diy: cold porcelain gemstone earring

It’s been about two months since I made my first batch of cold porcelain. I’ve been keeping it in a airtight box and bringing it out for bits and pieces every now and then and it’s still going strong! It’s a little tricky to make but so worth it. I found the recipe here on Pinterest but if you’re not keen to make your own, white clay will work just as well for this DIY.

I’ve been having an amazing time making faux gemstones out of pretty much every material I can think of. It’s surprising how much the material can change the overall aesthetic of an item. These porcelain stones look more like pearls than say these faux marble ones. I love the simplicity of the stones which give the earrings an understated glamour.
Materials: Cold Porcelain / Clay Gemstone Mould Earring Blanks Glue
Instructions: Take a small ball of your porcelain/clay and press it firmly into the mould.
Carefully peel the porcelain/clay out of the mould trying not to distort the shape at the same time.
Cut the excess porcelain/clay off the shape giving the edges a sharp, clean look and leave overnight to harden.
Using a strong glue secure the earring blanks to the back of the gemstones and leave to dry.
Contributor Post by: Fran


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