one of a kind / watercolor kaftan

Does anyone else just want to live in a kaftan? Casey and I have decided that these will be our summer go-to this year. And since that is the case, of course I had to make some of my own. And that also means that I had to make some to sell, which is where this one comes in! This kaftan is dramatic with it's long "sleeves" and maxi length. I sprayed on 3 different, but similar, dye colors to make this ombre watercolor look. Anyway, it's one of a kind, and it's very special and if you are interested in buying this, shoot us an email! (

We also post these sales every Wednesday on our Instagram, so join us over there every Wednesday to see what new one of a kind pieces we have!
xo, Savannah

bridal shoot collaboration

A month or so ago we collaborated with Darling Juliet Photography for a styled bridal/bridesmaid shoot. Our beautiful models are wearing three custom pieces- one custom bridal kimono, hand-dyed with a train and two bridesmaids kimonos. We started doing wedding kimonos because 1- we make kimonos, and 2- it's really hard to have an original idea for your wedding these days. There are plenty of silky floral kimono robes out there, but it's really hard to find something to get ready in that is different. If you are getting married, we would love to hear your ideas for your special day! We are open to new colors, fabrics, laces and prints. 
The other great aspect of Hey Wanderer's custom wedding kimonos is that they would be great gifts to pass on to your children. Everyone loves the idea of wearing their mother's wedding dress but often the wedding dresses from our mother's aren't really our style or they wouldn't fit. However, kimonos are timeless and can fit many people. How much would you love to get ready wearing what your mother wore when she got ready for her wedding? We are currently working with a bride who is providing us her grandmother's + her mother's wedding dresses to use to make her wedding kimono. We are so excited to see the final result.
Because we can make your kimono to your specifications, we can make a kimono that you could wear outside of your wedding. This makes these kimonos great bridesmaids gifts because they can get ready in them and wear them after the wedding. 
Anyway, we hope you enjoy these photos by Julia of Darling Juliet Photo! We had a great time at this photoshoot and are looking forward to working with brides in the future. Doesn't hesitate to send us an email with your ideas, no matter how big or small. (