The Best Way To Paint Your Stock Tank Pool

The number one comment and question we get about our stock tank pool always revolves around the pool rusting. Without question over time water + chlorine + metal = rust. With modifications a stock tank pool can last you for a very long time.

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This was our 3rd summer using the stock tank pool and we started the season with a little rust. You will see this in the video. We knew it was time to deal with this before the problem progressed. We've heard from several people that you can use rubberized sealant to combat this problem. So we coated the pool with Rustoleum Leak Seal in white. We used 21 spray cans. Which sounds crazy, I know. We went back and forth about using the kind where you can paint it on vs spraying it on and after a lot of research we decide to use the spray cans. Do yourself a favor and use one these whenever you are using a spray can. They make a HUGE difference and make using a spray paint can more comfortable.

The process was easy, but it did take A LOT of coats. However, if you used the clear you wouldn't have to use as many. We had to use that many cans because it was hard to get an even coat. Other things to note about this product- wear a mask when using this. It aint no joke. The fumes are intense- way more than spray paint. Also, it's really important to follow the directions and pay attention to cure times. There was an unexpected rain shower that caused our pool to get wet before it cured for a solid 24 hours. We are really hoping this doesn't become a problem. We are really pleased with the end result and somehow painting the inside white really makes it look more like a real pool.
To see the full process watch the video below!
And if you are wondering how we drain the pool, here is a quick little video for you about that.
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xo, Casey and Savannah
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  1. have ya'll had any issue with the rubber spray peeling?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Yes we have! Rolled and brushed 2 good coats of flex seal clear. Have had water in pool now for 2 months and that crappy flex seal is peeling. Very disappointed with flex seal. Before painting I cleaned pool very well with automotive wax any grease remover.

    2. We've had ours now for 7 months and we've had no peeling. But we used a different brand. I don't know if that matters.

  3. I read that you should wipe the whole pool down with white vinegar prior to painting. Did you use that technic?

    1. No we didn't. And we definitely would mention that step if we had.