our festival themed ladies brunch!

We recently hosted a brunch at our home just for ladies. All the guests had donated to our Indiegogo campaign for Firefly Music Festival so we wanted to make sure we made it really special for them. Since we were heading to Firefly we knew the brunch had to be festival-themed. We had been planning to host the brunch on our new deck (photos coming soon) but guess what?? IT RAINEDDDDDDDD. So at the last minute we decided to host it in our home. It ended up working out really well and we didn't have to deal with the insane humidity that had descended upon us. Our friend Kailee was great enough to snap some photos so we can all relive the day!
Picking the menu was kind of an ordeal. Casey has celiac, so we wanted to have a gluten-free option, but wanted to have gluten-full options too. :) We ended up ordering these delicious scone sandwiches, muffins, regular scones, and breakfast buns. We also served whole Peach Truck Peaches and made a really great salad with berries, feta, pecans, and poppyseed dressing.
Our VIP guests got a swag bag that contained a kimono, a flower crown, a candle from 1767, and a Hey Wanderer print.
Okay a few things that will make your brunch look just the right amount of fancy with the least clean up...

1. Champagne flutes cost about $1 a piece, so go ahead and buy one for every guest.
2. Find plastic plates that look pretty nice. Ours were cream colored with gold dots around the edges. Looked a little like china, but we threw them all away at the end.
3. We also bought plasticware that was gold. Looked pretty fancy, but was again, non-reusable.

And this photo of our youngest guest... melts my heart! We call her Baby Wanderer.

Anyway, the brunch was such a good time! Be on the lookout for some outdoor home tour photos!

xo, Savannah

Festival Ready // 4 Day Hair Plan

Today is the first day of Bonnaroo! Aaaaand we are exactly one week away from the start of Firefly Music Festival. We are super pumped! While thinking about outfits and hairstyles for the festival, we decided we should make a hair plan. Being outside for 4 days makes it pretty difficult to keep up with cute intricate hairstyles. In this video we show you how we keep it simple with braids, hats and dry shampoo. Check it out!

xo, Savannah