before and after: the good vibes dreamland

If you can believe it, this is not the last room we have to show you. We still have to show you the upstairs bathroom that was redone, the downstairs that was recently completely torn apart and rebuilt, AND the living room. Yes, we already did a room tour of the living area, but we've change A LOT since then. It took us a really long time to figure that room out. Anyway, back to this room. This is a room that you can rent out in our house! Check out the Airbnb listing here. And don't forget, if you've never used Airbnb, you can get $40 off your first stay! Just click here for that.
When we moved into this house, this room didn't exist. It was just a big open space. Casey's stepdad tore out a closet and built a wall, and this room was made!
This is the view from the outside. The mountain wall is the new wall. New door frame.
So. much. wood. everywhere! Inside the new room, Casey's stepdad pulled down the wood and put up drywall everywhere. No one freak out, we kept the wood everywhere else upstairs.
Another lovely bed nook!
This neon sign is so great! I'm sad sometimes that I don't get to see it on a more regular basis.
I will say, the wall behind the bed was a challenge at first. It's angled, so it's hard to decorate. Tapestries are our friends! Seriously, I'm sure you've noticed, but we have them everywhere. This room went through a few re-decorating sessions, but it is settled. Also, the bed is apparently so comfortable. I've never slept on this bed, but we have had multiple guests tell us how amazing it is. Maybe I need to rent the room out for myself so I can test it out.

xo, Savannah

before and after: the boho wonderland (+ $40 OFF)

I can't believe it has taken us SO long to share this room with y'all! We have been renting this room on Airbnb (and our other one that we haven't posted about either) for over a year now. If you are planning on coming to Nashville in the near future, you should stay with us! And if you haven't used Airbnb before, we can even give you $40 off your first stay when you sign up here.
Anyway, this room may have been the room that had the least amount of things change from when we first moved in. The A/C unit came out and a new window was put in, along with a new window frame. And the room was painted a brighter and fresher white! The rest is just decor.
We made the curtain out of a bunch of different sheer scarves and fabrics.
This little nook looks out on the front yard and it was a pretty strange space. When we realized that a twin bed would fit perfectly, we were pretty excited.
Making this bed is pretty annoying, I'm not going to lie. But it's a super fun little nook to relax in, or even sleep in!
A different version of this photo was featured on Urban Outfitter's Instagram last year!
This dreamcatcher is another DIY we did in this room. I realize now that there were a ton of DIYs done that could've been shared here on the blog, but when we were trying to get the house in order in the beginning, it was petal to the metal. We were full speed painting, decorating and working around Casey's stepdad who was fixing real problems in the house. It was a whirlwind, a sort of blur now. But y'all, everything came together finally!

Anyway, if you decide to come stay with us, or use Airbnb to stay anywhere for that matter, use this link- $40 OFF! Happy travels!

xo, Savannah