Our Instagram Got Hacked! We Need Your Help

Hey guys, we come to you today totally bummed out. If you follow us on Instagram you may have realized that our account doesn't exist anymore or something looks fishy. Or maybe you are a part of our email list and got the email and you know that our Instagram was hacked on Sunday, March 17th. We are going to share with you everything we know and exactly what happened, how you can help, and what you can do to make your account as secure as possible.

On Sunday after church we got in the car and we were getting ready to head to lunch with friends. I had a notification from Instagram saying someone had tried to send us a DM. I'm not sure when this person sent this, but that caused me to try to log into our account. IG said that we had been logged out of our account. That has happened before, so that wasn't really a concern. I couldn't bother trying to sign in at that time, so I checked our email. I noticed we had to emails from Instagram saying someone had tried to login from another device. Then another email saying our IG email had been changed from our heywanderer email to some long crazy email that wasn't ours. That's when I knew we were in trouble. We immediately tried to log into our account and we couldn't. Then I went back to our email and realized we had an email from the hacker. The email is below.

To be honest we were freaked out of course but not in total panic mode. All day Sunday we both felt too in shock and also fairly certain this would all get sorted out. We knew it sucked but we thought it would just be a matter of time before IG restored our account. Savannah immediately started researching on her phone what to do when your account gets hacked. Instagram has directions on exactly what to do, so that's what we did. We decided not to communicate with the hackers because we just didn't think any good could come from it. We weren't going to pay them a dime because we knew there would be no guarantee that they would restore the account. We decided to simply follow the proper channels with Instagram. People keep asking us what we're going to do about it and they are pointing to other people this happened to and suggesting that we see what that person did. Well, there really isn't anything special that anyone else is doing. There is only one way to get Instagram to restore your account and we've done that. Yes, it feels helpless and extremely frustrating but it is what is. We've done extensive research and there is no magic trick. Our only other option is hiring a hacker to restore our account. Apparently some people do that. We are not those people. Needless to say we have zero trust with hackers.

So as mentioned above, it's just a waiting game. And really there is absolutely no guarantee that Instagram will restore our account. It could be gone forever. We are learning to make peace with that and doing what we can to build it back up. It took us 7 years to get to 16,700 Instagram followers, and we are praying that it won't take that long to get back there. We have lost 2 brand deals already and are at risk of losing several other brand deals if we can't get our account back to 16K followers. Brands pay content creators for the content they create and also their follower amount. So when we signed these brand deals, they signed on with us because they liked our content and our audience.

The first thing you can do to help is to follow us on our Instagram here. The next thing you can do is to help is to share our content. You can share our story, our You Tube video, or any of our pictures. We have been overwhelmed with the response we have gotten so far. Our followers and influencer friends have been so amazing by sharing our account and sending encouraging messages. We created the image above that already contains all the information of the situation so you can easily post about it on your IG stories. Don't forget to actually tag us so it's clickable for your followers.

Joining our email list is another way to help us. We have thousands of followers who have no idea this is happening. We were able to let our email subscribers know what was going on right away. We don't email often, so we promise not to spam you. You can sign up below. (And bonus, you get a free preset for Lightroom mobile!)

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    Another way you can help is to use our IG templates in your stories and tag us. This story will be particularly helpful to us because we can't remember who all we were following before! We were following around 500 people and we are back up to 100 now, so we are looking for people to follow. Share your favorites with us so we can check them out!

    We thought our Instagram account was secure. We had the 2 factor authentication on our account. If you aren't familiar with what that is, it means if you sign on to your account for the first time on a new device then IG will send a code to your phone and you have put that code in to be able to log in. Well that never happened for us this time. So I have no idea how the hackers bypassed that. There is a 3rd party app, Duo, that you can download and you can link to your account. It also sends you a code that is required for you to sign into Instagram on a new device. That's it though. I would think that would make it more secure, but who knows. If the hackers could bypass the 2 factor authentication, could they bypass this other third party app? I'm sure it makes it harder, so it's certainly worth trying.

    Here's a video where we explain everything that happened and what we are thinking now.

    If your Instagram is hacked and you aren't a content creator or influencer, it's merely an intrusion and annoyance. If someone hacked my personal IG account, it would be no big deal. I probably wouldn't even bother with anything. But this is a major part of our livelihood. Not only has it already made us lose money, but it is preventing us from earning money in the future. As content creators, we have realized that too much is riding on the one platform that is Instagram. We need to be more diversified. Yes, we are seemingly diversified but the weight of the brand deals that we do hinge on Instagram. This has changed our perspective drastically. We don't want to be vulnerable in this way again. I don't know what this means for the future. We aren't going away from Instagram, but I don't know how exactly we'll use it in the future. For now we are focusing on the positive that has come out of this. We are still 13,000 followers away from where we were before, but you all have been so helpful is getting over 3,000 in just 4 days! You are truly amazing.

    my smilelove journey: impression molds + before photos

    This product was provided for me by smilelove, but all words and opinions are my own.

    I recently turned 31, so it's been about 15 years since I had braces. I was not that kid that religiously wore my retainer either... I hated the thing. I had had braces for about 3 years and when I finally got them removed they told me I had to wear this retainer that had a wire straight across the front of my teeth. I was devastated as a 16 year old! I wanted to be free of wires and metal covering my teeth. And needless to say, I didn't wear the retainer as much as I should've. This is my Smilelove story.

    Over the next years my teeth moved and shifted to where I could not fit into my retainer. I even had a new one made to straighten out my bottom teeth and I swore I'd wear it every night. But I was really bad at wearing that one too. So more years passed and my smile suffered.

    Please don't get me wrong, all smiles are beautiful and we should all get to enjoy smiles and laughter regardless of what our teeth look like. But for me, I have seen myself photos where my little snaggle tooth is caught just right and all I can see are my messed up teeth and I feel a little embarrassed. Casey has told me multiple times that it's really not that noticeable and while I do believe her, I still feel self-conscious about my teeth. This is why I'm very excited to be partnering with Smilelove to invisibly straighten my teeth!

    My two favorite things about smilelove are 1- that the straightening takes place with invisible aligners and 2- all of the treatment takes place in your home. They send you an impression kit to start the process. Then you take your own impressions and photos by following the provided guide. They provide a practice putty (to literally practice your impressions) and I used it about 8 times before I was ready to take my permanent impressions. It was a little intimidating to make sure I got everything how they wanted, but in the end I got it right and my impressions were accepted.

    These are the impression that I sent back to smilelove. It took a couple weeks for my impressions and photos to be accepted and then a couple weeks after that for me to receive my treatment plan.
    As you can see it will take 7 months for me to get through my whole treatment plan. The treatment preview is great because you can see what you teeth look like now and what they should look like in the end. I'm going to show you a couple of the "before" and "after" previews for my treatment below.

    These are all shots of my upper teeth as that is where most of the work needs to be done. But how amazing! Let me tell you, I'm looking forward to having straight teeth again. It's been a loooong time.

    If you have been interested in straightening your teeth and are looking for an affordable solution, head over to smilelove's website to read more about their service and pricing. And if you use our code "WANDER550" you can get $550 off your bundle!

    If I had to straighten my teeth again with braces, I don't think I would want to do it. Luckily we now have the option to do it invisibly with smilelove! And I can't wait to share the rest of my journey with you. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more real time updates. I think my aligners are being delivered this week so I'll be posting over there all about it. And I'll be back on the blog with an update at then end of my treatment!

    xo, Savannah