Home Tour: Our DIY Boho Backyard Oasis

Some of you may have already seen our video Backyard Tour on our YouTube channel, but this is post is going to be a little different! How, you ask? This post is going to include before photos! You'll get to see exactly what the backyard looked like when we first moved in. We will also be including links to all the things we purchased for this backyard at the end of the post. We will also link to all of our DIY projects there as well!

If you haven't seen what the inside of our house looked like when we first moved in, we have a TON of blog posts about the renovation of each room, in detail.

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And here she is- the very strange asphalt space in between our house and the grass. What was the strangest thing about this space is that it didn't even provide more parking. If you got more than two cars back here, no one would be able to get out. So we decided we needed to cover up all this ugly.

Here is what that asphalt looks like today! It's totally covered up. Casey's step dad built a deck that covers almost all of the space. In the space where the stock tank pool lives, there used to be gravel. That was the immediate solution to covering up the asphalt. But the gravel was terrible for all the bare feet walking around from the lounge chairs to the pool. Eventually it was concreted over!

It's kind of hard to tell in the photos, but this asphalt was a problem. It was cracked and crumbly all over. And also ugly. This picture is actually from when we didn't even have a fence yet!

Now this pergola is right over that area.

This retaining wall was also an eyesore, and we still are dealing with it's deterioration. The new deck covered up a big portion of the wall and we had garden beds built on top of it that kind of pulls the eye away from it. We've considered a million different ways to cover the wall up, but they are all extremely labor intensive and/or expensive.

So for now... it is still here!

This is a tiny deck that existed already, and it's right off of the space that is now the studio. This got ripped out, and once we saw how it was built, we were glad it went away!

Here is a better view of it.

This outdoor bar was also built by Casey's stepdad and we love it! It's perfect for entertaining.

Now the backyard has gone through many stages, so we are going to put all the pictures here for you to see. We still love this picture and this stage of the backyard! Unfortunately the couch area would be exposed to sunlight for a majority of the day and we really needed some relief from that. It was always way too oppressive to be outside.

So Casey's stepdad and myself built this pergola! It's way more tolerable to be outside in the Tennessee heat now.

This picture is from when we first got our stock tank pool and still had the gravel.

Thank goodness we did a DIY and painted those chairs! We were having a hard time making this space feel like it was our style, so this was the first step in doing so.

Then, a year later, we got the concrete!

And a year after that we did our DIY Stenciled Tile Concrete Floor! Which was SUCH hard work, but looks so good. People ask us all the time where our tile came from. But it's just paint!

Casey's stepdad also built us this long picnic table where we seat 14-16 people! It's perfect for entertaining.

Check out our video tour to get a better understanding of our outdoor space!

Okay, here are the things you can buy:
Hammock Chairs
White Bar Stools
Tiki Umbrellas
Pool Floats
Disco Ball
Gas Fire Pit
Lounge Chairs
Globe Lights

And here are the things you can DIY:
DIY Stock Tank Pool
DIY Boho Bamboo Wall

If you stuck through this whole post, we thank you for reading! If you would like to see more posts like this, please pin an image from this post. Sharing is caring!

xo, Savannah


  1. Would love to know what you use on top of your pergola?

  2. Came here in hopes of learning more about the pergola - especially it's top. Please share!

    1. It is bamboo you can buy in a roll and we painted it white.

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