather strap shelf

We had seen shelves like this on Pinterest and since we had a bare wall in the dining area, we figured we needed to make this. It's super easy to make these shelves and they look so awesome! I'm sort of obsessed with them.
 photo 1594d489-d697-4962-b525-a52cd8e21dd9_zps0d657e5b.jpg
To make these shelves, you will need:
-2 pieces of wood (ours measure .75"x7"x30")
- 8 screws (4 long, 4 short)
- Exacto Knife
- Ruler
- Stud Finder
- Drill
 photo DSC_0661_zpsab9cd539.jpg
Cut each leather strap to 28 inches long with an exacto knife.
 photo DSC_0663_zps6b9af2d0.jpg
Fold each piece of leather in half and drill a hole through both sides.
 photo DSC_0664_zps2125aa7c.jpg
 photo aa3537f2-b13a-4e0f-9513-7203c5838e1e_zps6ce14f5b.jpg
If you are using this shelf for something heavier, you will want to find the studs in the wall to determine where you place your leather straps. With the pieces folded in half, screw the leather strap to the wall through the hole you drilled earlier. Use the larger screws for this. Repeat with another strap at the same level. Ours are about 2 feet apart.
 photo 512e9da9-a6f1-4ee5-8825-beb95fc7cb15_zps8c4c560b.jpg
Place the wood in the strap and use the level to make sure it sits right. Once you've got it in the right place, use two little screws to secure the leather strap to the wall.
Repeat again right below the top shelf and you are done!
We are using our shelf to display/house all of our cameras. Usually my digital camera also sits on this shelf but, it was being used to take these pictures.
Also, the "books" that are on this shelf are books that we have been using as our visual journals. So don't read too much into the titles, we just grabbed books that were the best size! And now we use them for art. Tomorrow is Friday! Oh happy day.

xo, Savannah


  1. I ADORE this idea, thank you so much for sharing! xx

  2. Love it! :)


  3. this is too cool. I can definitely do this project, Thanks for the idea and the instruction how to. ;)

  4. savior! need this badly on my room its under renovation! thanks for sharing!