9 Tie-Dye Projects & Techniques

Since everyone has a lot more free time these days, it seems people are taking an interest in crafts and DIY projects. Who can blame them? We noticed that a blog post about tie-dyeing from 2014 was trending on our blog which inspired this round up. We give the people what they want! 

We went through a phase years ago where we dyed and tie-dyed literally everything. We loved it. As the years went on we started using less color in our dye projects and even started a clothing company where we hand-dyed all of our pieces.

We said goodbye to our clothing business a few years ago and packed up our many, MANY, dye supplies. So we have been surprised to see how dyeing things has come back in style again. Who would've thought?

We figured we'd bring all of our posts together in one spot so you can explore the many ways to dye your clothes and such! See below.

Supplies you may need:
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- Dye
- Rubber Bands

2. Circular Tie-dye

4. Dyeing with coffee

5. Bleach Dip dye

6. Subtle pattern dip dye

7. Ombre dip dye (Follow this tutorial without the glue)

8. Tie-dye look with Sharpies

What's awesome about several of these DIYs is that you can use stuff you have laying around the house. If you don't have dye, use coffee or use bleach to reverse dye. This is really nice since we can't all just easily run out to the store and get supplies. Since you are stuck at home, you might as well make something! 

Thanks for stopping by :) 

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