Where To Buy A Stock Tank Pool

If you look at any of our stock tank pool pictures on our Instagram account or our Instagram account dedicated to stock tank pools, you will notice this is the question we get asked the most. Where can I buy a stock tank? And I get it, if you aren't a farmer, or this idea is new to you, you have NO IDEA where they come from. So we figured we'd write a post all about it to help you find one where you live. Because it largely depends on where you live.

From what we've found online, you cannot have a stock tank shipped to you. Unless you get a plastic one. They'll ship those. But if you want the galvanized metal stock tank, you'll have to find one in person. You may find someone local to you who might deliver for you, but for the most part, you need a truck or a trailer.

When we were looking to buy our stock tank, we were trying to find a place to buy a 10ft stock tank pool. But the biggest one we could find in person is an 8 ft stock tank pool. We could find a 10ft online but as you can imagine, no one delivers such a large item. But we know they exist! In general, you will be able to find a store that has the 8 ft. ones in stock, or who are able to order one for you.

Okay, so what stores can you search for a stock tank in?

Tractor Supply
This is probably the most widespread store and where most people get their stock tanks.

This is where we got our stock tank pool and I just discovered today that these stores are only in the south, with most of their locations in Tennessee. But likely you're state has a similar type of store.

Rural King
They have 110 stores in 13 states - their locations are concentrated in the south and mid east.

True Value
From our internet search we could only find that they sold a 6ft stock tank pool, but maybe that's the size you want. Or maybe yours has an 8ft stock tank. Definitely worth giving them a call if this is your most convenient option.

Maybe you'll luck out and find someone selling these on Craigslist. I will say, be on the lookout for rust and leaks when buying a stock tank. You do not want to start out with those kinds of problems.

Farm Supply Stores
Like the Co-Op mentioned above, each state probably has something similar. If you live in a big city, you're gonna have to do a little thinking. Where are the nearest farming areas to you? Google is your friend- so just look up closest farm supply stores. Also, small enough stores might not even have websites, so don't hesitate to give them a call before you head there.

Because stock tanks are used to provide water for farm animals, you are looking for places that sell that type of equipment. So if you live in a big city, you will have a harder time coming by one of these or you'll have to drive out of town to get one.

Once you've purchased your stock tank pool watch the video below on how to install one.

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  1. HI! This is all great info, thanks! We are purchasing a galvanized stock tank and adding a salt water pump- To protect from corrosion would you recommend pool liner or flex seal? Thanks!